Would That Make You Happy?

Frisk is your child, the result of a teen pregnancy, but they've always been told that you're their older sister. In an effort to get away from your own abusive mother, the two of you end up falling into the Underground, where Sans is startled by this abrupt change in what had become a predictable pattern of events. Maybe your presence is what is needed to stop the endless cycle of Resets.

After many struggles, both internal and external, you and your found family reach the surface, only to face even more difficulties from the society you weren't sure you'd ever see again. You meet new friends and encounter people from your past, though for good or ill, you're not sure. Sometimes it's difficult to tell kindness from cunning.


25. A Lesson in Biology

You feel fingers carding through your hair, pulling it away from your face as you wake up. The mattress is sunken in beside you, where you know Sans is laying as he slowly eases you awake with his touch. He's being especially gentle with you this morning. A swell of affection makes your chest feel full. There's a familiar ache in your thighs, but there's also a dull pain low in your belly. You frown.

"you okay?" Sans asks, prompting you to blink your eyes open to look at him.

You reach down to rub your stomach, a tight cramping pain prickling down your thighs. Sans is watching you, his expression neutral but leaning towards concerned. He trails his hand along your arm, studying your face.

"I just feel a little uncomfortable, I think it's—" as you roll over onto your back, you feel a cold, wet sensation on your backside. Oh no. No, how could you forget? You should have known the second you felt the cramps. Rolling out of bed before Sans can even react, you toss aside the blanket to confirm your fears. There's a dark red blotch on the sheets, about the size of your palm. Now that you're out from underneath the covers, you can feel the unpleasant moisture against your thighs.

Flush with embarrassment and shame, you just stare at it a moment, frozen in place as you scramble to think of what to say.

"is that... blood?" Sans asks, sitting up and looking at you, his eyes falling to your legs. You fell asleep in just your underwear, and you can only watch as his eyes widen. "babe are you bleeding?"

"I'm sorry! I completely forgot—" you blurt out, turning away to fetch some clean clothes from the dresser.

"are you hurt?" Sans asks, and he must have teleported because he's taking hold of your waist and turning you towards him, worry written in the lines of his face.

"I'm fine it's just—" Your face is burning, and part of you just wants to curl up in a corner and hide.

His hands run down the outsides of your thighs, and he looks like he's not sure what he should do. The guilt on his face makes you forget your mortification for a moment. "i knew i was too rough with you last night. i know you said you liked it, but—"

"Oh my God, Sans I'm not injured!" you say, interrupting him before your face can get any hotter. You go back to the dresser, fetching a clean pair of underwear, some shorts, and a shirt from your drawer. (It's very domestic, you having your own drawer in Sans's room. He cleared out the space for you and everything, even letting you borrow a few more things to sleep in. Sometimes it still feels surreal.)

"but you're bleeding, there must be something wrong." Sans is hovering now. You see him out of the corner of your eye, keeping close like you might topple over at any moment. If you weren't so ashamed and embarrassed by this whole fiasco, you might think it was sweet. "what can i do? how do i help?" 

"No. This is normal, I just forgot it was time," you say, knowing you probably aren't making any sense. "It's a human thing, and, shit there's nothing here I can use."

"what do you mean this is normal?" he demands, sounding horrified. There's a slight crackle of magic in the air around him, and as you watch you see a flicker of blue in his left eye.

Pulling the oversized shirt on over your head, you tug it down around your knees and make your way towards the door. You need to get to the bathroom before you can do anything else. "I mean exactly what I said."

He follows you out into the hall as you shuffle to the bathroom. As you slip inside, you look back at him, his expression a warzone of confusion and concern. Feeling taken aback, you hesitate before closing the door.

"i-is there anything i can do to help?" he asks in a quiet voice.

"Get Frisk for me, please," you tell him, resisting the urge to shudder as you feel more moisture between your thighs. "You'll need to take them to the store."

"ok, no problem," he says, rushing off to do as you ask.

Closing the door and dumping your bundle of clothes on the counter, you hike your shirt up and settle down onto the toilet. You ball up your sodden underwear and put it on the floor, careful to keep the wet part off of the tile. You'd rather not have to clean blood off the floor. Finally feeling like you're somewhere safe for the moment, you lean your head on your arm, resting against the counter beside you.

