Would That Make You Happy?

Frisk is your child, the result of a teen pregnancy, but they've always been told that you're their older sister. In an effort to get away from your own abusive mother, the two of you end up falling into the Underground, where Sans is startled by this abrupt change in what had become a predictable pattern of events. Maybe your presence is what is needed to stop the endless cycle of Resets.

After many struggles, both internal and external, you and your found family reach the surface, only to face even more difficulties from the society you weren't sure you'd ever see again. You meet new friends and encounter people from your past, though for good or ill, you're not sure. Sometimes it's difficult to tell kindness from cunning.


136. Before the Big Day

In hindsight, deciding on New Year's Day for your wedding is actually a really good idea. The significance of the date aside, you have the entire week leading up to it off from work for Winter break. This gives you and Toriel plenty of time to spend on going through what's expected of you during the rite.

As far as you can tell it doesn't seem too complicated, at least on your end. Being human, there's not much you can do aside from say your vows. Sans, Toriel, and Asgore will be handling the magical side of things while you just... trust them with your Soul. Which you do, undoubtedly! But you just know that if you were a monster you'd be a more active participant in your own wedding.

That doesn't matter. Because what does matter is that once this is over, once you complete your harmony with Sans, you'll be married. Maybe not in the eyes of the government, but every single monster on Ebott will know it.

It's Wednesday the 30th, two days before your wedding, and you just spent the last four hours trapped in a room with Mettaton and two other monsters you've never met before, getting the finishing touches done on your wedding dress. You might feel more grateful for all his help if you hadn't just spent the entire afternoon feeling like a glorified mannequin. He's fantastic at it, you'll give him that, but after all this fuss part of you is just looking forward to it being over. You don't need a fancy dress, you don't need the party (even if it's going to be a small one). You just want to marry Sans. Maybe once everything is legal you won't bother with a second ceremony. You'll just go down to the courthouse and sign some papers. The idea of doing any of this again is just exhausting.

As you step off the elevator into the MTT Resort lobby, you don't even notice Deacon and Bo until they appear on either side of you, threading their arms through yours.

"Well well well, if it isn't the bride-to-be," Deacon says, grinning at your confusion. "Sure would be a shame if something were to happen to you so close to the big day."

"We've come to kidnap you," Bo adds, squeezing your arm and beaming at you.

Laughing, you look from one of them to the other as they steer you toward the door. "Oh, is that so? And where are you taking me?"

"You'll see. But first we have to meet our accomplices outside." He tries to temper his smile, dropping his voice in an attempt to sound sinister.

"Don't try to call for help, no one is going to come for you," she says, trying not to giggle.

"Oh no. Whatever will I do?" you say dryly. "What could you possibly have in store for me? What horrors will you inflict?"

Deacon pushes his way through the heavy front doors and leads the two of you after him, out into the brisk Winter air. It's four in the afternoon, already starting to get dark, and you spot two familiar faces down the road where you parked your car. Alphys and Undyne are standing there, wrapped up in their coats and waving as they catch sight of the three of you.

"I see, so these are your accomplices you villain!" you gasp, nudging Deacon in the side and trying not to laugh. "The mad scientist and the former captain of the royal guard! How dastardly."

"Don't bother trying to fight back. We've got you right where we want you," Deacon says, giving you a companionable pat on your shoulder with his free hand. He clears his throat, dropping the charade and grinning again. "So I found out that apparently monsters don't do bachelorette parties, so I decided to take it upon myself to make sure you had a good time."

Your eyes widen, gaping at him. "Deacon, you didn't need to do this," you blurt out, glancing over at Bo. She just gives you an affectionate look before returning her attention to her boyfriend. You follow her gaze, and Deacon looks pleased with himself.

"I did too," he says, arching a brow. "You're my best friend. And since you don't exactly have a wedding party or a maid of honor to do this stuff for you, I figured I'd handle it. It's not like you're going to get another chance."

"Honey, just let yourself have some fun tonight!" Bo says, hugging your arm. "We've got everything under control."

"I even asked Sans if it was okay for us to take you out." Deacon's smile turns wry. "Since we're going past the Line I wanted to make sure he knew, not that you need his permission. Also he informed me that my original bar-hopping plan would be an absolute disaster since you don't like to drink, so I'm glad I talked to him."

"So then what was your backup plan?"

"It's a secret. You'll see."

"I swear to god, it better not be strippers," you warn him, eyes narrowing.

