Would That Make You Happy?

Frisk is your child, the result of a teen pregnancy, but they've always been told that you're their older sister. In an effort to get away from your own abusive mother, the two of you end up falling into the Underground, where Sans is startled by this abrupt change in what had become a predictable pattern of events. Maybe your presence is what is needed to stop the endless cycle of Resets.

After many struggles, both internal and external, you and your found family reach the surface, only to face even more difficulties from the society you weren't sure you'd ever see again. You meet new friends and encounter people from your past, though for good or ill, you're not sure. Sometimes it's difficult to tell kindness from cunning.


92. Costumes

'We're going to dinner at the MTT Resort tonight at 7.'

You look at the text from Deacon, an amused smile curving your lips. He'd spent most of the morning sending you sporadic messages, waffling between calling and not calling Muffet. Looks like he finally made up his mind. Before you can reply you get another message. 'Don't forget you promised to come save me if I don't check in. I'm counting on you. You're my only Hope.'

Rolling your eyes, you type in a response. 'Just for that I'm gonna let her eat you.'

'I'm serious you have to come save me.'

'Fine you wimp.'

"he still bugging you about muffet?" Sans asks. He's sitting on the floor with Frisk in his lap, going through pictures on the laptop. Toriel sent them home with a small USB drive with shots from the weekend (mostly of the kids baking) for Sans to add to his growing collection. You know that later tonight he'll print out his favorites to store in his workshop.

"They're going out to dinner tonight. I'm sure I'll get a full report," you say, checking the time on your phone. "Hey, it's almost dinner time. Is Papyrus still up in his room?"

"he said he was trying to come up with the perfect idea for his costume. i told him he could put his 'battle body' back on but he wants to do something new." Sans opens up an IM window on the laptop, typing a message with his arms around Frisk. "probably lost track of time. hey kiddo, you gotta come up with what you wanna be for halloween, too."

"A skeleton!" Frisk says, bouncing a little on Sans's legs in their enthusiasm. "Asriel and I decided that I'd be a skeleton like you and Uncle Papyrus and then he'd be a hero."

"a skeleton, huh?" he asks, and you can almost feel the pride in his voice. Smiling, you brush Sans's side with your foot from your seat on the couch. "aren't you a little soft to be a skeleton?" Sans starts poking Frisk's stomach, making them dissolve into giggles as he tickles them.

"Dad! No!" they gasp between laughs, struggling to break free but Sans wraps his arms around their chest and holds them tight.

"what's wrong? did i find your funny bone?"

Shrieking with laughter, Frisk squirms in Sans's grip until, laughing, he finally relents and lets them catch their breath. They leap up out of his lap and rush over to you, climbing on top of you and wrapping their arms around your neck. "Moooooooom," they whine.

"What makes you think you're safe with me?" you ask, grinning and pinching Frisk's sides.

Squealing, they slide off of you in a hurry. "Nooo!" they exclaim, running out of the living room and towards the foyer. "You're both evil!"

"WHO IS EVIL? DO I, THE GREAT— WHOOPS!" Papyrus scoops Frisk up into his arms as he comes down the stairs, ignoring their protests as he carries them back towards you and Sans.

"No, you're taking me back into the den of evil, Uncle!" Frisk cries out, giggling.

Sans is chuckling, scrolling through some search results on the laptop. "nah kiddo this is a living room, not a den. nice try, though."

"A DEN OF EVIL YOU SAY?" Papyrus says, ignoring Sans's interruption. He sets Frisk back down on the ground, resting his hands on his hips as he looks down at the two of you where you're lounging on the floor and the couch. His scarf gives a valiant ripple from a nonexistent breeze. "HALT YOU VILLAINS! I, THE GREAT PAPYRUS, AND MY SIDEKICK, THE ALSO GREAT FRISK..." He trails off, nudging Frisk with one hand. "NO, YOU HAVE TO POSE."

"Oh!" Frisk blurts out, looking up at him and then flexing their arms in a good imitation of Undyne. They try to make a serious face but start giggling.

"VERY GOOD. NOW! AS I WAS SAYING!" He points at Sans, orange sparkles glittering near his eyes. "VILLAINS! I, THE GREAT PAPYRUS, AND MY SIDEKICK, THE ALSO GREAT FRISK WILL VANQUISH—" He cuts himself off with a loud gasp, a horrified look on his face as he hunches forward to wrap his hands around Frisk's head, covering their eyes. They let out a muffled sound of protest as they try to pry his fingers away. "SANS WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT NAKED SKELETONS ON THE COMPUTER?!"

You have to cover your mouth as you let out a loud, undignified snort of laughter and bury your face into the armrest of the couch.

"s'not naked skeletons, pap. it's skeleton costumes. for halloween," he says, turning the laptop towards his brother. "see? they're like, black jumpsuits with bones painted on 'em."

"OH. WELL, IT'S STILL IMPOLITE!" Papyrus says, mollified but still offended. Frisk gasps dramatically when he releases their head.

"i'm looking for a way to do a skeleton costume for frisk."

With an excited squeak, the tall skeleton claps his hands to either side of his face. The sparkles are back. "YOU WANT TO BE A SKELETON? JUST LIKE YOUR UNCLE PAPYRUS?"

"or you know, their dad."


"we can get some facepaint and fabric paint, some black gloves and you've still got those old black leggings, don't you kiddo?" He sits back a little as Frisk climbs back into Sans's lap, looking down at the computer screen and nodding. "you can wear one of your old sweaters so you don't get facepaint on any of your nice stuff."

