Herd Life

Celestia is a growing filly within the herd, as she and many ponies struggle to just survive in their primitive times. Upheaval is soon to come, as new ideas clash with the old, when Celestia's parents join together in their struggle to move ponies into a new and unknown future, amid the dawning of the pony nation.
Contains: Stallion on Mare mating and impregnation. With lovemaking and experimentation later.
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33. Chapter 33

Author's Note:

My normal editor Peers, had some personal problems that delayed him from looking at the chapter. videomaster21xx was kind enough to jump in and help edit. Lets all give him thanks for his generous help.

Trigger Warning for Mustard/Morning haters. Don't read the third part of this Chap. Everyone else. Enjoy.

Starless felt totally exhausted. She used too much magic during the rescue and she barely had the strength to make it back to the dirt ponies campsite.

Soaking wet and chilled to the bone, Starless entered her sleeping chamber and was surprised to find it empty. Did those two low bloods somehow find the courage to run off? She wondered. Letting out a weary sigh, Starless put them out of her mind and crossed over to her mat to lay down.

The sound of something just behind her made her turn to look back, and she was surprised to find Ground Pound standing just inside the opening to her chamber.

"Oh! I didn’t know you were there!?" Starless exclaimed, wondering how he had gotten behind her without her noticing.

Ground stepped closer, his eyes gazing down at her with a strange intensity. "I came to tell you how impressed I was with you. Without you there to help us, we wouldn't have been able to save those stallions."

"I ah..." Starless felt her face flushing as she struggled to meet Ground's gaze. He was standing so close to her she couldn't help but smell his strong earthy scent as she craned her neck to look up at him. Why did these dirt pony stallions have to be so darn big! "You're ah... standing a bit close to me."

"Am I?" Ground asked with an amused rumble. He then surprised her when he leaned his muzzle down to her mane to get a full-whiff of her scent with a slow deep breath.

Starless’s heart started hammering in her chest in sudden alarm when she realized that she was totally alone with a stallion! Backing away from him, she felt her rump press up against the stone boulder that made up the backside of her chamber. Her gut twisted in fear. She was trapped! Her body started to shiver as she looked up at the hulking form of the stallion looming over her.

Lifting his huge, scruffy-looking hoof, Ground slowly brushed it along her cheek and neck with an oddly tender caress that filled her with strange feelings that confused and frightened her. She'd never had a stallion make her feel like this before! "Ground... I..."

Ground’s lips suddenly mashed up against hers as he forcefully kissed her. Starless was shocked at his sudden assault on her lips, his tongue forced its way into her mouth as her mind suddenly went blank. She struggled to control the flood of intense sensations that was threatening to overwhelm her.

Against her will, her body began to respond to the stallion’s strong embrace as her mouth opened a little wider to allow him to delve in more deeply. The taste of him was strong to her delicate senses, and his large tongue was pleasantly soft against hers as she lightly teased her tongue around his.

Starless lost herself as she swooned in the stallion’s powerful grasp, letting out a surprisingly pleased moan into his mouth. She felt a sense of disappointment when Ground finally broke his lips from hers with a wet pop. He looked down at her as he smiled and licked the taste of her off his muzzle.

Blinking up at Ground, Starless struggled to catch her breath. Her lips felt bruised and her heart seemed like it was doing its best to climb out of her chest. Things were happening too fast and her thoughts were a complete mess! Reacting from the desperate need to regain some control of the situation, Starless summoned her magic and attempted to shove Ground away as hard as she could. With a shrug of his great muscular shoulders, Ground easily broke her efforts with his simple brutish strength.

Starless gasped and nearly sagged to the ground as her effort failed. He was too much for her! She was too weak to hold him back! "Ground please. You're... scaring me."

"Shhh... There's no reason to be frightened," Ground whispered softly into her ear. "I would never hurt you."

Starless had never felt so totally helpless as Ground slowly kissed and nipped her affectionately along her neck. "Please... Ground. Don’t...."

Ground didn't seem to hear her as he moved up to nibble on the edge of her sensitive ear. Starless let out a surprised moan as she felt her legs grow weak from his tender ministrations. She couldn't help but close her eyes as her will weakened. She couldn't fight him, he was just too strong. Ground was a mountain she couldn't fight against.