"I'm offended that you think I don't know you well enough. Uh, excluding the drinking thing. Though, FYI, if I ever end up getting married, I one hundred percent expect strippers. Gender doesn't matter. Just a room full of strippers."

"Isn't your best man supposed to handle that sort of thing?" you ask, arching a brow.

"No one says I can't have a best woman. Who would even be my best man? Sans? Also, please, let's not get ahead of ourselves," Deacon says, clearing his throat. "Today is about you. And you are not a stripper kind of lady."

"That is one of the weirdest things I've ever heard you say."

"So," he continues, as if you never spoke, "we are going to do something that you've told me you haven't been able to do in a long time. Something I think everyone will enjoy."

That thing is bowling, which you have to give him credit, you haven't had a chance to do since you were a kid. You don't even remember why you talked to Deacon about bowling. Maybe it had something to do with things you could do with the monsters that they've never done before? Well, it doesn't matter, because all you know is that you're having a great time showing Alphys and Undyne how to do it.

Deacon called ahead beforehand to make sure that they'd accept monsters, which was smart of him. More and more places have been turning away monster business, though you're not sure why. You can't think of anything in particular that could be causing this shift in anti-monster sentiment aside from the Line opening. But you try not to dwell on that. You're supposed to be having fun, and you can't let those kinds of thoughts put a damper on your high spirits.

"NGAAH! This game is STUPID!" Undyne yells as she gets her fourth gutter ball in a row, stomping away from the lanes. She has her hands balled into fists, gritting her teeth.

"S-sweetie it's just for fun. Besides, we're still l-learning!" Alphys says, reaching out for her fiancée's hand and squeezing. She's actually had a bit of success with the two-handed 'granny roll' technique. It might not be strictly appropriate, but hey, you're just here to have a good time.

Bo gets up from her seat as her turn comes around, picking her ball up from the return. She gives the lane an apprehensive look as she waits for the pins to be set up again.

"I'm going to go get some beers, does anybody want anything?" Undyne grumbles, glancing over at the bar. "Uh, unless that bothers you, Hope."

"Just a coke," you tell her. "And no, I mean... you guys can drink, it's fine."

"Just get a pitcher of beer and a pitcher of coke," Deacon says, looking over his shoulder at the fish monster, momentarily distracted from eyeing his girlfriend. "That should cover everybody."

"I'll go w-with you," Alphys says, hurrying off after Undyne.

Which leaves you alone with Deacon and Bo. She's giving him doe eyes and he gets up from his seat to go help her with her turn, showing her for probably the third time how to swing the bowling ball. You think that at this point they're just using it as an excuse to be close. It's adorable, but spending the evening with two couples is starting to make you feel like a fifth wheel. You know they're not doing it on purpose, that they're enjoying their time with you, but you kind of wish Sans was here too.

"Ugh, that's disgusting."

You're pulled out of your thoughts by an unfamiliar voice. A group of four humans is stepping down into the sitting area next to you, carrying bowling bags and eyeing Deacon and Bo with clear annoyance. Oh, wonderful. God what is wrong with people? Why can't they just keep their shitty opinions to themselves and let other people just be happy? Maybe you can just finish your game before—

"Maybe he's Scottish," a tall, thin man says to the shorter man next to him in something like a stage-whisper. He chuckles.

"What's being Scottish got to do with it? My grandmother's from Scotland," an older woman in the group protests, rolling her eyes.

The short man throws his arm around her shoulders as he sets his bag down on one of the seats across from you. "Sheep fuckers," he says, and the woman makes an annoyed sound, her face scrunching up with distaste.

The fourth person, a teenage girl, looks up from her cell phone. "Dad, gross. And do you have to be rude?"

The humans start to change into their bowling shoes and their conversation lowers to the point where you can't hear them anymore. You look over at Deacon and Bo where they're talking next to the ball return, and you can see the irritation in her face. He's got his hands on her shoulders, leaning in close as his thumbs rub back and forth in a way that's meant to be soothing. But Bo doesn't look very soothed. She's baring her teeth and shaking her head.

You get up to go talk to them, to make sure everything is okay, but then the short man stands up and lugs his bowling ball to the shared return between your lanes. "Hey, can't you keep that crap in private? Nobody here wants to see that, I'm trying to have a nice time with my family," he says, lip curling.

