Would That Make You Happy?

Frisk is your child, the result of a teen pregnancy, but they've always been told that you're their older sister. In an effort to get away from your own abusive mother, the two of you end up falling into the Underground, where Sans is startled by this abrupt change in what had become a predictable pattern of events. Maybe your presence is what is needed to stop the endless cycle of Resets.

After many struggles, both internal and external, you and your found family reach the surface, only to face even more difficulties from the society you weren't sure you'd ever see again. You meet new friends and encounter people from your past, though for good or ill, you're not sure. Sometimes it's difficult to tell kindness from cunning.


65. Asgore

Asgore killed you.

Sans's hand spasms and clutches yours tighter as he puts himself bodily between you and the king. Frisk tenses against you, refusing to let you go. You realize that both of these people that you love, and who love you, watched you die. You can feel the hairs on your arms stand on end as magic prickles across your skin. Sans's entire body has gone rigid.

Asgore's eyes flick from you, to Frisk, and then back again, then finally settling on Sans. His expression slowly shifts from shock to something apologetic, tucking his chin against his chest and hunching his shoulders. "Good evening, Sans," he says, his friendly tone ringing false in your ears.

"asgore," Sans answers, reaching behind him to pass your hand from left to right. He shifts just a little, to cover you better. It would have been easier to just let go and take hold of you again, but... it's as though he isn't willing to break that contact, not even for a moment. "i think this might count as 'good morning' if you wanna get picky."

"Hmm, I suppose you are right," he says, the corners of his mouth twitching but not quite managing a smile.

The two of them stare at each other for a moment, tension thick in the air. You have to fight the urge to squirm, it's almost unbearable.

"i guess i did promise that we'd come visit you once the kid was feeling better." The forced levity in his voice makes you cringe. Asgore looks at you and you duck down a little without thinking. Even the king's partial attempt at a smile is gone now.

"I see. So this is the mother and child that you spoke of?"

All of this careful avoiding is about to drive you mad. Your fingers tighten on Sans's hand and he squeezes back. You're not sure if it's meant to be reassuring, but if it is it's not doing the job. Your chest feels tight and there's a part of you that feels sad, though you're not sure why. If Asgore really wanted to kill you, wouldn't he be acting different?

"yeah. and i gotta tell you, if you think you're laying a hand on either one of them, lemme give you some advice." The magic in the air thickens, and even from behind him you think you catch the glow of blue. "don't."

Asgore raises his head, his shoulders shifting back and suddenly the king seems bigger. Your eyes follow the curve of his horns and a little, panicked voice in your head tells you you shouldn't be here in this place. But even as the king's arms tense at his sides, there's still that deep sadness in his eyes. Eyes that are older than his face. You're reminded of just how old he really is, and you feel dwarfed by his presence. In size and age you're just a child in comparison. Tiny and... insignificant. What are you to him against the weight of his people? Of their freedom?

Is this why you were able to offer your Soul up to him before? Why you didn't try to fight if it meant Frisk was safe?

"Sans, this is bigger than you or myself alone. We only need one more Soul and then everyone can go free." He raises a hand and gestures towards you. "There are two here."

"yeah, two people. if i wanted to i could take them away from here before you could even think about trying to stop us, but i thought that you might take a second to listen. because i don't wanna have to try and hide them from you. it's not the ideal future i have for my family."

Asgore hesitates, his eyes widening just enough for you to notice. "...Family," he says, and it's not a question. It's a fact.

For the first time you start to feel a little bit of hope that maybe, just maybe this might turn out okay. Sans shifts a little on his feet and you think he feels it too.

"yeah, asgore," Sans says. "family."

There's a beat of silence and then you hear the soft hiss of feet against tile. A sharp intake of breath comes from behind you and before you can even turn to look a fireball shoots over your head to smack Asgore square in the chest. The king stumbles back, taken by surprise as Toriel storms past the three of you. You can only stare, dumbfounded as she fixes him with a withering glare.

"Dreemurr, you miserable creature," she snaps at him, raising her hands as fire fills the space above her palms. Glancing over her shoulder, she takes the three of you in. "Do not be afraid, my children. I realized that I could not allow you to do this alone any longer, so I am here."

"Toriel, you... you got my message," you blurt out, leaning out from behind Sans to get a better look at her.