Oh my God. Could this be any worse? Not only did you stain the sheets —and probably the mattress— but Sans seems to think that you're going to bleed to death. You're going to have to explain it to him. That'll be a fun conversation. How did you forget that it was time for your period? You suppose that falling into the Underground has something to do with it, and you've always been a little irregular. Maybe it's a fleeting hope, but you think you remember seeing some products at Snowdin's shop. You wonder if the monsters even understand what they're for. Most likely not, considering the eclectic collection that the shop seems to supply.

There's a soft knock on the door. You jerk the large shirt down to cover your knees, tenting over your front. "Come in," you say.

Frisk pokes their head inside, still dressed in their pajamas but alert. You wave them in, and you catch sight of Sans in the hallway as the door opens and shuts. He's pacing outside. You'll really need to explain this to him.

"Mom, is something wrong? Sans said you needed me but he wouldn't say why. I don't think he wanted to say anything in front of Papyrus and Undyne," Frisk says, glancing down at the stretched shirt clenched tight in your fingers. You thank heaven for small mercies. "Is your tummy hurting?"

"No, sweetie. But I need you to go with Sans to the store. Do you remember that talk we had when you found my tampons a few months ago?" You hadn't exactly expected to have to give Frisk 'the Talk' at the age of six, but you wanted to make sure you told them the truth. And you really wanted them to stop messing with your tampons. They're not exactly cheap.

Frisk nods, but doesn't say anything, looking a little uncomfortable.

"Good. I need you to try and find me tampons or pads at the store. Sans won't know what to look for so I need you to do it, okay?" You pray to whoever might be listening that you're remembering correctly, or you're not sure what you'll do for the next four days.

Frisk nods again, looking away from you. "Okay."

"Thanks, Frisk," you say, feeling a little relieved. This whole morning —all ten minutes of it— has been a bit of a trainwreck so far. "Can you tell Sans to come here for a second?"

"Okay." Frisk hurries out the door, leaving it cracked open as they speak to Sans.

Before you can even say anything, Sans has his arms around your shoulders, hugging you tightly. Then, just as suddenly, he lets you go and backs away. His cheekbones are blue and sweat dots the side of his skull. "are you sure this is normal? this doesn't make any sense, i thought humans only bleed when they're wounded," Sans blurts out, clenching and unclenching his fists. "losing blood can't be good for you, right?"

"Sans, I promise you, I'm fine. This happens all the time," you tell him, and though you feel bad for scaring him, you can't help the awkwardness of this whole situation. You're sitting on the toilet. "But Frisk knows what I need, so just take them to the store okay?"

Sans seems to hesitate, like he wants to believe you, but worries you're going to pass out the second he looks away. You haven't seen him fuss over you like this since after the fight with Undyne.

"I promise. I'm fine," you repeat, holding his gaze firm with your own.

"...is there anything else you want? something you don't need but might help?" Sans fidgets with his hands, then shoves them into his pockets.

As if on cue, a dull ache twists in your belly. You shift slightly, wincing. "Chocolate? Or maybe, something salty? Chips or something?"

Sans blinks. "junk food will help?"

"Well it won't hurt."

"then i'll get you junk food."

You're in the shower, letting the hot water rush over you when Sans and Frisk get back. You peek around the curtain as the door opens, and your poor, clueless boyfriend has his hands full of bags. He puts one set of them down on the floor, glancing up at you and looking a little overwhelmed. Now that you've calmed down, you really do feel bad for how worried he was earlier.

"frisk wasn't sure which ones you wanted? so we, uh, just got everything that seemed like what you needed," he says. 

"Thank you," you say, with all the appreciation you can muster. "Really, Sans. You've been a big help. I'm so sorry for scaring you."

Sans shakes his head and shrugs his shoulders. "i'll take the rest of this downstairs."

"Sans... how much food did you buy?" you say, eyeing the other set of bags. From what you can tell, there's quite an assortment of bagged snacks and candy.

