The human that is me ~make a character~



1. ~create a character~

You step into a room, there sits alone a young boy, around seventeen, his computer on the floor in front of him. He wears a hoodie that falls halfway down one of his arms, his bare shoulder exposed and he looks up at you seriously, before flashing a grin.

"I wasn't expecting you so early!" He chuckles, brushing a strand of black hair out of his eyes. "I kinda lost your form... Mind filling it out again for me?" He holds up a couple of pages which you take with a small shake of your head, sitting down on a chair to wait. The paper reads almost as exact:

Full name:


Age (date of birth, if necessary):

Skills (powers, If needed):


Main clothing:

Interesting features (if any):



Anything else that I need to know:

Thanks a bunch! ~Lexus Peters.


Hey guys! It's Juu/Tuna/Green/Jen here! Call me what you wish, I should explain.

Anyone can create a character. You reading this, can create one, post your form just in the comments section! Your character shall immediately be taken in, I'll give them an awesome intro, and they'll be in my story: 'The human that is me.' 

If creating characters is not really your thing, then you can suggest a character from something already existing, (examples: Tokyo ghoul, my little monster, homestuck etc.) though I will need you to specify what they're from, etc, so that I can get the personality correct. Credit will be given to you for your character, so go crazy! 

Thanks a bunch! ~ Juu.

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