She gives you a quick, kind smile, nodding. "Yes, my child. I simply could not allow any further loss of life, is that not what I have been trying to prevent all along?" Toriel turns back to Asgore, meeting his gaze as he stares at her with something akin to awe. Now that you look at the two of them together, you realize how similar they look. "This includes Asgore, as terrible as he might be. He deserves mercy, too."

The magic in the air around Sans starts to ebb. He rubs his thumb across your hand, a small comforting gesture. "i was only going to do what i had to," Sans mutters. "because, well, aren't you the lady who wanted them to be safe?"

The flames flicker and die in Toriel's hands and she shifts her stance enough to give Sans a proper look. Her large eyes are wide in surprise. "Oh my, your voice! You are my friend from the door, are you not?"

Sans doesn't get a chance to answer. Asgore takes a step close to her and she catches his movement out of the corner of her eye, drawing her attention back to him. He's smiling. "Tori. You came back!"

"Do not 'Tori' me, Dreemurr! You pathetic whelp," she snaps with a viciousness so unlike her it's jarring.


You whirl around at the sound of Papyrus's voice filling the hall and can't believe your eyes. Papyrus and Undyne are there, followed shortly after by a very out of breath Alphys.

"IF ANYONE FIGHTS ANYONE... THEN I'LL BE FORCED TO ASK UNDYNE FOR HELP!" Papyrus finishes, gesturing dramatically as he strides up to stand beside his brother.

"Papyrus, you know you're tough enough not to need my help!" Undyne takes up the spot on Sans's other side, glancing over her shoulder back at you. She gives you a toothy smile. "Sorry Alphys and I missed your calls, but we're here now!"

"Y-yeah! Papyrus came to get us and we all came together," Alphys says, standing beside you and giving you a wobbly smile.

Toriel looks delighted at their arrival, giving them all a friendly smile. "Oh goodness, my children are these all your friends? Hello, I am Toriel."

"PSST. SANS. DID THE KING SHAVE? AND... CLONE HIMSELF?" Papyrus asks in a stage-whisper, looking at his brother.

The sudden and absurd release of tension has you and Sans laughing, and even Frisk is relaxing their grip on you. "nah bro," Sans says, giving Papyrus a wide grin. "i'm pretty sure that's the queen."

Undyne lets out a startled noise. "Wait, Asgore, this is your EX?" she blurts out, looking from one furred monster to the other. "Jeez. That's rough, buddy."

Asgore regards all of you with a look of bewilderment. You can only imagine how confused he must be. With the sudden return of his wife (which, by the way, you're still trying to take in) and the realization that his own captain of the Royal Guard is helping defend you from him, you can only imagine what he must be feeling. But you get the impression that he's relieved. He looks... happier than he ought to at being so opposed.

"It... would appear that I will not be gaining the final Soul we need to break the Barrier today," he says slowly, and you swear he's trying not to smile.

Toriel's face twists back into a disgusted grimace, shooting him a look that could curdle milk. "If you truly wished to free our kind, you could have gone through the Barrier after you had one Soul, taken six Souls from the humans, then come back and freed everyone peacefully. But instead you made everyone live in despair, because you would rather wait here, meekly hoping another human never comes."

Asgore's face falls, chastised. "Tori... You are right. I am a miserable creature."

"Wait a second," you say, and suddenly everyone's eyes are on you. Even Frisk is pulling away, taking hold of your hand. You swallow past a nervous lump in your throat. "Um, why can't you do that to get the last Soul?"

"...what do you mean, babe?" Sans asks, turning to look at you better. "you don't want asgore to just go kill someone, do you?"

"What? No, I mean..." you give Sans a frustrated look. "Humans die all the time. You'd probably have your choice of Souls just by going to the hospital."

The monsters all stare at you. Just as you're starting to think that maybe you said something wrong that you just don't understand, Sans's mouth twitches into a smile. "i dunno about the rest of you, but... that sounds worth a shot to me."

"Wait, you mean that the humans might just GIVE us a Soul?" Undyne blurts out.

Alphys clears her throat. "I-it would be worth a try!"


"That sounds like a wonderful idea," Asgore says, and he's smiling again. "But, who would go to get the last Soul?"