His face turns a faint shade of blue, and he looks down at what he's carrying. "i realized i don't actually know what you like. so, i got a little bit of a few things."

You're not sure that Sans can get any sweeter. If you weren't in the shower you'd hug him. "Thank you, hun," you say, the endearment just slipping out without you realizing it.

Sans's eyes dart up to yours, brow bones raised in surprise. After a second to process what you said, his expression relaxes into a smile. "hun?"

You give a nervous laugh, fidgeting with the curtain between your fingers. "Yeah, you know. Short for 'honey' cuz you're so sweet?" Biting your lip, you don't wait for Sans to respond because all of a sudden you feel silly and unsure. "If you don't like it, I can just—"

"no, i like it," he says, reassuring you. "really."

"Okay." You offer him a relieved smile. "Um, I'll just be a few more minutes. Aren't... aren't you supposed to be working today?"

Sans shrugs. "i told pap and undyne you weren't feeling good, and that i was gonna stay home with you. they left a little bit ago, think they're doing more work on her house. they hope you feel better, by the way," he adds.

Sans leaves you to finish your shower, looking a lot more relaxed than he was when he came in. You're struck, again, by just how much Sans cares about you. You wonder if you'll ever get used to it. Any number of other guys —including Frisk's biological father— would have been absolutely disgusted at what happened. Just the mere mention of your period sent male acquaintances into horrified protests, making you afraid to even mention it in mixed company. Or at all. But even though he didn't understand it, Sans's first concern was your well-being.

You're not used to anyone putting you first.

Feeling clean and refreshed, you stow away your ample supply of tampons and pads under the sink and take a quick detour to put your dirty underwear with the laundry. Frisk catches you before you can head downstairs, glancing down into the living room where Sans is sitting on the couch. They bite their lip. You can tell that Frisk wants to tell you something, but isn't sure that they should.

"What is it?" you ask, gently encouraging them. You know if you try too hard that they'll just clam up, but if you don't say anything, they won't talk.

Frisk fidgets with the long sleeves of their sweater —pulled on over their pajamas, you can tell. They look down at their hands, then back up at you. When they speak, it's in a quiet, cautious voice. "Sans seemed really worried. The last time he was like that was when you got hurt. Are you okay?"

"Oh, sweetie, I'm fine," you say pulling them close against your stomach. Frisk's arms go around your waist, and you ignore the dull cramp of pain as they burrow their face against you. "He just didn't understand what was happening. That's all. But he's not worried anymore, right?"

Frisk seems a little unsure, but doesn't disagree. You stroke their hair as they pull away from you.

"Hop in the shower, we have stuff to do today, remember?" You lean down to press a kiss to their temple, and it speaks to how concerned they were that they let you without a fuss.

As Frisk goes into Papyrus's room to fetch clean clothes, you head downstairs. Sans meets your eyes as you reach the living room, holding out a hand for you to come to him. You were going to head to the kitchen, but you can't resist the look he's giving you. Slipping your hand into his, he pulls you down onto the couch next to him. He doesn't let go of your hand and puts his other arm around your shoulders, hugging you close. You settle against him, tucking your head against his jaw. If your wet hair bothers him he doesn't say so.

"are you still in pain?" he asks, squeezing your hand.

"It's fine. Nothing I'm not used to," you say.

"you should stay home today."

You can't help but laugh. "Sans, if I stayed home whenever I was on my period, I'd never get anything done. It's just a little bit of cramping, I'll manage."

He makes a disapproving noise that you can feel more than hear. "and this is normal for you?"

"Yes. Here, let me explain..."

With a little bit of awkward fumbling on your part, and polite attention on his, you manage to give a basic explanation of human biology. When you finish, he's silent for a little while, but you can't see his expression to try and gage his reaction. He's just running his fingers up and down your arm.

"and you go through all that every month?" he asks, his mood difficult to decipher from his even tone.

"Yes. From about thirteen until my fifties or so. It kind of depends."

"i'm not sure what else to say, other than can i get you some of that chocolate?"

You burst into laughter, wrapping your free arm around Sans's ribcage and giving him a hug. You tilt your face up to press a row of kisses along his jaw. "You're wonderful, hun."

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