Herd Life

Celestia is a growing filly within the herd, as she and many ponies struggle to just survive in their primitive times. Upheaval is soon to come, as new ideas clash with the old, when Celestia's parents join together in their struggle to move ponies into a new and unknown future, amid the dawning of the pony nation.
Contains: Stallion on Mare mating and impregnation. With lovemaking and experimentation later.
Online reading by: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9RpH3CFcO8&feature=youtu.be
I do not claim ownership of the cover art. It is publicly posted art. Artist for Celestia: alasou


3. Chapter 3

Author's Note:

Looking for tender family moments, check

Looking for dramatic scenes, check

Looking for some pony love, double check

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Ash stretched as he lay blissfully in the sun. Winter was almost over and the snow was just starting to melt in places, exposing budding new shoots of grass and flowers. His time with Celestia and her parents had been some of the most wonderful times he ever knew.

Soon after he was taken in by them, Dark Storm started taking him out and showing him things. Things like what tree bark, or shrub was okay to eat, and what to avoid. Pointing out a bush with dark green leaves, Dark Storm told him that if he ate just one leaf off of that bush, he would be dead within a day. Ash shivered, and stared hard at the bush. Setting it to memory, so that he would never make the mistake of ever eating it.

After one of their long walks, where Dark Storm showed him some roots that were okay to eat if he didn't mind the horrible bitter taste. He took him to the nearby stream, and pawed his hoof at the ice until he cracked through. Stepping aside, he let the colt take a long drink of water, which resulted in the colt's stomach sloshing so much, that Dark Storm had to carry him home.

When Meadowlark discovered he didn't know how to count, she muttered angrily about how some mares shouldn't have foals. The next night she spread out some brightly colored pebbles and started teaching him how to count them. Starting with just three, he progressed all the way up to eleven. Now she's been making it harder by taking some of the pebbles away and asking how many remained without letting him count them all again. That was hard! But also fun, he now looks forward to when she pulls out the little gourd and starts taking out the colorful stones.

Letting out a contented sigh, Ash suddenly felt his tail get yanked and he found himself dangling upside down. A moment later, he was set down on his back and trapped between two large fore hooves. Then a tongue started to lick him on his belly in long strokes.

"No, mamma. I don't want to be cleaned!" Ash complained, trying to wiggle out of the mare's grasp.

A filly giggled nearby. "You did it again, you called her mamma!" Celestia said in amusement.

"I did not!" Ash denied quickly, even though he knew he did.

As Meadowlark pregnancy progressed she had been doing this more often. She would snatch up a random foal and start to groom them. When they told Celestia's father, he just laughed and said that it wasn't hurting anypony and to just let her.

"You did too! Didn't he mamma?" Celestia asked, turning to her mother.

Meadowlark paused to smile down at the trapped colt. "I like it when he calls me mamma."

Dark Storm suddenly picked up his daughter by her mane and walked over to Meadowlark, where he dislodged the colt out of her grasp with his hoof and depositing Celestia into his place.

"Excuse me Meadow, I'm taking Ash for a while." He said as he lifted the colt onto his back.

As they walked away, Ash turned and stuck his tongue out at the now struggling Celestia, as her mother happily started to groom her.

"Where are we going?" Ash asked, adjusting himself so he was comfortable.

"The stallions are having a gather to determine where we will move off to." Dark answered.

"But isn't that for stallions? Why are you taking me?" Ash asked.

Dark looked over his shoulder and smiled at the colt. "Because I wanted to, that's why." He then suddenly stopped and started to turn. "I can take you back if you don't want to go." Dark offered.

Ash quickly shook his head. "No! That's okay, I'll be happy to come." He said hurriedly, and was relieved when Dark turned and continued on.

Winter was definitely almost over. The nights were still freezing but the day's were warm enough to start melting the snow that covered the ground. And what snowfall that did come, came down as half rain. As he walked, Dark's hooves sank into the muddy soil with great slurping plops with each step.