With her breath heaving in her chest, Starless felt herself slowly giving in and surrendering. Becoming his mare to do with as he pleased.

"Please..." Starless begged. Never before had a stallion ever made her feel so weak and helpless. This feeling was new to her and she was surprised to find how much she enjoyed it. A wetness started to run down her hind legs and soon the small chamber was filled with the scent of her desires as it dripped freely to the ground. "I've... never..." her chest heaved in fright as Ground moved in on her, his breath hot on her face as he gave her a deep needful nicker.

"Don't be afraid, my little mare." Ground said with a pleased rumble in his great chest. Softly, he nuzzled at her neck as he loomed over her smaller body.

Starless whimpered as she struggled with herself. She knew that he was right. She did want this. Her marehood throbbed with the need to be taken by the strong stallion.

As Ground nipped her along her withers, Starless pressed her muzzle into his strong neck and filled her nose with his heavy earthy scent. There was something about the smell of him that excited her. Prancing in place with her intense need, Starless felt her tail lifting high as her burning marehood throbbed, growing slick with her sweet juices.

Her body shivered under Ground's sensual caresses as he continued to kiss and nip his way along her body and over her flanks. Below his body, Starless caught sight of his fully erect stallionhood. She couldn't believe the size of it! It was fully half as long as her entire leg! Was there nothing small about these dirt ponies!? The sight of it sent an excited thrill through her and she had a strong desire to touch it, to feel it, and perhaps to even... taste it!

Gathering her courage, Starless reached her head down and carefully sniffed at his stiffened shaft. A strong musky scent filled her senses and sent her mind spinning. Feeling braver, Starless eagerly reached her tongue out and lapped it along his impressive length and she was amazed at how soft and warm it felt to her tongue.

Opening her mouth wide, she hungrily took his shaft into her mouth to run her sensitive tongue along the stiffened ridge that ran around his flattened tip, Starless felt it twitch as Ground let out a pleased groan at her actions.

Behind her, Starless felt Ground shove his muzzle under her tail. Arching her back in anticipation, she felt his hot breath on her marehood as his tongue slowly began to work its way into her. With a moan, Starless reluctantly released Ground’s stallionhood so she could focus on what was happening to her.

Closing her eyes, she gasped for breath as Ground worked his way ever deeper into her marehood. The intensity of what she was experiencing was overwhelming and Starless had to bite her lip to keep herself from screaming. Who knew that a stallions tongue could feel so good!?

Deeper and deeper, Ground worked himself into her sensitive marehood, sending jolts of pleasure shooting throughout her body as he sought out her sweet nectar. Starless felt her knees grow wobbly and her breath raced as she struggled to just keep standing. A strange pressure began to build deep inside her as Ground delved into her untouched depths, his long soft tongue exploring all her sensuously hidden places.

Starless locked her legs as best she could but was unsure how long she could keep herself from collapsing to the ground. Her tongue lolled down as she desperately huffed for breath. The pressure inside her was growing unbearable as her front legs finally gave out, with her chest collapsing down to the ground. With a final deep lick of Ground's magical tongue, Starless cried out in pure bliss as the pressure finally rolled over her as waves of pure pleasure slammed through her body!

Starless came awake with a gasp. Her marehood clamping down and rippling in orgasmic ecstasy that caused her to dig her hoof across the grass-mat she had been sleeping on. Letting out a suppressed moan, Starless bore through the relentless waves of pleasure that wracked her body. A dream! She had been dreaming! Nearby, she could hear the quiet snores of the two low blood unicorns as they slept peacefully on their own mats.

Behind her, she could feel her sodden tail sticking to the wetness that had soaked her marehood and legs. This wasn't the first time she had one of these types of dreams, but never before had she had one quite as powerful as this one had been. Why did she dream of that doofus Ground!? She wailed to herself. Why couldn't it have been Dark!?

"Umm... are you alright?" a hesitant voice suddenly asked with a note of concern.

Starless's eyes shot wide! She knew that voice! The waves of orgasmic pleasure that still rocked through her body were diminishing, but she still needed several long moments to recover herself.

