Would That Make You Happy?

Frisk is your child, the result of a teen pregnancy, but they've always been told that you're their older sister. In an effort to get away from your own abusive mother, the two of you end up falling into the Underground, where Sans is startled by this abrupt change in what had become a predictable pattern of events. Maybe your presence is what is needed to stop the endless cycle of Resets.

After many struggles, both internal and external, you and your found family reach the surface, only to face even more difficulties from the society you weren't sure you'd ever see again. You meet new friends and encounter people from your past, though for good or ill, you're not sure. Sometimes it's difficult to tell kindness from cunning.


3. A New Pal

There's another long hallway after that first door. It's quiet, the only sound the scrape of shoes across the stone beneath your feet. Even though Frisk was determined to keep going, they seem suddenly nervous now. They twist their fingers in the front of their sweater, tugging on the cuffs of too-long sleeves.

"You okay, Frisk?"

They don't seem to hear you, despite the way your words echo through the hall. Face scrunched a little, their eyes keep darting to the side like they're looking at something. You touch their shoulder and they jump. Frisk looks up through their bangs (you kept trying to convince them to let you trim them, but they refused) with a startled expression.

"Are you okay?" you repeat.

They nod, then look forward again as you continue walking. You think that maybe you should press the matter, insist that you suspect something is wrong. But you don't. You're not good at this.

You love them, so much it hurts sometimes. But you'd always taken the backseat when it came to the serious stuff. Scolding and lectures; that was your mother's territory. She was practiced. How could you discipline a child when you were still being disciplined yourself?

You ruffle their hair, earning you a familiar, annoyed grimace that you know is just hiding a smile. Being affectionate, reminding them that you're there with them and you love them... that's easier. That's familiar.

"Sissa!" they groan, batting your hand away and smoothing their hair.

You smile and lean down to pull the side of their head to your lips. Frisk grumbles, but they don't fight you. You're like this all the time, and they know it. You give them the hugs and kisses your mother denies. Love is something you have in abundance, and until Frisk there had been no one willing to take it. (Except maybe Frisk's dad... but, no. No, he'd been quick enough to abandon you. Your mother took his parents' money and you never saw them again.)

The hallway opens up into another room, this one with a small patch of empty grass in the center. On the other side of it is a set of pillars and another door. Something about it makes you think this is the last one, the true door that leads to the rest of the Underground. You wonder what it's like, this place where all the monsters live.

Frisk hesitates, coming to a stop as their head twists to search the room. You aren't sure what they're looking for, it's obvious that there's nothing there. Just some grass, somehow. How can plants grow down here with no sunlight? You have no idea. Another mystery stacked upon a dozen others. Your list of impossible questions keeps growing.

"...not here...?" they mutter, words muffled beneath sweater sleeves pressed to their mouth. 


They look up at you, blinking. Their face is blank for a moment before they smile at you. It makes you feel a bit better. "Nothing! I thought, for a second... but I was wrong." Frisk starts walking towards the door, leaving you to follow behind. You think you hear them say something like, "Feels familiar."

The light that slants through the door as Frisk opens it is blinding. You wince and shade your eyes, and if you didn't know any better you'd think it was sunlight, it's so bright. At least, it is when compared to the dimness of the Ruins. As you blink and adjust, you realize it's more like a cloudy day. It's just the whiteness of the snow that's hurting your eyes and making it seem brighter than it really is.

Snow? There's another addition to that list of questions. When you realize what you're seeing, a gust of wind blows through the door, sending a chill right through your thin jacket. Like this new area of the Underground is greeting you warmly. Warmly? You'd laugh but you're so shocked by the sudden change of temperature it makes you gasp. Your fingers fumble with the zipper of your jacket before jerking it up under your chin.

Frisk has already gone outside, so you hurry to catch up. You hesitate, then close the heavy door behind you. It only seems polite. There's a path leading away, through a forest of tall, dark, spindly trees. You wish you could ask someone how the hell all this works. Magic, probably. When confronted with such weirdness, the only solution is magic. It's the only thing that can possibly make sense. You left logic back on the surface.

Ahead of you, Frisk takes an exaggerated leap over a thick branch, arms swinging at their sides. Then, they bend down to gather up a handful of snow, patting it into a careful ball. Glancing back at you, you spy the mischievous grin spread over their face.

Oh no. "Don't you do it, kid!"

