Would That Make You Happy?

Frisk is your child, the result of a teen pregnancy, but they've always been told that you're their older sister. In an effort to get away from your own abusive mother, the two of you end up falling into the Underground, where Sans is startled by this abrupt change in what had become a predictable pattern of events. Maybe your presence is what is needed to stop the endless cycle of Resets.

After many struggles, both internal and external, you and your found family reach the surface, only to face even more difficulties from the society you weren't sure you'd ever see again. You meet new friends and encounter people from your past, though for good or ill, you're not sure. Sometimes it's difficult to tell kindness from cunning.


30. Alphys

Undyne informs you that a friend of hers named Alphys is going to be coming over this weekend, specifically when everyone will be home from work and school. Papyrus enlists your help to get the house spotless for her visit. There isn't much to do, because between the two of you the house stays generally tidy, but you of course agree to help. You're not sure why but he seems a little nervous.

Sans seems unaffected by the news, though you think his eyes narrow just a little at the mention of someone named Mettaton. Actually, now that you think about it, that name does sound familiar. Then, you realize that Papyrus is talking about that robot from his favorite television shows. He's quick to inform you that Doctor Alphys is the one who created Mettaton, and that he might come with her on her visit. You hope that he does, just because Papyrus seems so excited about it.

So for the next two days, whenever Papyrus is home, you spend your time cleaning and re-cleaning every possible surface in the brothers' home. His boundless enthusiasm turns to nervous energy, and the day before Alphys's visit you find Frisk sleeping on the couch with Undyne. Apparently Papyrus wouldn't stop tossing and turning in his sleep.

Not wanting to clean the kitchen for the fourth time in two days, when Papyrus corners you near the sink, wringing his hands, you cut him off before he can start speaking. "I was just about to go clean Sans's room! You said you wished he would keep it cleaner, right?"


You try not to sound too relieved as you skirt around him to flee the kitchen. Sans's room can definitely use a bit of cleaning, though from the way Papyrus talks about it sometimes, you'd think it was a warzone. But, you've lived with the brothers for over a month. You learned early on that Papyrus is a stickler for cleanliness. You admit, the idea of cleaning the room that you now share with Sans is something you've been tossing around for a while. You fetch the laundry basket from the closet where the washer and dryer are hidden and enter the bedroom.

First order of business is the pile of laundry (clothes and an inordinate number of unmatched socks). You shove it all into the basket and get it started in the washing machine. The two of you don't make enough  laundry to bother separating out colors and whites, so you just wash it all on cold. As you head back towards the bedroom with the basket, Sans catches you in the hallway.

He's in your way, leaning against the wall with his hands shoved in his pockets. He raises a brow at you. "you know, you don't have to do all this just because of my bro."

"I do," you say, resting the empty basket against your hip. "Unless I want to scrub the stovetop for the fifth time." Pursing your lips, you glance down into the living room. It's empty. You look back at Sans and lower your voice to just above a whisper. "Is he always like this with company?"

"nope. just mettaton," Sans says, his mouth twitching. He turns and leads the way into the bedroom, knowing you'll follow. "you know. you can always just pretend you're cleaning in here. i'm sure pap won't come check." He circles around you and closes the bedroom door, waggling his brows at you and winking.

Blushing, you let out a flustered laugh. "Sans, really. You're impossible."

"i'm completely possible. c'mon babe, you've been working yourself to the bone." He comes up to you and tugs the laundry basket out of your hands, setting it down on the treadmill. His grin turns sly, reaching out to take hold of your hips. You let him pull you close. "wouldn't you rather i take care of you with mine?"

You snort, dissolving into a fit of giggles until he tucks his head into the crook of your neck and you feel teeth against your skin. Sighing, you lean against him. "I do want to wash the sheets. I guess it would make more sense to get them dirtier before I wash them."

"exactly," he murmurs against your neck.

The first load in the washing machine is done by the time you get around to stripping the bed.

