Would That Make You Happy?

Frisk is your child, the result of a teen pregnancy, but they've always been told that you're their older sister. In an effort to get away from your own abusive mother, the two of you end up falling into the Underground, where Sans is startled by this abrupt change in what had become a predictable pattern of events. Maybe your presence is what is needed to stop the endless cycle of Resets.

After many struggles, both internal and external, you and your found family reach the surface, only to face even more difficulties from the society you weren't sure you'd ever see again. You meet new friends and encounter people from your past, though for good or ill, you're not sure. Sometimes it's difficult to tell kindness from cunning.


180. A Brighter Future

It’s morning by the time Deacon gets home.

Howard dealt with Jacobs, calling in some fellow officers that he trusts to arrest him and take him away. Deacon and Sans can’t be there for that, but your husband refused to leave without you, so they spent the hour’s worth of questioning hiding in the empty apartment next door.

During that time, stuck together, Deacon convinced Sans to tell him what happened before Frisk Loaded. How Grant was stabbed, and Deacon was shot and bleeding out, and finally that he had seen Sans die. That the girl, Fatima of all people, had killed him. He’s surprised that the skeleton didn’t seem more upset about it, that he’d actually spoken up and asked Morwenna what was going to happen to the twins.

“they’re just scared, broken kids. and i killed her brother,” he said, giving Deacon a tired look that made him seem so much older. They both had a long night, but Deacon can’t even imagine what it must have been like for Sans.

“After he stabbed Grant,” he protested weakly.

“avery took two kids and turned them into weapons. and if i never told you, you wouldn’t even know it happened. morwenna can handle them, don’t you think?”

Deacon rubbed his face, letting out a heavy sigh. “Fuck if I know. They need a proper parent, and I don’t know if she knows how to be that person.”

“she’s gotta be better than grant,” Sans said, fixing him with a somber look.

“Sure,” he said. He studied his face, a furrow forming between his brows. He wondered if he should ask Sans about why he said what he did to Morwenna about taking the twins. Why he told her that Grant shouldn’t be the one to do it. He felt vindicated, to hear Morwenna admit that what happened to him was a mistake, and he wondered if he should talk to her about it. Ask her why. But he didn’t say any of those things. He just let the topic fall flat. “So how’d you let yourself get killed by a seventeen-year-old?”

Sans huffed a humorless laugh, letting his head fall back against the wall behind him. They were both sitting on the floor, because it was their only option. “same way you let yourself get shot by a huge asshole: got distracted by seeing someone i begrudgingly care about get hurt pretty damn bad.”

“Begrudgingly? Ouch,” Deacon teased, making Sans roll his eyes. He chose to ignore the implication about Grant, the fact that he’d let his guard down because the man had been hurt. That it had shaken him enough to let himself almost get killed (might have ended up killing him, from the way Sans told it). A moment of silence passed between them, as whatever levity Deacon was feeling faded away. “Are you… okay? I mean, you died,which has got to be… Something that sticks with you.”

He had to think about it, which made him wonder if he just shouldn’t have asked. But finally Sans met his eyes again, his pupils small and dim. It took him a long time to realize that his eyes were the best way to judge his mood, and Deacon knew that dim wasn’t usually good. “dying didn’t bother me, it was thinking about everybody else having to cope with me being gone. i know what it felt like, seeing hope die, and thinking about her having to go through that…” He stared at Deacon for a moment, like he was debating over something. “i saw what it did to you. remind me when i’m in a better mood to make fun of you for it.”

Deacon’s mouth twitched, but he couldn’t bring himself to smile at the attempt at humor. “What did I do? You know, so I can appreciate the joke later.”

“i think it was something along the lines of, ‘sans, you son of a bitch, don’t you dare fucking die’.”

“Oh,” he said, which is retrospect wasn’t the most eloquent reaction. But how was he supposed to respond to something like that?

“you also called me an asshole when i asked you if you were ok after you got shot,” he said with a shrug. “so at least you’re consistent.”