Sans is standing there looking at the six Souls, sweat dotting the side of his skull. Hands shoved deep in his pockets, he glances over at you and then back at the glass cylinders, then up at the hazy, pulsing surface of the Barrier. It's smooth and oily, like the surface of a bubble blocking a tunnel through the side of the mountain. You can feel the hum of magic fill the space here, and you wonder if it's even stronger to the others. They all look uncomfortable, though from the magic or what's about to happen, you're not sure.

"does it really matter which one i pick?" Sans asks, glancing over at Asgore.

Asgore shakes his head. "The colors reflect the... people they once were. But any of them will get you through the Barrier."

"Children," Toriel whispers, and her expression is solemn. She's been staring at the softly glowing Souls since Asgore raised them from where they were stored beneath the ground. "They were just children."

People spoke of kids going missing on Mt. Ebott. Now you realize the full scope of where they went. Why no one ever saw them again. They're right here, waiting. You feel a chill run down your spine and you can't help but squeeze Frisk's hand tighter in your own. Frisk had almost been the seventh. For a little while, before they turned back time, you were the seventh.

Papyrus leans in close to Undyne. "WHAT DOES THE QUEEN MEAN?"

Undyne looks away, shaking her head. You wonder if she's thinking about the implications of what she almost did to you and Frisk. The tiny flick of her eye up to yours makes you think she is.

"T-there was that theory that the colors have to do with different, uh, attributes. Like p-patience, and justice, or um kindness," Alphys adds in a small voice.

"which one's justice, do you think?" Sans asks.

"The yellow one, m-maybe," she whispers.

"sounds good to me."

"Sans," you say, and he looks up at you. The lights in his eyes are small. He's nervous. "...Are you sure this is a good idea. I don't... Why you?"

He gives you what you guess is meant to be a reassuring smile. "i know it's heart to think about, but i'm the skeleton for the job. asgore'd be too obvious. if we only wanna send a soul monster out there, you know my shortcuts'll come in handy."

"Is this really the time to be making puns?" you ask, frowning.

"no time like the present. and what can i say, it's just a gift of mine." He's smiling wider now, watching you to see if you respond.

Your mouth twitches involuntarily but you let out a frustrated sigh. Shaking your head, you fix him with a worried look. "Sans I don't like this."

Fishing his hand out of his pocket, he reaches out and takes your hand. "i'll be careful. i'm not gonna let anything happen to me, not after what i just went through. you're never gonna know what that feels like."

You let him tug you down so that he can nuzzle the side of your face. Kissing his cheekbone, you squeeze his fingers tight between yours. "Frisk could just... go back, right? If something goes wrong?" you murmur, low enough that the others can't hear.

"i don't like counting on those loads. i still don't understand how that shit works, to be honest." Sans pulls away, looking at Frisk. "don't do any loading unless you have to, okay kiddo? emergencies only."

Frisk bites the inside of their lip, but nods. "Okay. Be safe, Dad. Promise."

Dad. You're still getting used to the sound of that. Sans winks. "'course. i promise."

"Asgore, I mean... Your majesty," you say, turning to where the king is standing on the other side of the Soul containers. "Once Sans gets back, you're sure he'll be able to just... release the Souls. He'll be back to normal."

"He should be able to, yes," Asgore says, after a moment of hesitation.

"...I don't like 'should'. Hun are you sure?" you ask, looking at Sans again.

"if it means that you and frisk stay safe and everyone goes free? yeah i'm sure," he says, grinning. "not having to worry about anyone trying to take your souls any more? getting to the surface? you said there was so much you wanna show me."

You don't say anything. All you can do is steal another kiss, this time on his mouth. "I love you, Sans."

"i love you too, hope," he says, giving your hand one last squeeze before letting you go.

"You better come back safe."

"hopefully." He winks.

You and Frisk take a step back, and all eyes are on Sans as he approaches the container with the glowing, yellow Soul. He stares at it, hesitating, as nervous sweat once again gathers at his temple. With a steadying breath, he reaches out and touches the glass.

It shatters. All of the cylinders shatter and thorny vines coil tight around the Souls, yanking them away and out of sight. There's a moment of stunned silence.

Thick, massive vines bigger than tree trunks erupt from the ground, red thorns glistening against green. None of you even have time to react. Quicker than should be possible thinner tendrils coil around all the monsters, pinning their arms to their sides and lifting them off the ground and into the air. Only you and Frisk are free, cowering in the middle of a a nest of jutting spikes.

Flowey pops out of the ground at your feet, baring his fangs in a menacing smile. "You idiots."

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