Bo's expression hardens and Deacon gives her a steady look before turning to place himself between her and the human. He holds up his hands in a placating gesture. "Look, we're just here trying to bowl like the rest of you. There's no need for anyone to say anything unnecessary," Deacon says, keeping his voice steady but you can see the tension in his jaw.

Oh god, maybe you should go catch Undyne before she gets back but you don't want to leave Deacon and Bo alone either.

"Then keep your perversion where none of us have to deal with it."

It stings, hearing those words thrown in Deacon's face, right in front of Bo. You feel it just like he does. It's one thing to have anonymous comments ridiculing, insulting, threatening you online, but to have this man, this flesh and blood human stand there and insult your friend —and you even though he doesn't know it— feels like a punch to the gut.

"Listen here you little man," Bo snaps, taking hold of Deacon's forearm and pulling him out of her way as she pushes past him. She's glaring at the human, nearly unrecognizable. You can see now what she gets from her parents. "The only thing perverse going on right now is the fact that you think you're allowed to just insult people!"

The man snorts. "It's hilarious that you think you count as people."

"Deacon, don't!" you cry out, rushing forward to grab his hand as it balls into a fist. You wrap both hands around him, knowing that he's stronger than you but needing to at least try. He looks at you, blue eyes flashing as he glares at the man who's just standing there, looking smug. "He's not worth it. It's just like all the assholes online. We should just go."

"We have just as much a right to be here as anyone else," Bo snaps, looking at you from across Deacon's back.

"Dad, come on," the teenage girl says, hugging herself and looking uncomfortable. "You're being embarrassing."

"How do you deal with this?" Deacon asks, and it takes you a moment to realize he's talking to you. "How do you put up with all the ignorant bullshit?"

"I ignore it. Deacon," you say, calmer than you feel. Part of you just wants him to punch this asshole in the face. "His words can't do anything to us."

"I can't just sit here and listen while he insults us! Every time someone chooses not to act against this kind of ignorance, it's like giving silent permission." Deacon grits his teeth, and the man actually starts to look a little nervous. "I won't condone it."

The man just laughs. "And who the fuck do you think you are? What's some nobody monster-loving pervert going to—"

Deacon wrenches his arm from your grip, pulling back to go for a punch. But his sudden movement throws you off balance as he shakes you off, and you trip over your own feet as you try to catch yourself. Falling sideways, you reach out on instinct but your leg hits the step up to the lanes first, hard, right in the middle of your calf. It hurts, god it hurts as pain shoots through your leg, gasping as stars burst behind your eyes. Sprawled out on your side, pushing yourself up with one hand, you hiss a breath as tears blur your vision, anger and humiliation and above all pain overwhelming your senses.

"Oh no, Hope are you okay?" Bo says, and you feel hands on your shoulders, helping you sit up as you let out a gasp when you try to move your leg.

There's voices, angry voices but you can't tell them apart. It's all just noise as a soft hand squeezes yours. You hiss through your teeth. "My leg," you say, squeezing your eyes shut then reopening them as you try to blink through your tears. Bo reaches for your shin and you flinch away, crying out from your own movement instead of what she did.

"I'm sorry, Hope I'm so sorry," Deacon is saying at your other side, and when you look at him he's wide-eyed and pale. "This is all my fault."

"Deacon you'll have time to feel guilty later, we need to take her to a healer," Bo says, her grip on your hand tightening. "Where are Undyne and Alphys?"

"It was an accident," you tell Deacon, doing your best to try and ignore the waves of pain throbbing in your leg. You look up and the group of humans is talking to themselves, low enough that you can't hear. They've backed away from you and your friends, distancing themselves from your injury. A few other people are staring. You try to force a smile as you turn back to Deacon, catching his eye as you wince. "Sans might not be ready to give his permission for you to take me out again anytime soon, though."

Deacon lets out a weak laugh, hanging his head. "He's going to kick my ass and you're joking about it."

"He's not gonna kick your ass, it was an accident," you tease, letting out a whimper as you try to shift into a more comfortable position. "I... I'm not gonna be able to stand by myself."

"I'll go find Undyne and Alphys, we need to go," Bo says, stroking your hair before standing up. "I'll be right back."

You watch her go, taking the stairs in two big strides up and out of the bowling area. Deacon grabs your hand, squeezing it a little tighter than is strictly comfortable. When you meet his eyes he's glaring down at your leg, eyes shadowed and shoulders hunched. His jaw clenches. "I wish that I could make the pain stop. I wish I could make you feel better."