Sans's grip on you is a bit tighter than normal as the two of you sit on the couch, waiting for Alphys (and Mettaton?) to show up. Papyrus tries to sit next to you but stands back up, pacing over to give the pet rock near the door a long, serious look before sitting back down again. Undyne is seated on the stairs, leg bouncing anxiously as she fiddles with her phone. Between the two of them, you start to feel nervous yourself. You can't help it.

Frisk is sitting on the floor with their back pressed against your shins, playing a game on your phone. "Are they gonna be here soon?" Frisk asks, vocalizing the thought that seems to be in everyone's mind.

Everyone jumps —even Sans— when a hurried knock at the door interrupts your your answer. Undyne and Papyrus both leap up from their seats and rush to answer it, running into each other as they have a silent, hurried fight. The fish monster manages to shove herself past the skeleton and fling open the door. Sans follows you as you pull yourself to your feet and help Frisk stand. His hand never leaves your back.

"ALPHYS! You made it!" Undyne says, backing up into Papyrus as she tries to make room to let her friend into the house.

After another confused scuffle in the entryway, there's finally enough space for a short, lumpy figure to make their way inside. She's wrapped up in a huge coat with a long lizard-patterned scarf wrapped around her head. The only visible part of her face is a pair of wide, bespectacled eyes.

"OH, I THOUGHT METTATON WAS COMING WITH YOU," Papyrus says, unable to disguise his disappointment.

Undyne is busy helping Alphys unwind her scarf, gradually revealing a yellow reptilian monster (something between a lizard and a dinosaur) just a smidge taller than Sans. She's looking up at Undyne, face flushed and sweating.

"M-M-Mettaton was busy today, so he c-couldn't make it," Alphys stutters out in a nasally voice, adjusting her glasses and looking at Papyrus as though grateful for the distraction. "I h-hope that's okay!"

You think you feel Sans relax a little bit at your side, but you aren't sure why.

"Of course it's okay! YOU'RE the one I invited," Undyne blurts out, giving Papyrus a sharp look. She helps Alphys out of her thick winter coat, oblivious to the way the doctor starts trying to babble a thank you as she hangs up her coat and scarf for her. She has a polka dot sweater on underneath.

You give Alphys what you hope is a reassuring smile as she looks at you, but it probably comes off more nervous than anything. Just watching the two monsters try to interact with each other makes you want to wince.

"H-hello!" Alphys says, trying her best to smile back at you.

"OH!" Undyne blurts out, circling around Alphys and gripping her tightly by the shoulders, pushing her towards the three of you. "This is the human I was telling you about, the one dating Sans! And her kid, Frisk!"

"Hi!" Frisk says, giving Alphys an energetic wave.

She raises a small clawed hand and gives a weak wave in response, her smile widening a little. When she looks at you again you raise your hand as well. Normally you'd offer to shake her hand, but she seems so nervous and jittery that you think it might be better to not make her any more uncomfortable.

Sans just nods. "hey alphys," he says casually.

"H-hi Sans," she says, looking between the two of you and the way that he's pressed in close to your side. She clasps her stubby fingers together and shifts on her feet, expression brightening. "I-I hope you're doing o-okay!"

He shrugs, looking away. "sure. what can i say, i got no bones to pick."

"UGH," Papyrus groans.

"Oh, do you two know each other?" you ask, giving Sans a confused look. He never really said anything to you about Alphys.

"one of my stations is by the lab," Sans says. "we bump into each other sometimes."


You're about to ask about Hotland (you've only heard about it in passing) when Undyne interrupts. "I'm really glad you came, Alphys! I know you don't like the cold, but that sweater is cute on you!" Undyne releases Alphys's shoulders and leans over a bit as she talks to her. The doctor gets noticeably redder and sweatier the closer Undyne gets.

"I-it's okay! I d-don't mind so much... I mean! It would be w-worse for you to c-come to Hotland!" Alphys stutters.

