The human that is me ~make a character~



4. ~Jake-Lucas~

"Hey... Dude. Lexus. Bro. Heeeeeyyyy Lexie, Lexie. LEXIE!" It took a matter of three whole minutes of yelling to get Lexus' attention, the older looking boy having to wave his hand in front of the other's face to catch his eye.

"What?" Came an irritable reply from Lexus,

"Quit ignoring meeeee..." Whined the other. He seemed ordinary enough, brown hair and black nerdy type glasses, a dramatically bored expression on his face as he stuck his tongue out at the other.

"How abouuuuut... No. Entertain yourself Morris."

And so it goes on.


"Hetare. Down. Jake isn't a pecking stand."


~character file~

Full name: Jake Lucas Morris

Nickname: Jakey

Age (date of birth, if necessary): 17

Skills (powers, If needed): creative and athletic.

Looks: Some kind of 'cool' nerd

Main clothing: white top, black jeans.

Interesting features (if any): there is a small mole/freckle to the left, on his upper lip.

Likes: Jaffa cakes... Duh. (Ayyye Tis an English thing, it's like... A small cake with orange jelly and chocolate, you can't not like them XD)

Dislikes: Being ignored.

Anything else that I need to know: He just-so-happens to be Lexus' roommate.

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