1. chapter 1

I was honestly giving it my best effort. It is just very difficult to pack for a 3 month vacation in 15 minutes. Gemma was downstairs, waiting for me as usual. She would occasionally shout out words of encouragement, or time updates.

We were going to Arizona to visit our grandparents. Our parents had already left, they told us they had something they needed to do for work. They had given us plane tickets and $200 to pay for a train to take us to the airport, and for any food we may want.

Gemma was starting to get nervous. The last train that would make it in time for our flight was leaving in 30 minutes, and it took about 15 minutes to walk there. Now I had about 10 minutes.

Gemma came running upstairs to help me throw things in my suitcase.

"Hurry!" She said, frantically searching through my closet for anything that I might need. "We are running out of time!"

At this point, there was no logic in what I was putting in my bag. There was no time for lists, we just had to get it done.

That fact was probably difficult for Gemma. Gemma was a perfectionist. And she went all out. She worked in lists and numbers, and was able to plan out a schedule in her head. I was good at executing things and getting them done. I can't manage my time very well, but if something needs to get done, I am able to get it done. That is why Gemma and I are so perfect for each other. Gemma will spend all of her time planning things out, but she will never actually do the things she is planning. That's where I come in. She will do the planning, and I will execute it. That way we are able to get everything done. We have done everything together for as long as I can remember. We don't even remember how we met each other in the first place.

We were both adopted into this family, and we had been in an orphanage for our entire lives before that. I am not even sure if we are related, the doctors could never tell. But we have been best friends forever, and we wouldn't let anybody adopt us unless both of us could go.

In a way, Gemma was my ticket out of that terrible orphanage. Everybody wanted her, even after she turned 15. When we were kids, everybody would always want Gemma. She had tons of opportunities to get out of the orphanage and have a real family. But she always stayed with me. Whenever the parents came and started talking about Gemma, Gemma would tell them that they couldn't have her unless they took me as well. And that was the worst part. After she said that, every time, the parents would just walk out and go home. The couples would rather have no children than have me.

Although, a few times the parents actually accepted and ended up adoptions us from our torture chambers. We were just glad to be out of there. We did not care if the family was rude or kind, we just wanted out. But every time, after the first week or two, we would always end up in the same place: back into the lab, strapped to those terrible tables.

At first we did not know why they would never keep us for long, but one day we decided to go exploring and we found out.

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