Sans tugs the back of your shirt and flops back down onto the couch with a shrug. With a last glance at Undyne and Alphys (they're wrapped up in small talk, Undyne speaking with intensity as Alphys fights to maintain some semblance of composure) you take a seat next to him. He threads his fingers between yours and you nudge him with your shoulder.

"It's a little painful to watch," you mutter under your breath, Sans huffing a laugh in response.

"even papyrus knows, you'd think one of them could pick up on it," Sans says, shaking his head. "but what can ya do?"

As you watch, Frisk walks up to the two female monsters and inserts themselves in their conversation, getting Undyne to give Alphys a little bit of space with just their presence. Looking a little relieved, Alphys smiles at Frisk and starts talking to them. You think you hear her mention anime.

With introductions out of the way, everyone seems to relax a bit. Papyrus pulls the chairs out of the kitchen so there's more room to sit and passes out the lunch that you prepared earlier. Sans doesn't have much to say except to interject well-timed jokes that make Papyrus and Undyne groan. Much to your surprise, Alphys actually finishes one of his punchlines for him. After a startled pause, Sans and Undyne start laughing (even though Undyne hadn't laughed at any of Sans's other jokes) and Alphys flushes with pleasure.

You like Alphys. She's nervous and a little jittery, but once she gets started on a topic she's passionate about it's hard to stop her. At one point she starts talking to Frisk about a show she must love, and it takes her a few minutes to realize she's been rambling nonstop without even a single stutter. Undyne just watches, enraptured as she talks. You have no idea how Alphys doesn't notice the way Undyne looks at her. It reminds you of the way Sans looks at you when you catch him staring.

You think you catch Alphys watching you and Sans a few times. Whenever your eyes meet she just gives you a nervous smile, looking from you to Sans, and then away. As you rise to your feet to take your plates to the kitchen, you think you hear Alphys let out a happy squeak as Sans's hand lingers on your back until you walk away. Glancing back at the sound, you catch Sans blushing a little as Alphys covers her mouth with her hands.

When you get back to settle in on the couch again, Sans has the barest hint of a frown on his face. Following his line of sight, you see Alphys typing up something on her phone as it buzzes in her hands. She looks nervous.

"Everything okay?" Undyne asks, frowning at the phone.

"O-oh, yeah! E-everything is fine!" Alphys blurts out, jumping a little in her seat and shoving her phone in her pocket. You can still hear it buzzing.

"you sure?" Sans asks.

Undyne leans forward in her seat. "Who's blowing up your phone?"

"I-it's nothing!"

"Is someone bothering you, Alphys?"

"N-no, really U-Undyne it's fine," Alphys says, but she doesn't look fine. Her hands fidget in her lap and sweat is gathering on her forehead. 

"Cuz I'll beat them up if someone's hassling you!" Undyne grimaces, flashing pointed teeth and flexing her arms.

Alphys opens her mouth to answer when there's a loud, insistent knock at the door. You look at Sans, Sans looks at you, and you both look at the others. Undyne and Papyrus both look as confused as you feel, but it's Alphys that has the most visceral reaction. Her eyes are wide and her hands are clutched tightly in her lap, staring at the door.

As Papyrus gets up to answer it, Alphys lets out a startled sound. "W-wait!" she says, but he doesn't listen.

The moment the door opens, a familiar rectangular robot rolls his way into the room. Papyrus's jaw drops open as the red and yellow squares of his front display blink into the shape of an 'M' and a pair of comically large hands wave enthusiastically at the room. Sans is on his feet in a rush, angling himself between you and Mettaton. You stand up and take hold of his hand, confused.

"Alphys, Alphys, Alphys!" Mettaton says. His voice is friendly and charismatic, overlaid with a robotic distortion. His long arms curve to rest his fists on the sides of his body, as if he had hips.

"M-M-Mettaton!" Alphys squeaks, looking guilty. "I-I thought you were b-busy with the show t-today!"

"And miss out on meeting these two marvelous humans?" Mettaton's display blinks a few times before settling back into the 'M' pattern. "Darling, you know I couldn't bear to miss an opportunity like this!"

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