“Well, to be fair, that’s a stupid question to ask someone who just got shot.”

Deacon pressed a hand over the spot where he’d felt that weird, sharp pain after what must have been the Load. What he knew was some kind of strange remnant of what had happened. Sans noticed it, his eyes flicked down to the movement and then back to Deacon’s face. “do you remember it at all? morwenna seemed to have an idea…”

Deacon shook his head. “No. And I think that’s because she’s a red mage. She sort of operates within that wavelength. Sort of.”

Sans just nodded.

It wasn’t long after that when the police finally left and he and Sans were able to rejoin you in Chris’s apartment. Morwenna called Howard a short while after that to let everyone know that Governor Williams had been in touch with the National Guard, and Captain Prasad was being ordered to immediately take control of the Line and to once again allow entry. A weary sigh of relief passed through the room, and everyone was ready to get home.

(Chris, understandably, was nervous about staying by himself with what had just happened, and you and Sans agreed he could go with you. At least until things settled down.)

And here Deacon is, at his house, only lingering long enough to grab his car keys and his phone. His phone has a handful of missed calls, all from Bo. It’s early, just before six in the morning, and god knows he hasn’t slept. But he can’t sleep. Not before he sees her.

He calls her after he pulls out of his driveway. She picks up on the second ring. “Deacon?” she says, and he hates that tremble in her voice. He scared her, he knew he did, and hearing the evidence in the way she says his name only makes him feel worse.

“I’m coming over right now,” he tells her with as much reassurance as he can.

“Where were you?” she demands, and he’s not overly fond of the anger in her tone either. But he’ll take whatever she has to give him, because he knows he’s earned it.

“I’ll tell you, I promise. I don’t want to do it over the phone. I just wanted you to know that I’m okay and I’m coming over.”


“I’m headed from the house, so I won’t be long,” he says, steadying the steering wheel with his elbow as he swaps the phone to his other hand so he can shift gears. Oh this is a dumb thing to do while running off of no sleep. “I’ll see you soon. I love you.”

“I love you too, Deacon. Stop talking while driving, you know it makes me nervous.”

“Sorry. I’ll hang up now.”

He knows he’s going to be in for it when he gets there, but he doesn’t care. Well, that’s not entirely true, but he doesn’t care enough for it to deter him. Seeing her, letting her know that he made it out unscathed and that they managed to get this whole mess righted again, that’s what’s important. Because he didn’t just do this for you and Sans, he did it for her. So that she could still see the world outside Ebott, and hopefully, one day, have all the freedom that he does. He wants to give her everything, because she deserves it all.

Finding out that he almost died, that everything he has could have ended tonight… it has him thinking about the future. His future, which he sincerely hopes has Bo in it. He wants that, he wants that life with her he never thought he’d have (or want) with anyone. He’s given her more than he’s ever given another person, because she’s the only one who’s ever wanted him for themselves. Though that skittish, still-damaged part of him shies away from the idea of committing fully to that future, he feels as though, with a bit more time, he’ll be ready to. And if nothing else, Bo has proven that she’s willing to be patient for him.

He wonders if Sans will make fun of him for asking how monsters propose. With him, it could honestly go either way.

But marriage is the last thing he needs to be worrying about right now. First things first, he has an angry girlfriend he needs to apologize to.

The door is unlocked when he gets to her apartment, so he lets himself in. She’s standing beside the kitchen counter, her arms crossed and dark circles under her eyes. But the frown eases off her face as she looks at him, her whole body relaxes and she goes to him as he closes the door, wrapping him up in her arms. She kisses him, hard, one hand cupping the back of his neck and holding him in place. As though he’d ever want to get away.

Deacon feels bruised when she finally pulls back, and yelps when she punches him in the chest a little harder than strictly necessary. “Hey,” he protests, rubbing the spot with his hand.