"WELL, SPEAKING OF COSTUMES, I KNOW WHAT I AM GOING TO BE!" Papyrus sits down on the floor beside Sans, grinning and resting his hands on his knees. "A PIRATE!"

"don't you mean a pa-pirate?"


It takes Sans about half an hour to convince Papyrus not to change his mind on his costume, eventually distracting him with dinner when the oven timer goes off. The two of them discuss what they'll need to put together a pirate outfit as the four of you sit down to eat. Then, you realize that they're not going to find it all here on Ebott. If you left the mountain and went down into the foothills, you'd have a much easier time getting things like a plastic cutlass and pirate hat for Papyrus, or Frisk's face paint.

Before, you never would have even considered leaving without Sans with you. The Line was shut down from both sides, and though the soldiers would let you through if you asked, you had fears that if you left they wouldn't let you back in. Back in the first month on the surface, when things were more uncertain than they are now, you and Frisk were almost taken away. The soldiers were convinced you were there against your will and that if they separated you long enough you'd admit the 'truth' and let them help you. You understood that they thought they were doing the right thing, but that's what made it that much more terrifying. These men and women wanted to help, to do what was best for you against your wishes.

It took almost four hours for them to finally let you go back to Sans and the others. By the then Sans was literally buzzing with tension and pent up magic, and when he asked you what took so long you lied to him. You never told Sans just how close you were to being taken off the mountain. The last thing either of you needed was Sans angry at the soldiers you were going to be stuck with for the foreseeable future. So instead you told him they were just checking to make sure you and Frisk were okay and asking some questions about what happened. Not a lie but… you think you understand a little better why Sans kept secrets from you before. To protect you.

You found out later it had happened on his birthday. He'd almost been separated from you on his damn birthday, which he only even remembered because Papyrus asked the date two days later. His brother was beside himself with guilt, and threw together a hasty celebration that, despite Papyrus's best attempts, was a sober occasion. It was difficult for Sans to feel happy to finally see his 27th birthday while soldiers watched you all with suspicion.

But the Line is open for humans now. Any humans, so long as they have identification and submit to a search. You can't think of any reason they might have to keep you out, and the soldiers are better now. They know you, you know them, and they don't doubt that you're safe on Ebott with Sans and the others anymore.

"Whatever you can't get here, let me know and I can head down the mountain to some costume shops. These big warehouses always open up around Halloween with all sorts of stuff," you say, slipping into a gap in the conversation.

Sans turns towards you, looking a little surprised. "you sure? i mean, we can't exactly go with you, babe." Hesitating, a small furrow forms between his brows. "they made a special exception for us to go see kim, but i don't think that extends to shopping trips."

"Yeah, I'm sure it'll be fine. Deacon would probably go with me if I asked, that way I'm not alone."

His frown deepens before he looks down at his plate and nods. "yeah, that's not a bad idea," he says, shrugging.

"Mom, can I go with you?" Frisk asks, giving you a wide-eyed look.

"Sure, sweetie," you say with a smile. "We'll talk to Asriel about what he needs for his costume too so we can pick it all up at once."

"what about you babe? what are you gonna wear?"

You've been trying to think of something, but so far you haven't had any good ideas. At this rate you're going to end up as something typical like a witch. You sigh, shaking your head. "I don't know yet, I'm sure I'll find something when we go shopping."

"i don't mind helping out, you know," he says gently.

You smile at him. "I know, hun. But hey, this way I can make it a surprise. Frisk will help me pick something out, won't you?"

Frisk is enthusiastic about that idea, and starts asking you a bunch of questions about the costume shops. Sans, on the other hand, seems uninterested and talks to Papyrus about the details of his pirate costume instead.

It isn't until you're finishing up with the dishes and everyone else is serving up slices of butterscotch-cinnamon pie (brought over by Frisk when they came home) that you remember Deacon and his date. Your phone goes off in your back pocket, three chimes in rapid succession. Wiping off your hands on the front of your jeans, you check your messages.

'Okay, I'm doing it.' 'Wish me luck.' 'Or is it break a leg? No this isn't a stage performance.'

Another chime.

'At least I hope not.'

Laughing to yourself, you type in a reply. 'Good luck. Have a good time.'

It's an hour later and you and your family are watching a movie (one about pirates, at Papyrus's insistence) when your phone goes off again. You switch it to silent when Papyrus gives you a dirty look at the interruption, but check your messages.

'I think she just vaguely threatened to eat me again. I'm not sure if she's being suggestive or actually wants to kill me.'

You cover your mouth with your hand and try not to burst into laughter in the middle of a very dramatic swordfight on the television. 'Did you know that some spiders eat their mates?'

A few seconds later you're muffling a laugh with a pillow. 'Hope you are not helping me. If you weren't my only friend I'd stop talking to you right now.'

'You shouldn't be talking to me. You should be focusing on your date.'

Sans slides his arm around your shoulder and pulls you close, nuzzling your temple and glancing down at your phone. You turn it to him and scroll through last few messages and you're pleased to hear him bite back a laugh.

Your fiancé is asleep, head pillowed on your shoulder near the end of the movie when you get another text from Deacon. 'I know it's getting late for you so I'll leave you in suspense with this. Muffet invited me over after dinner so if you don't see me at school tomorrow, send help.'

'Letting her lure you into her web?' You're grinning as you hit send.


'Don't let the bed bugs bite.'


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