Across the room, the familiar green coated Stallion stood with a small bundle of sticks and branches held in the crook of his leg. Next to him, a small fire that had been set was burning with a warm light that cast his shadow across the chamber. He was looking right at her with an oddly worried look.

"Ground! Huff... W-what are you... huff... doing here!?" Starless exclaimed. She felt her cheeks burn so hot it was like she had stuck her face right into the fire!

"I wanted to make sure your fire didn't go out," he answered. "You were soaking wet when you came back and I was... well, worried that you may catch a chill."

Starless was surprised that he was so concerned with her well-being. She would have thought that he would have still been angry with her, especially after she dropped him the last few pony lengths into the mud when she lifted him down from the slide.

"You look like you're in pain. Do you want me to get you something?"

Starless quickly shook her head. "No! huff... I ah... am fine! Huff... T-thank you for the fire Huff... I just ah... huff... had a bad dream that's all. Huff..." Starless almost groaned in frustration. How long was this going to last!?

Ground dropped his bundle next to the fire and took a few steps closer. "Are you sure? I can get you some water if you'd like?"

"No!" Starless exclaimed in a panic. If he got too close to her he would surely smell her! "I'm fine! huff... Really!" She assured him quickly. "I'm ah, huff... really tired right now and huff... I would like to get some sleep. Huff... Thank you. You can go now."

Ground hesitated. "Okay. I'll ah... go. But before that. You're beddings all wrinkled up under you. How about I help you straighten it out."

Starless nearly screamed in mortification as Ground stepped even closer! Why wouldn't he just go!? "I can fix it myself! Just get out!" Lashing out with her magic, Starless snatched Ground up and quickly hurled him right out of her chamber!

Nearby, the two low bloods, who had awoken during the exchange, giggled together as they hid their amused smiles. Letting out an irritated sigh, Starless rolled herself over to wallow in her embarrassment as her quivering marehood finally settled down to a pleasant warmth.

With a mortified moan Starless hid her head under her hooves. Why did she have to have that kind of dream about that scruffy, green coated, oversized lummox!?

Outside the unicorns chamber, Ground groaned as he lay upside down with his back against another boulder. Blinking across to the opening that Starless had just thrown him out of, Ground blew his black mane out of his eyes as he wondered what he had done wrong?


The next morning, Dark told all the ponies to rest and enjoy themselves for the day. They would be heading back home the following day. Gravel Biter talked with his herd and they all agreed to come with them back to their home to settle down. In front of every pony, Gravel Biter passed over his leadership of his small herd to Dark, who accepted as the crowd of ponies all began to cheer.

Ash hesitantly walked up to Dark, "Papa?"

"Yes?" Dark answered, looking up from his meal. He had been busy for most of the morning and as ponies settled down for a afternoon meal, Dark finally found the time to see to his own needs.

Ash sat down. His gut was twisting with apprehension. "Papa. Why haven't you ever asked me about what happened with the hydra?"

Dark gazed down at the colt, his eyes considering the colt thoughtfully. "I figured you would tell me when you were ready."

Ash took a breath and let it out nervously. He had been wanting to talk to him about what really happened, but now that he was standing before Dark, he found it harder than he thought. Gathering his courage, Ash pressed on. "I... I think I'm ready."

Ash thought about where to begin. "There were times when I felt something deep inside me. A kind of... magic," Ash started to explain. "I felt it first when I jumped into the river to save Pine Blossom, and later when Dusty and I faced the manticore. It's a strength that rises up in me from my will to save others. When I saw you laying there on the ground with the hydra over you, I couldn't hold myself back and I had to do something. The magic inside me rose like a raging thunderstorm and I threw the hydra back with the power." Ash started to shiver from the memory. “I felt like I could do anything. That nothing could stop me.”

Dark listened attentively, his expression completely unreadable.

"After it was all over, and I was asleep. A part of me... was somewhere else," Ash continued. "I'm not sure where it was, but there were... others there as well."

"Others?" Dark asked.

Ash shook his head. "They looked like ponies but... they weren't. One of them looked like a filly, and she took me places to play. Her name was Cherished Fellowship and she was really nice, and we became friends. Her older sister was a really, really pretty silver mare named Bountiful Wellspring. And there was also a golden stallion named Eternal Age. He was very serious and hardly ever smiled. They took me to a strange forest of trees made of crystals and told me some things."

