The human that is me ~make a character~



3. ~Melklll~

"TURKEY?!" Screamed the girl, whilst laughing. She looked seemingly older than the boy in the room, but who could tell? She didn't act like it.

"No, chicken." The boy replied in a serious voice, holding the fleeting bird gently to his chest, in attempt to keep it out of reach of the girl. 

"Not.... Turkey?" She retorted with a sad face, her hair bangs falling in front of her rimmed glasses, which she pushed behind her ear, exposing her orange eyes. 

"No, It's a cockerel... To be precise."

"Ew, chicken." The girl giggled before laying on the floor and rolling around a little. She wore a black T-shirt only holding a green question mark, along with baggy pants and blue sneakers. Her jean jacket over on the other side of the room.

The boy sighed, throwing her a laser Pointer, which she caught and began to play with, before looking back down at his computer.

"It's almost time Mel... Get prepared."


~Character file~

Name: Melklll StraNGe

Age: Who knows?

Skills: So far, none. Rolling around in circles screaming turkey. Annoying Lexus, clearly.

Looks: Orange eyes and delicate rimmed glasses. Olive-toned skin.

Clothes: A black T-shirt with a green question mark imprinted on it. Baggy pants, blue sneakers and a jean jacket.

Likes: laser pointers, circles, the word 'Turkey' and who knows what else.

Dislikes: fish, bad smells, triangles and other stuff... Aka, Lexus when he's angry.


-Side character file-

Name: Hetare (Which literally translates to: 'good for nothing')

~He is Lexus' pet cockerel, Lexus takes him everywhere, and he is... Well... Good for nothing. But Lexus still loves him!~

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