Would That Make You Happy?

Frisk is your child, the result of a teen pregnancy, but they've always been told that you're their older sister. In an effort to get away from your own abusive mother, the two of you end up falling into the Underground, where Sans is startled by this abrupt change in what had become a predictable pattern of events. Maybe your presence is what is needed to stop the endless cycle of Resets.

After many struggles, both internal and external, you and your found family reach the surface, only to face even more difficulties from the society you weren't sure you'd ever see again. You meet new friends and encounter people from your past, though for good or ill, you're not sure. Sometimes it's difficult to tell kindness from cunning.



Frisk holds their giant bowl of popcorn over their head as you tuck a blanket around them, snuggled up with Papyrus on the couch. The popcorn for dinner is something of a peace offering. News that you and Sans were going out alone had gone over worse than you expected. They whined and pouted, complaining that they had barely seen you all day, which you reminded them was because they were out with their new friends. You had been at home. Frisk never comes out and says it, but you think that maybe they're jealous of the attention you've been giving Sans. You haven't had a boyfriend (not that you have one now, you don't want to get ahead of yourself) since before Frisk was born. Hell, you hardly have friends to spend time with (present company excluded of course). Frisk just isn't used to having to share your attention.

You don't like knowing that Frisk is just going to stuff themselves with popcorn, but it's always cheered them up. They always thought of having popcorn for dinner and watching movies as a treat. In reality, it was because there was nothing else. Your mother would leave the two of you alone sometimes for days at a time with no money, and an empty kitchen. Sometimes you could bring home food from work, but you didn't want to make a habit of it. Your boss might get suspicious. Instead, you kept a bulk container of popcorn kernels stashed away for emergencies.

There were lots of experiments with toppings scrounged up from around the house. You made it into something exciting for Frisk, instead of an act of desperation while you waited for your mother to come home. 

Frisk stuffs popcorn in their mouth but doesn't look at you. Papyrus glances at Frisk and up at you, then over at Sans where he's standing by the door. He seems to be thinking about something, his eyes narrowing as he drums his fingers on his leg.

"SANS. I SEE THAT YOU ARE HOGGING THE TALLER HUMAN ALL TO YOURSELF." You glance back at Sans, who seems to be trying to look casual. Emphasis on trying. Frisk frowns at the bowl of popcorn and shoves another handful into their mouth. "SO BE IT. I, THE GREAT PAPYRUS, HAVE ALREADY DECIDED THAT FRISK IS MY FAVORITE HUMAN!"

Frisk looks startled as Papyrus wraps his arms around them and pulls them closer. The bowl of popcorn wobbles but doesn't quite tip over.

"aw, darn, bro. and here i was just taking her out as consolation because i was going to say that frisk was my favorite human too." Sans gives a dramatic sigh and shrugs his shoulders."but you beat me to it."

Frisk looks up at you, trapped behind Papyrus's arms with wide, confused eyes. You resist the urge to smile, instead putting on an exaggerated pout. "It's okay, you guys. I understand. Frisk is my favorite human too."

Pushing their way past gangly skeletal arms, Frisk leans towards you. "B-but, Sissa...! You're my favorite human."

Grinning, you lean down to wrap Frisk in a tight hug. "Thanks, sweetie. You're not just my favorite human. You're my favorite everything, you know that right?"

They make a noncommittal noise into your shoulder.



"Good." You squeeze them tighter, not letting go until Frisk starts whining and trying to wriggle free.

"Sissa, go away!" they complain, red-faced and embarrassed when you finally pull away.

You plant a loud, obnoxious kiss on their cheek that makes them squeal in protest while Papyrus and Sans laugh. "You be good for Papyrus."

"papyrus, you be good for frisk."

"Go away!" "GO AWAY, SANS!"

Sans is holding your hand in his jacket pocket, 'for warmth' he says. You're fairly certain that your own pockets are just as capable, but you don't argue. Part of you wants to tell him he doesn't have to come up with excuses to hold your hand, but you can't quite work up the nerve. You're not used to any of this.

As you get closer to Grillby's, you hear Sans let out a sigh. You look at him and he gives you an apologetic shrug. "sorry, we don't exactly have a lot of options in snowdin," he says. "well, actually there aren't any options. just grillby's."

"That's okay, now I can try more than just the fries," you say, smiling in a way you hope is reassuring.

"there's this place on the border of hotland and the capital that i'd like to take you —i've done a couple comedy shows there before. it's more the type of place you'd go on a date," he says, and he still sounds like he's apologizing. "maybe, once we've got your situation figured out better, we can go there."

You squeeze his fingers, nudging him with your shoulder. "Sure. It's a date."

Sans holds the door open for you this time when you get to the restaurant. He raises a hand to signal Grillby and leads you to an empty booth instead of the bar. When the owner comes to take your order, he seems to hesitate as he glances from Sans to you, then gives you a nod. You think that it might mean 'welcome back'.

The skeleton seems to be more comfortable now that he's in his element. He has you giggling over his jokes by the time your food arrives, and hearing you laugh has him grinning. While you're eating he tones down the jokes at least, so you don't choke.