"What things did they tell you?" Dark asked, looking down at him with interest.

"They told me that I was special, that I possessed something they called the Element of Guardianship," Ash answered. "They told me that there were others who were special like me who would need my help, and that someday there would be a war.”

Dark looked suddenly troubled at Ash's revelation. His eyes grew concerned.

"Papa? What is a war?" Ash asked.

Dark looked out over the valley and took in the grass filled fields that waved in the gentle winds that blew down from the still snow-capped peaks. "When two herds come together, sometimes they're not so friendly with each other. Occasionally stallions would steal mares from the other herd, or they would argue over a resource they both wanted, like water or grazing lands, and fights would break out between ponies. A few rare times, entire herds would attack one another. When that happens, when ponies fight and kill each other. That is what is called war." Dark looked down at Ash. "Did... did these others tell you who this enemy was?"

Ash slowly nodded. "Yes. They showed it to me. It was... horrible. It was filled with darkness and absolute madness. I could feel it's hate for every living thing." Ash shivered at the memory. "It wants nothing but to destroy everything, everywhere, until there is nothing left."

Dark looked troubled as he sat quietly for a long while. Ash remained silent as he waited. He was worried at how Dark would react to his story, that he would think that he was just making it all up.

"Ash, I want you to promise me something," Dark finally said, breaking the long silence. "Promise me that you won't let this thing win. That you will protect our family."

Ash smiled up at Dark in relief. "I promise Papa."

"Good." Dark smiled back down at him and reached out a hoof to ruffle Ash's mane. “Did they tell you anymore about these other special ponies?”

Ash nodded. “Yes. They told me of one they called the bearer of the Element of Light.”


Despite Dark's order that every pony was to rest for the day, a group of ponies had gone out to gather blackberries from a large patch that had been discovered further up in the valley. Grass Stem even wanted to dig up a few of the bushes to try and take them back with them.

Mustard was tired of being cooped up in the mares sleeping chamber and decided to go along, hoping that a bit of work in the good mountain air would help to clear her mind, and walking seemed to help loosen her cramps. It didn't help that when it became known that she was going, several of the younger stallions decided to come along as well, including Morning.

Mustard was a little miffed at Morning. He had been avoiding her since her heat had started and refused to even talk to her. "Why is he being so difficult!? Sometimes I just want to scream!" She snapped, setting her full basket to the side to start filling another empty one.

"You can't blame him," Dusty replied. "A lot has happened to him."

"A lot has happened to me too, but that's not stopping me from wanting to talk to him."

"You just handle things differently. That's all," Sky added, hovering over the blackberry patch, picking the berries that ponies couldn't reach. "Morning's just more sensitive than you. "

"What do you mean by that!?" Mustard snapped. "I'm plenty sensitive! He's just being a foal about all this."

Dusty and Sky both snickered. "Mustard. You're sweet but your sensitivity is a bit... ruff at times." Sky said. "You're very much like the mustard plant really. You don't let things get you down."

Mustard let out a sigh. "How do I talk to him when he won't even listen? Every time I try, he says that he needs to do something and runs off."

"Well... we could jump him and just tie him up," Dusty offered. "He'd have to listen then."

Mustard snorted. That did sound like an interesting idea.

Suddenly there was a loud neigh of outrage and Mustard felt her rump get shoved hard to the side, nearly causing her to fall over! Staggering around, Mustard gaped around at what had happened! Just behind her Grass Stem and Morning were rearing up and flailing their hooves at each other as they viciously fought. Mustard couldn't believe what she was seeing!

Lunging forward, Morning snapped his jaws at Grass, nearly catching the stallion in his throat. Lashing out quickly with his hoof, Grass Stem struck Morning painfully in the side of his muzzle. Shaking his head to clear it, Morning let out enraged whinny and charged into Grass Stem, knocking him back before bucking a hoof into the stallion's side.

Ponies were gathering now to watch the two stallions battle it out. Mustard was appalled at what was happening! Why were they fighting!? The two stuck and bit at one another with wild fury, already blood was seeping from various wounds the two combatants inflicted on each other.

"Morning! Grass! What's gotten into you two!?" Mustard exclaimed. "Stop fighting right now!"

