The Valkyrie War (Act 2)

With war officially declared on Merope, the tension between the humans and the kree is greater than ever, with Amelia and Ellisia stuck in the middle of it all. They promised to stay together no matter what and without any secrets, but as more secrets are revealed, the pressure mounts and when King James starts his plan in motion, they will find that it's not as easy as they had hoped. With the battle lines forming and sides being chosen, will the two ever have the happy, quiet life they so desire? Or will their differences be far too great to handle and force them to turn against each other? Don't miss the epic second act and conclusion to this beautifully tragic love story, of the star-crossed lovers, born from different worlds.


9. Afterword

Hello everyone, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for making it all the way to the end of my story. I hope the story was satisfactory and that I was able to give it an ending that was happy, despite the tragedy tag. The Epilogue is meant to show that even if Elli and Amelia are gone, their lights live on in their child. The beauty of this being Sci-Fi, is that with the high tech alien technology and techniques available, two women having a biologically related child isn't very far-fetched. Ultimately, I just wanted to show that for every ending, there is a new beginning and I have no doubt that Amellisia, will grow up well in her mothers' images. So, once again, thank you for reading and your support all this time. Until the next time,

Tanique Adams (Literary Scribe Tanique)

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