He sticks more to groan-worthy puns instead.

"No, no, that's terrible," you protest, shaking your head and eating some fries.

Sans holds his burger, waggling the ridges of bone that serve as his eyebrows. "is it really that bunbearable?"

You try not to laugh, half-snorting and half-choking. So much for not choking! Coughing and laughing at the same time as your eyes start to water, you hit your chest a few times. Then, as the coughing starts to ease a bit, you take a long gulp of your drink. You clear your throat and start to feel better.

Sans waits for you to catch your breath, putting his burger down and reaching across the table to pat your hand. "i know i leave you breathless, babe, but there's no need to get so choked up."

You kick him in the shin under the table. "'Babe?'"

He winks at you and nudges your foot with his slipper. "careful or you'll bruise my funny bone. and is there a problem with me calling you babe? you like something else better? i can always call you honey, since you're so sweet."

Your face feels warm, and you know you're blushing. Covering your cheeks, you glance over at the rest of the restaurant. "No, it's fine. I just wasn't expecting it. And are you doing corny pick-up lines now?"

"i've got a few. like, i might have to throw you a bone, because you're looking quite fetching." Sans winks at you again as you look at him before covering your entire face.

"Oh my god."

"if i had a heart, you would have stolen it by now."


He nudges you again with his slipper, tapping your foot. "yeah?"

Embarrassed and emboldened at the same time, you uncover your face and fold your arms on top of the table. You lean forwards over your nearly-empty plate. "Kiss me if I'm wrong, but, monsters don't exist, right?" As you deliver your own cheesy line, you tease your foot up the side of his leg before pulling away and sitting back.

Sans blinks, slowly and deliberately before he blushes just the tiniest bit and gives a nervous chuckle. Drawing up his shoulders, he ducks the lower half of his face into the fluff of his hood. Then, he slides out from the booth, holding out his hand to you. "c'mon, let's get outta here so i can answer your question."

Oh. "Ah, but, w-what about the check?" you say, stumbling over the words as you take his hand and let him draw you to your feet.

"he knows i'm good for it, i'll take care of it next time. now c'mon." The lights in his eye sockets are wider as he looks up at you, and his voice is canted low. Warmth gathers low in your stomach at his wanting tone, and the hint of urgency in the way he pulls you towards the door.

The chill outside feels good against your flushed face. Sans leads you around the side of the restaurant, and once you're away from Snowdin's main road he stops. "now, about that question."

He turns, and as he reaches up a hand to cup your cheek you lean forward to press a kiss to, well, his teeth. You stay like that for a moment as you slide a hand across the side of his skull, thumb brushing his cheekbone. The hinge of his jaw shifts under your palm, and something warm and soft brushes your lips.

Startled, you pull back and open your eyes, greeted by the blue glow of Sans's left eye. Coming from between his teeth is a tongue of the same shade, glowing faintly. Oh. Monster magic keeps surprising you.

"sorry, didn't mean to scare you. i, uh, hope this is okay," he says, glancing away.

You can't help but think of other uses for that tongue, and a few of your concerns about how certain things with Sans might work are gone. There's also the question of what else, exactly, his magic is capable of. You'll have to leave that unanswered for now, because there's no way in hell you're just going to ask him.

"It's... no, Sans, it's good," you say, letting your hand drift down to the base of his skull, skimming over his cervical vertebrae. The way he shudders sends a thrill down your spine.

Encouraged by his reaction, you lean forward to press another kiss to his mouth, this time expecting the warmth of his tongue on your lips. It isn't really wet, like it should be. You brush your own tongue against his, and he lets out a pleased hum. His hand that's on your cheek is now sliding into the loose waves of your hair, pulling you closer as he begins exploring your mouth.

You groan and his other hand curls around your hip, tips of his phalanges slipping under the waist of your jacket. He finds skin and drags his fingers slowly across, savoring the feel of you. Moving higher, your jacket shifts up just enough to let cold air hit your side and you shiver, pulling away by instinct.

Sans is looking up at you as you open your eyes, shoving your clothes back down. There's a question in the still-surprisingly expressive lines of his face.

"Sorry," you mumble, breathing a little heavy and tangling your fingers in the furred trim of his hoodie. "It's just, cold out here."

"oh, yeah, geez this really isn't..." The ring of blue fades and he blinks, the white lights reappearing. He's blushing a little bit, pulling his hand out of your hair. "shit, i wasn't exactly planning on jumping your bones right next to grillby's."

You can't help but let out a low chuckle. "I'd hope not. There's no way I'd let you undress me out here."

Sans raises a brow, tugging your hand away from his hood and tangling his fingers with yours. "what about somewhere warmer?"

Raising a brow in return, you press a kiss between his eyes. "Hmm... maybe."

"aren't you just full of surprises? but, as tempting as that sounds... i'm pretty sure papyrus and frisk are still awake. we haven't been gone that long." Sans winks at you. "so how about we continue this date i have planned, and we'll see what happens?"

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