The two stallions either didn't hear her or just ignored her as they continued to fight.

"I saw you!" Morning shouted at his opponent. "I saw you eyeing her the entire way out here and just now you sniffed at her when she wasn't looking!"

"So what if I did!?" Grass snapped back. "It's not like she's yours or anything. She's a free mare. If you're not stallion enough to claim her then stand aside and let others have their chance!"

"I'll kill you before I let you touch her!" Morning roared back before lunging forward to strike at Grass Stem.

Mustard was already moving. She dashed forward to try and stop the two dueling stallions. "The both of you, stop it right now!"

Morning was shoved back by Grass Stem who had just managed to duck a blow to his head. Digging in his hooves, Morning wildly lashed out and struck at Grass Stem, but instead, he gave Mustard a glancing blow to the side of her head as she moved in to break them apart.

Crying out in pain, Mustard staggered back and fell back onto her rump. Her head spun from the clout she had received.

"Mustard!" Sky cried out in alarm. Dashing in, she and Dusty circled around Morning to check on her.

Morning gaped at Mustard in abhorrence at what he had done. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I didn't mean!..."

Morning stepped closer but Dusty quickly blocked his way. "I think you've done enough!" Dusty growled at Morning.

Morning's eyes were wide with horror. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry," he repeated over and over again as he backed away. Spinning himself around, Morning bolted off.

Mustard staggered to her hooves. "Morning!" She cried out to the fleeing stallion, and before Sky or Dusty could stop her, she ran off after him.

Morning ran like a manticore was right on his hooves and Mustard was having difficulty trying to keep up with him. Further up the valley, it split into three directions. One continued to the north, the second cut off to the west, and the third went east. Mustard paused to consider which way she should go. Searching around, Mustard failed to find any tracks or signs of Morning’s passing.

Planting her hooves into the soft soil, Morning sighed as she closed her eyes. Her head still hurt where Morning had hit her. Ignoring the small headache she now had, Mustard focused on which way she should go to find her moronic stallion. Opening her eyes, Mustard turned and went up the eastern valley. For some reason it just felt right to go that way.

After a short time she caught sight of some soft-lavender strands from Morning's tail that had been caught in a bush. Heartened, Mustard quickened her steps and rushed on until she came to a thick grove of Peach Blossom trees.

Forcing her way through, Mustard found herself suddenly in a small clearing with a mountain stream running through it. Hunched over next to the stream, Morning sat staring down into the clear water. His dark-blue coat was marred by marks from his fight with Grass Stem. His shoulder had a crescent shaped cut from the edge of a hoof that had struck him there. Bite marks could be seen on his withers and neck. A deep bruising scuff was just over his jaw from a hard blow he had failed to dodge quickly enough.

The ground was covered in a thick layer of moss that muffled her hoofsteps as she walked over to him. Stopping unnoticed just behind him, Mustard let out a loud sigh, "you are such an idiot, you know that?"

Morning gave a surprised jump and turned slightly to glance over his shoulder at her. "Please... just leave me alone."

"What? So you can sit here wallowing in your misery all alone?" Mustard snapped back. "I think not."

"Why do you have to do this to me?" Morning whined, looking back down into the water. "I know I'm an idiot. Okay? You don't have to dig it in!"

"You're right that you're an idiot, but if you think that just hitting me is the entirety of your idiocy, then you are sadly mistaken," Mustard added harshly.

"Just stop it!" Morning shouted, jerking his head away. "I don't need this from you right now!"

"Well, you're going to get it if you like it or not!" Mustard stepped around to look at Morning from his side. "I am going to make this very simple for you. Do you love me?"

Morning's head whipped around. "What!? Of course I do! I told you that I did!"

"No!" Mustard shook her head. "You said you loved me before, when I was a stallion. Do you love me now!?"

Morning shifted awkwardly. "I... ah... what difference does it make?"

"The difference is that I am a mare now!" Mustard exclaimed. "My life as a stallion has ended and I've accepted it! I’ve moved on and I’m learning a whole new part of myself I never knew I had in me!”

