The human that is me ~make a character~



5. ~Sarah~

"... Sooooo... When's your nerdy computer thing gonna be finished?" The girl laughed, sliding down the wall and sitting with her back against it.

"Soon." Came the usually simple reply from Lexus.

"You said that... Lasssst time." She grinned, teasing the boy deliberately. Running a hand through her short hair. 

".... Please S... just... Go 'ker-chop' something with your axe... No? That's what you call it...? Right?"

"Aha, yeah... Buuuuuut this nerdy stuff is waaaaay more fun..." She laughed again, smiling. "Hey, cheer up Lexie."

"Hm, I'll try for you. No guarantees though." Lexus tilted a fake smile back her way.

"Same thing you said last time~"


~character file~

Full name: Sarah Mutual

Nickname: S (she almost always goes by this)

Age (date of birth, if necessary): 15

Skills (powers, If needed): amazing axe skills, can play any instrument, and can sing like a goddamn pro.

Looks: Boy-short, chestnut brown hair, dark brown, almost black eyes, freckles across nose and under eyes, wears green-grey glasses, bottom lip is full, top is thin an bowed, she's a little short, but not too much, average weight and large feet.

Main clothing: Grey shirt, neon orange pants, really torn up bright red shoes, and a marching had with a plume in it.

Interesting features (if any): She has a scar along her right ear. Sings her own theme songs whilst moving, talks to herself and is a complete optimist. Can be a tad evil. Understands a lot more than the others think she does. Can turn savage but is usually perky and quirky. Pretty odd. Is attracted to guys with long noses and/or guys with red hair.

Likes: birds, music, sparkly things, loud noises, yelling, singing, "ker-chop"ping things with her axe.

Dislikes: the usual things/people that annoy others.

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