Don't mess with Fangirls

Everyone loves the Harry Potter series. (If you don't get out. Now) Well, these two twins were especially obsessed, but sadly, it's fiction, fantasy, the opposite of a documentary. Or is it. While playing with their so called "fake" time turner, they travel back in time, far enough to save everyone. But what happens if they do? Will time crush itself? Will there be a wrinkle in time? Heaven and Hope will just have to try and fix the what seems like the unfixable.


6. Living in a shed

Hey guys, thank you so much for reading and waiting for this next chapter to come out! I've had major writer's block (I'm pretty sure at least some of you can relate), but i've got it know and will be updating more frequently. Oh, and one more thing, I would highly appreciate it if you commented about my story! Tell me what I can improve on and stuff like that. I want to improve my writing and how better to do that then to ask for help from my glorious readers! 

X- fredforlife


They ended up sleeping in Harry's shed (without the Dursley's knowing, of course.) They were sure Dumbledore or someone would do something, but until then, they were completely out of sight. No one but Harry knew where exactly they were staying. He would sneak them some food now and then, or Hope (even though Heaven highly suggested against it) would sneak into their kitchen when they were out. 

It was summer, and the shed provided shade, so the temperature didn't really matter much, and they had enough food, it was going to that bathroom that was a real pain in the arse. 

"Um, Hope?"


"I have to pee. Really badly."



"Jeez, we didn't think of that. Um, are the Dursley's home?" 

"No. They left an hour ago to go to a carnival. I told you that." 

"Oh really? Sorry, I wasn't listening." 

"We can just go into the house, grab some food and go to the bathroom. They shouldn't be back already."

"Hopefully. But we have to hurry, and make sure no one sees us."

"Right, okay let's go." Hope and Heaven quickly and quietly exited the shed, and Hope went to get the key out of the mailbox. 

"Got it?" Heaven asked.


"Good, let's go." They snuck in through the back door, making sure to lock it behind them. Heaven skipped up the stairs to the bathroom as Hope stayed down in the kitchen to swipe a couple pieces of food. As Heaven hopped down the stairs and turned into the kitchen, She saw Hope chowing down on a sliver of chocolate cake. 

"HOPE!!!" She yelled. She jumped, startled.

"What?" Hope asked with a mouth full of cake.

"What do you think you are doing?! They'll see the dish in the sink and you know dudley will notice that tiny piece missing! Are you serious right now?!" 


"Sorry?! Do you know what could happen if we're caught!"

"I know, it was stupid, but have you tasted this cake?! It's AMAZING!" She cried. 

"Fine, fine, but take the plate and the fork with you. They can't see it. Then, we sneak it back in later."

"Alright. I have some food in here, and i'm 99% sure that they won't notice." 

"Okay, quickly, Hope, let's go before they get back."

"Kay. I'll put the key back and bring the pack to the shed. i'll meet you in the shed."

"Alright, be quick." Heaven said, and went to the shed as Hope went to the front. Heaven opened up the shed and froze.

"Heaven! Heaven you'll never believe who's in the front yard! Um, Heaven?" She asked. Her sister was still frozen.

"Heaven what's wrong?" She asked, and then she saw it.

"Oh my..."

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