“I see things differently now but at the same time everything is so much clearer as well. I loved you before, and I love you now. I love how you stand close to me so I can lean against you when I’m feeling bad. I love how you bring me extra helpings of my favorite foods. I love how you smell when you get all sweaty from working. I love how you sit up at night to watch over me. I even love that stupid way you laugh when somepony farts!” Morning was now looking up at her with tears in his eyes. Mustard was glad her words were having an effect. She reached out and gently touched his cheek to wipe a tear off. “I love you.”


Morning closed his eyes and sat for a time until he finally let out a long breath. "It’s been difficult for me to adjust. I noticed over time that I was growing more accustomed to being a stallion. I fought and struggled with it but that only made it worse. I was beginning to see every stallion as a potential rival that would steal you away. I was losing control of myself and I didn’t like it!” Morning snapped.” I talked with Dusty about it and he helped me regain a bit of restraint to some of my wilder instincts and urges. At least until today.”

“You have been the constant to my thoughts as the sun and moon have been the constants to the day and night." He said turning to look at her. "In answer to your question. Yes, I love you. I don't know why I've been struggling with this for so long,” he said shaking his head. “I really am just a big idiot."

Mustard felt tears start to blur her eyes. She had been waiting to hear Morning say that for a while now. Leaning in, Mustard planted her lips to his and kissed him. In her current state, kissing him was probably a mistake, for she suddenly became painfully aware of her current carnal needs.

Ignoring her body's sudden heated desires, Mustard reached down and gathered a large chunk of moss and dipped it into the clear water of the stream.

"What are you doing?" Morning asked, watching her.

"You're hurt," Mustard answered. "Hold still, while I clean your wounds."

Using the wet moss, Mustard gently washed the cut on Morning's face. Once she finished there, she moved on to tend to his other injuries. Morning sat unusually quiet as she worked, and only when she moved around and noticed his fully erect stallionhood did she realize the effect her close proximity she was having on him.

The sight of it was a surprise, and Mustard was suddenly having trouble controlling her own lecherous needs. She could see that his eyes were shut tight and his body quivered with his barely contained desires as he struggled to control himself.

Not able to help herself, Mustard leaned in and pressed her lips to his once again, this time, she pressed in harder and lightly teased her tongue against his. Morning let out a strained moan as his body began shaking violently. Breaking from the kiss, Mustard stood and turned away. Flicking her tail into his face, she walked away, making sure to roll her hips to the sides with each step she took.
Pausing a few paces away, Mustard turned her head to look back over her rump at Morning with a come-hither wiggle of her flanks as her tail lifted to expose her burning marehood to him, displaying to him her winking lips to show her body’s desire to be taken. "Claim your mare my handsome stallion. Make me yours."

Morning quickly stood and took a few eager steps closer, but then he halted only a step away from her. "Are you sure? You're in heat. If we do this..."

Turning herself, Mustard walked over and nuzzled Morning's neck. "I'll admit that the thought about becoming a mother still frightens me, but... I know that you will be there for me and our foal. I want this. I want to have your foal grow inside me. . I want to see the happiness of you becoming a father shine in your eyes. To feel it tucked up safe and warm against my side as it nurses from me. I want this."

Morning's strained breath was hot against her neck as he nuzzled her back. "I want that too. I want it more than anything."

Morning lightly nipped her withers and Mustard felt a tingle shoot down her spine. Her tail lifted high as her burning marehood throbbed with a need only her stallion could give her. As Morning moved further back along her eager body, Mustard felt a tightness in her bladder and she was unable to control herself as she let loose a quick stream of urine. Morning paused to sniff at the mossy ground were her urine had soaked in. Mustard knew he could smell that her fertile body was ready to be bred. Morning's tail flicked around in excitement as he lifted his head and shook it with an eager neigh.

Mustard turned her head back to watch as Morning pranced around to position himself behind her. Meeting his lustful gaze, Mustard smiled and nickered her readiness as she raised her tail out of the way. Morning eagerly reared himself up and mounted her. Gripping her sides tightly, Morning awkwardly drew himself over her back, grinding himself across her croup.

Looking back with a pleased nicker, Mustard lifted her head to take his mouth with hers. She couldn't believe this was about to happen. She could feel his stallionhood bumping into her inner leg and udders as their lips locked tightly together, their tongues intimately intertwined with each other. With a wet smacking pop, their kiss finally ended. Mustard felt her head swimming as she licked the taste of him off her lips.