"There's nothing you can do yourself." You take in a slow, steadying breath, trying to focus on that instead of the pain. Like they taught you years ago at the hospital when you were in labor. Turning just a little, you lean to the side to press your forehead into Deacon's shoulder. He tips his head to rest against you, cupping the back of your neck with his free hand and rubbing. "That helps. Do that."

You sit there, waiting, wishing that Deacon wasn't so angry with himself. You think it's only a couple minutes before Bo comes back with Undyne and Alphys. When you open your eyes the human family that started this whole mess is gone.

"O-oh no!" Alphys gasps, and she hurries to your side, kneeling down by your leg. Trembling for a second, she shuts her eyes, takes a breath, and steadies herself before reaching for your pant leg. "I need to take a look to see if it's broken."

"I'm pretty sure it's at least fractured, or it wouldn't hurt so damn much," you say, gritting your teeth as the doctor starts to roll up your jeans.

"WHERE ARE THEY?" Undyne yells, making you jump as you stare up at her. She's got her hands balled into fists, bright yellow eye glaring all around her. All of the people nearby have suddenly stopped staring, going back to whatever they were doing minutes ago. "I'm going to KICK their ASSES!"

"Undyne please," you snap, in too much pain to be polite. "You're not helping."

Snarling at you, but not at you at the same time, Undyne stands there at your feet, all impotent rage with no direction. No outlet. Bo touches her arm but she jerks away, shaking her head.

"Can't you use your green magic to heal her?" Deacon asks, looking up at Undyne.

"What?" She's so confused for a second it distracts her away from being angry. "It doesn't work like that. I don't just have every type of green magic."

"We can take her to Toriel, she's adept at healing magic. It'll be quicker than human medicine," Alphys says, and as she studies your leg you can already see where it's starting to turn colors. Ugh, looking at it just makes it hurt worse. Her dry, scaly hands run over your shin and you bite your lip, whimpering as Deacon squeezes your hand again. "I think you're right about it being fractured, but whatever break happened it isn't out of alignment. We should keep it that way. Sweetie can you carry her to the car?"

Undyne nods, circling around Alphys to crouch down at your side. "You're going to be fine, punk."

Letting out a weak laugh, you throw your arm around her shoulders. "I just want to be able to stand for my own wedding."

"Toriel will make sure of it, we know she will," she says, sliding her other hand under your thighs. "Okay, this might hurt. Deacon, you need to get go of her hand, she's not going anywhere."

He jumps a little, drawn back to reality from wherever his mind was a moment ago as he stared off into space. Letting you go, Deacon stands as Undyne lifts you up. You brace yourself and bite back a groan as you jostle a little, and when your vision snaps back into focus once the pain ebbs you can see the guilt on Deacon's face.

"It was an accident," you repeat.

"I should have listened to you," he says. "I should have ignored him."

"No, you're right. The more people don't speak up the more we let the worst people be the loudest."

"Yeah, well, I'm sure that punching him in the face wouldn't have helped us any," he mutters, dragging his hand through his hair as he follows after Undyne. People are staring at your group again, but if anyone has anything to say about you being carried out in the arms of a six-foot-tall fish monster none of them are speaking up.

"I'd rather you not get charged with assault," you admit, trying to smile but you're afraid it comes off as more of a grimace. "Though it would have been nice to see."

"Sans is going to kill you," Undyne cuts in, looking at Deacon.

"Sans is going to kill me," he agrees, swallowing.

You frown. "Sans isn't going to kill anyone."

When you get back home Toriel is already waiting, having received your call once you were situated in the car. Sans doesn't kill anyone, like you said, and even he has to admit that it wasn't Deacon's fault. That seems to put your friend a bit more at ease, but the tension hanging over you and your friends is palpable. There you were, just trying to celebrate your upcoming wedding, and someone just... had to ruin it.

Sans doesn't let you out of his sight for the rest of the evening, even after Toriel takes care of you and you feel perfectly fine again. Even all the bruising is gone. Deacon stays late, would probably stay later if he didn't have to get Bo home.

You're fine, physically, but what that man said keeps ringing in your ears. That people honestly and truly think such terrible things about people like Deacon. About people like you.

You shove the thoughts aside. This isn't how you're going to go into your wedding day. Tomorrow, you're going to relax, feel better, and then on Friday...

You're going to marry your monster no matter what anyone might think about it.

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