Don't mess with Fangirls

Everyone loves the Harry Potter series. (If you don't get out. Now) Well, these two twins were especially obsessed, but sadly, it's fiction, fantasy, the opposite of a documentary. Or is it. While playing with their so called "fake" time turner, they travel back in time, far enough to save everyone. But what happens if they do? Will time crush itself? Will there be a wrinkle in time? Heaven and Hope will just have to try and fix the what seems like the unfixable.


3. Skipping time.....

((OKay skipping just a bit of time here. Heaven and Hope sent the letter to Albus Dumbledore and are waiting to see what he will say. This is in Dumbledore's perspective))

A small, snowy owl came flying through the window of my office as I looked through a few pictures of the Order of the Phoenix. It dropped an envelope on my desk, which i picked up.

"Harry? Hm." I wondered. I opened the letter and a small sheet of folded paper fell out. It read:


Dear Professor Dumbledore,

My name is Heaven, (and my twin sister Hope is sitting right next to me) and we are both 12, Harry's age. We both know about witches and wizards, but most importantly, we have a time turner. Long story short we come from the future, about ten years or so into the future. Either way, we did not know the time turner was real, so we spun it for fun, and ended up in the past. We know everything about the future, and need to speak with you immediately. 

Thank you, 

xHeaven and Hope Star


Everything? I thought. I need to call them in right away. And i need to get Severus in here. 

"Phaux, get Severus for me, please. We must speak." I asked Phaux, stroking his head. He cawed and few off.  

"Time turner, everything. This could either be their way of playing a prank, or this could turn out more serious then i thought." I said to myself, contemplating whether or not this was real or not. 

A few minutes later, Severus strode in. 

"You needed me, Professor?"

"Yes, indeed Severus. Read this, and tell me what is wrong with it."

He quickly read it, his eyes scanning every word, and looked up.

"How do you know this isn't some way of a student playing a prank? The Weasley's, perhaps." He asked.

"Because Harry would never lend Hedwig to some mischief making student. And, even if it is, we still must take precaution. Also, how would the children know about Hogwarts when they are 12 years old but have never come. They would have gotten the letter, but because they're from the future, they didn't get it even though they are of the age to come." I said, proving my point.

"I see, but how are we going to get them over here. I highly doubt those muggles know they used Harry's owl." 

"Yes, i was going to get Hagrid to get the two. They'll come to hogwarts, and we'll need living arrangements for the two seeing as they're the only ones that came with the time-turner."

"Yes. Should i get Hagrid, Headmaster?"

"No no, I will. Thank you Severus. You may leave now."

((Sorry these are so short! I hope you're enjoying the book! They'll get longer soon! once they gets to Hogwarts!))

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