Cracking her eyes open, Mustard met Morning’s eyes. "I love you."

"I love you too." Morning answered her back. Adjusting his grip around her barrel, he lined himself up with her marehood. "Are you ready?"

Feeling his stallionhood pressed up to her entrance, Mustard’s heart pounded in her chest as she nodded. Closing her eyes, Mustard gasped when she felt Morning push into her swollen folds. Biting her lip, she felt herself being spread open for the first time as Morning slowly worked himself deeper. Her marehood quivered and winked along his penetrating length as it stretched out almost painfully around him.

Her marehood felt like it was burning hot, as it freely dripped with her juices. Mustard wondered how much more of him she could take. Feeling Morning’s stallionhood so deep inside her was strange but oddly satisfying as well.

Morning groaned out almost painfully as he panted into her neck. Finally, with a firm buck of his hips, Morning seated himself fully into her as his pelvis pressed up tightly against her rump. Mustard couldn't believe how filled she now felt. "Oh, Morning. You feel so...good inside me"

Mustard let out a moan of pleasure as Morning slowly pulled himself back out. Just as he was about to slip completely out of her, he reversed himself and slid back into her warm depths. Mustard lost herself to the pleasure as Morning continued to repeatedly thrust himself in and out of her marehood. A strong pressure began to build deep in her body as Mustard felt her hooves sinking into the soft mossy ground every time Morning drove himself into her with a wet smack.

Morning buried his muzzle into her mane as he panted for breath. The speed of his thrusts were growing wild and Mustard cried out as she felt Morning’s stallionhood beginning to flare wide deep inside her, sealing itself against the sides of her passage! Mustard shuddered at the realization of what was about to happen! There will be no turning back from this once it was over! A new life will be starting for her, Morning, and for the foal he was about to gift her with.

The pressure that had been building inside her quickly grew to an agonizing level until just as she couldn’t stand it anymore, letting out a long wail of absolute ecstasy, the pressure suddenly burst and waves of unbearably intense pleasure, rolled through her body!

Her marehood clamped down and convulsed around Morning's frantically thrusting member until he suddenly let out a loud breeding whinny into her neck as he drove his stallionhood as deeply into her as he could, shoving his hips right up against her rump with bruiser force. She could feel strong convulsive pulsations run along the entire length of his stallionhood as he bucked his hips into her, diving her front hooves even further into the moss.

With a burst of heat deep inside her, Mustard felt Morning’s virile seed begin to fill her as he claimed her fertile womb for his foal! Wave after wave of pure bliss rolled over her body as her insides gripped and clenched along his stallionhood from its base to its tip. Grasping her sides with an almost painfully tight grip, Morning emptied himself out into her needing depths with each powerful spurt of his stallionhood. His widely flared tip gripped the sides of her passage, sealing as much of his reproductive emissions inside her as possible. With a few final spurts that caused him to twitch, Morning relaxed his hold on her as he sagged down onto her back, gasping for breath from his exertion.

Mustard turned her head around and nuzzled the side of the spent stallion's muzzle. "You were amazing."

Morning lifted his weary head and smiled at her. "I know. You were amazing too."

Their lips came together and they tenderly kissed as the last of their shared pleasures settled down. Breaking from the kiss, Morning pulled his softening stallionhood out of her. With a wet shlick, it popped free and Mustard felt a flood of hot fluids suddenly pour out of her and run down from her soaked marehood to drench the mossy ground between her hooves.

Settling themselves down together under a Peach Blossom tree, Mustard let out a contented sigh as she leaned herself into Morning’s warm body. She had never felt such joy and contentment before. With a slow stroke of her hoof, she rubbed her belly. It was done. Her stallion had bred her during the most fertile part of her heat. Smiling to herself, Mustard felt Morning nuzzle her neck.

Breaking out of the trees behind them, Dusty and Sky paused when they saw the two lovers lying closely together. Sky clamped a hoof over her mouth as her eyes shot wide in surprise. Suddenly she leaped high into the air and jubilantly fluttered around Dusty as she silently kicked her hooves about in a wild display of joy.

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