The human that is me ~make a character~



6. ~Lauren~

"Can you... Re-explain why I'm here for me? I didn't quite catch the part about sitting around being bored came in."

"You're here because you signed up to waste away your life. Clearly Lauren."

"Please don't call me that." The girl sighed in a dramatic kind of way, looking around the bland room through her bangs. "I don't remember signing away my life and giving it to you."

"Well here you are, sold your soul to me as they say. Now. About that bow and arrow you requested."


~character file~

Full name: Lauren Jane (She holds no last name)

Nickname: Lozz

Age (date of birth, if necessary): 15

Skills (powers, If needed): Using a bow and arrow is her speciality. When magical stuff starts happening she will be able to sing dead things/people back to life.

Looks: Quite short, with long jet black hair and bangs that cover her emerald green eyes. Tan skin.

Main clothing: Black sleeveless shirt with red and black striped socks, black jean shorts and some what clown-like shoes.

Interesting features (if any): Whilst in-game and magical stuff happens, she'll have the ability to summon a dead clown that follows her every command when she sings to herself.

Likes: music, specifically dead birds and silence.

Dislikes: many of the people around her and annoying creatures, e.g. Mosquitoes.

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