You duck and the snowball sails over your head, landing with a soft fssh of crumbling snow. Frisk is laughing, but they squeal as you lean over to gather up your own projectile. They're frozen in place, looking for someplace to hide.

The snowball hits them square in the chest and they're giggling now, trying to brush the ice off their sweater. Distracted, Frisk doesn't even notice you running towards them. You're careful to jump over that branch in the path, then wrap your arms around their middle. You lift them off their feet and spin. Laughter is filling the air, more laughter than you've heard in a long time from either of you. It's good. In this moment you're happy. Maybe this place isn't so bad.

A sharp crack rings out in the cold air and your laughter dies on your lips. You lower Frisk back to the ground, keeping yourself between them and the sound as you glance over your shoulder. There's nothing there. But... the branch. It's cracked into three pieces. A chill runs down your spine that has nothing to do with the cold.

"Come on, let's keep moving," you say, taking Frisk's small hand in yours.

"Wait," they try to argue, but you're not having it. You're spooked and you want to keep moving forward.

You hope you don't look too scared. Too late, you think that maybe you're only making Frisk more worried. With a quick glance, you see their eyes are downcast, looking at their feet as you hurry them along. You can apologize later, when you feel safer.

There's a small footbridge ahead, over which is some kind of wooden gate. It must be meant to keep out something bigger than people though, because you can already tell it would be nothing to slip between the posts. As you're about to reach the bridge, you can hear heavy footfalls in the show behind you. Your grip around Frisk's hand tightens as they dig in their heels and you jerk to a stop.

"Wait," Frisk says again, tugging on you. 

The footsteps behind you stop. You're certain there's someone behind you, and even though you want to run you can't. Not with Frisk fighting you. You open your mouth to say something, but you're interrupted.

"H u m a n s.  D o n ' t  y o u  k n o w  h o w  t o  g r e e t  a  n e w  p a l?" The voice is low and quiet, you almost don't hear it. "T u r n  a r o u n d  a n d  s h a k e  m y  h a n d."

Taking advantage of your shock, Frisk pulls their hand free and turns around. Before you can register what's happening, the air fills with the wet sound of... a fart? If your heart wasn't pounding you might laugh at the absolute absurdity of whatever the hell is going on.

You turn, and Frisk is giggling at a grinning skeleton in a blue jacket. 

"heheh... the old whoopee cushion in the hand trick," he says, and his voice is different. Louder, friendlier, smooth and deep. "it's always funny."

After everything you probably shouldn't be surprised, but there is a skeleton. A skeleton shaking your baby's hand. You think your mouth might be hanging open.

The skeleton looks up at you —he's kind of short, his eyes are at collarbone level on you— two tiny pinpricks of light serving as pupils inside dark eye sockets. His grin never changes, but something makes you think he looks... confused for a second. "i'd say you two are humans, but are you sure you're not a froggit? you're gonna catch flies with your mouth hanging open like that, buddy."

You quickly close your mouth and swallow. Maybe you're blushing, because all of a sudden your cheeks feel warm and you're embarrassed. That was probably rude of you, gawking at him like that. You hope that the next time you see a new kind of monster you don't make a fool out of yourself.

"sorry if i scared you," he says with a shrug and lazy tilt of his head. "i'm sans, sans the skeleton. i'm actually supposed to be on watch for humans right now. but... you know... i don't really care about capturing anybody."


Frisk doesn't seem worried about that part. They give Sans a big smile. "I'm Frisk, and this is my Sissa." They take hold of your hand again.

"hmm, what's a sissa? sounds sorta silly," he says, drawing out the 's's like he's telling a joke. Maybe he is; it makes Frisk laugh at least.

"Sister. I'm their sister," you say, and the lie comes out naturally. You've been telling it for six years.

You don't know why, but Sans gives you an odd look before nodding. What reason could he possibly have to doubt you? Even though you are lying, you feel frustrated. "that's pretty cool, kiddo. i've got a brother, siblings are cool aren't they?"

Frisk gives an enthusiastic nod. 

"my brother papyrus, though... he's a bit of a human-hunting fanatic. i think he might actually be coming this way." Sans must notice the worried look on your face because he gives you a wink. Somehow. His skull is a lot more animated than you'd expect a skull to be, but that must be because he's not actually a human skeleton. He's a monster. They just don't play by the same rules. "don't worry though, buddy. he hasn't got a mean bone in his body. and i'll keep an eye socket out for you guys."

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