“Don’t you ‘hey’ me, Deacon Stuart!” she says, her snout scrunching up in frustration. “I came home after work and you weren’t here! No note, no call, nothing. And you wouldn’t answer your phone. I thought something happened to you at first, but no. No, then I realized that you’d gone to do something reckless and dangerous and I had no way of knowing if or when you’d be back! I thought you were going to tell me when the Literatum came up with a plan! You hid this from me!”

“I’m sorry,” he says softly. He reaches out to take hold of her arm and for a second he thinks she’s going to pull away, but she doesn’t. She goes to him in a weak embrace. “I just wanted to make sure this couldn’t come back to you if something bad happened. I wanted to protect you.”

“I don’t need your protection,” she says, and there’s hurt there in her wide blue eyes. “I need your trust. We’re in this together, and you have to remember that. You’re not alone anymore. So promise me that you won’t do this again.”

“Which part is ‘this’? The doing dangerous things, or doing dangerous things and lying about it?” he asks, and he does his best to give her a playful smile.

Bo rolls her eyes. “Ideally both, but I meant the second part. I know I can’t get you to promise not to do dangerous things to help people.”

“Well, it’s not exactly my favorite pastime,” he admits, and while he’d love to keep joking around, that glint in her eye tells him he needs to hurry up and do as she says. “Okay, okay. I promise. If I’m going to go run off to fight the bad guys, I’ll be sure to mention it first.”

“Deacon,” she says, exasperated, but whatever else she wants to say is lost as he pulls her closer, cupping her cheek so he can kiss her again.

“I’m sorry,” he says again. “I did it all wrong.”

“I forgive you,” she says, sealing her words with a kiss. “Now tell me what happened.”

He does. At least the parts he can tell without revealing Frisk’s secret. Because, as much as it frustrates him to not be honest with her, that one isn’t his to tell.

After you’re home and Frisk is in bed and Chris is set up in the guest room, Sans tells you everything. Knowing that you felt the echo of him dying, having him explain to you just what losing a spouse does to a Soul, you feel numb by the time he’s finished. It was sheer dumb luck that Frisk was able to save him, and you’d been so close to losing him forever.

You try not to dwell on that, but it’s difficult. You should sleep, you’re both exhausted, but instead you share your Souls, losing yourselves in each other for just a little while before letting the real world back in. Because you’ve each had enough of the real world and its problems, and you needeach other so badly after being kept apart.

After you’re both left even more tired than before, but satisfied and comforted, you sleep.

The coming months bring rapid-fire changes, for the better.

Chris stays with you for a few days while the news of Captain Jacobs’s actions spread and the National Guard speaks out against him. The media latches onto Jacobs and the majority of broadcasts focus on bashing him and his behavior in a head-spinning turnaround of public opinion. (Not that it’s a perfect change, the conservative stations barely touch the subject at all, and continue to raise questions about his possibly justifiable motivations while following orders as head of Ebott’s military installment.) Captain Prasad and her troops make a swift return much to everyone’s relief, and things quickly go back to how they used to be. At least while you’re waiting for new legislation to come down the pipeline.

And it is coming, albeit slower than you’d like, but with Governor Williams spearheading pro-monster legislation in light of Sans’s help in saving his family, you know he’s doing everything he can.

While you’re waiting, gradual changes happen with your family and friends.

Alphys and Undyne are able to have their big wedding on the beach, just like they wanted. Asgore and Toriel officiate the ceremony, just like they did for you and Sans, and the king has to fight back tears as he leads Undyne through her vows. Afterwards she teases him about it, but you catch her suspiciously rubbing her good eye and you think she’s just as touched as he is.

Mettaton bursts into tears halfway through the rite, flapping his hands uselessly as he fights to keep himself in check. Later you hear him gushing over how beautiful Alphys looked in her dress, and you think you hear him tell Undyne to take good care of her (as if she hadn’t been doing that already).

Frisk and Chris have semi-regular visits, though most of the time they spend together is on online multiplayer games with Asriel. It’s not very often, but often enough that Chris feels like he’s keeping in touch with everyone, and it doesn’t take long for you to start to see him become all the better for it. There’s little hints, each time you see him, that he’s starting to grow up. Not too much, he’ll always be the soft-hearted metalhead you remember (and you wouldn’t want that to change) but it’s enough to see him start to come into his own.

And Sans keeps his word, and buys him a brand new Gibson SG to replace the one broken over Jacobs’s head. Chris might have cried a little, though he’d hesitate to admit it.

There’s talk of Papyrus moving out of the house to be with Mettaton, but nothing concrete. He drops not-so-subtle hints around Sans, and when his older brother doesn’t say anything against it he seems encouraged, but you don’t think that Papyrus is quite ready to go yet. Not while things are still tenuous with the government. You both know that everyone is more comfortable having the whole family under one roof, at least for now. But one day, probably sooner rather than later, he’s going to move on.

Deacon is able to go back to work immediately following Captain Prasad’s return, once Toriel and Asgore learn what he and Sans did to help everyone. Asgore is less than pleased at being left out of the loop in regards to their plans, especially considering the fallout if it had gone poorly, but he thanks them for their effort. It isn’t long afterwards that the king meets the other Literatum, and a friendly understanding is formed between them.

Vanessa, who can’t go back to her job after discovering the Vigilum knew the entire time she was a spy, ends up moving to Ebott and getting a job working for Asgore. Her magic is particularly useful in handling political matters. Maria joins her a few months later.

Morwenna takes in Rashid and Fatima like she said she would, and though you’re not sure how to feel about the twins, Sans seems surprisingly concerned with their well-being. You and Deacon can’t quite decide if it’s suspicion or just his own good intentions motivating him, or some bizarre mix of both. After all, while Fatima had the capacity to kill him, she hadn’t in this timeline. And with Avery gone, the siblings seem to flourish.

The first few months are nerve-wracking, waiting to see if anything ever comes of Avery’s death, but so far nothing has. There’s a brief report in the news about him going missing, but no follow up. Whatever was done with his body, no one has found him (if there’s anything left to find). With a key antagonistic figure gone, the Vigilum seem uninterested in further provoking the monsters, at least as far as any of you can tell. If that was mostly Avery’s doing, or they’ve decided to bide their time, you’re not sure. You just know that you all can’t live your lives expecting the next shoe to drop.

So you don’t. You live your lives.

It’s six months, almost to the day, after Avery’s death that the monsters are finally granted full rights and citizenship. The Line remains in place, but no longer as a cage to keep monsters in. Instead it’s there to protect them, to maintain Ebott as a safe haven. But the curfew is lifted, and travel throughout the country is permitted to them all. You and Deacon immediately start planning a road trip for the following summer, when school is out and hopefully the attitudes towards monsters throughout the nation are improved.

But the first thing that you do, the day that the laws are passed, is go down to the courthouse to marry your husband. Legally, as far as the government is concerned.

You and Sans talked a lot about the fact that he’d need a last name once all of this finally passed, and when the time comes he ends up taking yours. You thought that maybe the two of you would come up with something new, like most of the other monsters. But instead he says that you should keep the name that you got from your father, and that he’d be happy to use it too. You hadn’t even considered that as a possibility, asking him to take your name, but the moment he suggests it you know that’s what you want to do. You’re sure that if your dad was still alive, that he’d be more than happy with it.

So you forego the ceremony, because as far as you’re concerned you married your husband almost a year ago, and a slip of paper isn’t going to change that. But now no one can deny that he’s your family.

And, with Chris’s full support and assistance, the paperwork is started for Sans to officially adopt Frisk. It takes some pressure, from all of you, but they can’t stop you. When all is finally said and done, Sans keeps copies of your marriage license and the adoption papers on him at all times, just in case. You wish you could say he was being paranoid, but you know he’s just being practical.

Things aren’t perfect. You don’t think they ever will be, because it isn’t in the nature of people to be perfect. But it’s getting better, your lives are happier, and you think that just might be good enough for you.

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