Crossing the meadow, Dark rounded a small hill and came to a large group of stallions. Sitting up, Ash looked around at all the stallions as they stood in small groups talking among themselves. As Dark passed a group, one of the stallions broke away and trotted up to Dark, who stopped to wait for him.

"Dark Storm. I'm glad I was able to catch you before he got here." He said, emphasizing the word he with a slight sneer. "There is something I want to show you, when you have the chance."

Dark looked at the stallion quizzically. "What is it you want to show me, Brightstar?"

The stallion shook his head. "It'll be better if I just showed you." He suddenly looked at Ash, as he noticed him. "Oh, hello." He greeted the colt.

Ash lowered himself slightly before he gave the stallion a nervous smile. "Hi."

Suddenly many of the stallions quieted down, as they turned to look at a stallion that just walked into the group. Ash sat up higher to get a better look. When Ash saw the large stallion he recognized his dark blue coat and white mane. His mother had pointed him out to him once. He remembered she said his name was Thunder Step.

Thunder Step held his head up and looked around with hard eyes. "Attention stallions!" He cried out. "Once the snow melts, and the streams run freely, we will be leaving, and going east, back to the plateau."

Reaching over his shoulder, Dark grabbed Ash in his mouth and lowered him to the ground. "Brightstar, please keep an eye on Ash for me." His tone had lost all gentleness, as it became suddenly hard.

Stepping forward Dark Storm lifted his head up high. "Why should we go back to the plateau? There is no shade there and the only water was at the bottom of a long ravine." He said loudly, letting all the stallion hear him.

Thunder Step turned his head to look at Dark Storm, letting out a snort. "Because we'll find safety there. The wolves and monsters don't bother going there, and it will be safe for the mares to foal."

"The reason we left there in the first place, was because the stream dried up. And there is no guarantee that it is flowing again now!" Dark Storm retorted.

Ash listened as he danced around trying to watch what was happening, but his view was blocked and he couldn't see. Suddenly he felt himself get picked up and swung around, before Brightstar deposited him onto his back. Sitting up, he was able to now watch what was happening.

"At this moment, many of the mares are fat with foal. It would be sheer idiocy to march them all the way back to a harsh plateau, which we do not know even has any water!" Dark said angrily. "And what happens when one of the mares can't keep up with the herd? Will she just be left behind!? How many mares will you leave behind to go to a worthless place!?"

Thunder Step threw his head back and shook his mane as he stomped his hoof in anger. "You dare challenge my decision!?"

Dark Storm planted his hooves and met the stallions gaze. "Yes! I am sick of how things have been done! You drive us from one place to another, without any concern for any of the weak that fall behind. And I say No More!" Turning, Dark looked out at the other stallions and addressed them. "Look around, this land is fertile and lush with grass. There is pure clean water within easy reach and berry bushes all throughout the forests. This land is just what we need and its ours for the taking!"

The dark blue stallion stomped his hoof to the ground and stepped closer to Dark, his nose flared angrily. "It's not safe here! The wolves will come! They always come! They will rush in and clamp their jaws over all our throats and tear them out!"

"Then we will fight back!" Dark shouted back. "We will make this our home, and if anything comes to hurt us or our families, they will feel our might when we push them back, and smite them at the ends of our spears or upon the power of our hooves! We are PONIES! Not dumb animals. We can rise above, and build a future for our foals! And I say we do it here, and now!"

Dark Storm fell silent, as he turned a moment to look at Ash. Their eyes met, and Ash could see the passion that burned behind his eyes. A passion fueled by his love for his family and his fellow ponies.

"You get a destiny mark and suddenly you think you can challenge me! I am the alpha of this herd! I am Thunder Step! I can take any mare I want, and no stallion will stop me!" Thunder Step bellowed angrily. "You only have one mare left to you, and I can take her away! If you don't silence yourself this instant and beg my forgiveness, I will banish you from this herd, and cast you out into the wilderness!"

"There is no need to for that, because I banish myself!" Turning, Dark Storm addressed the gathered stallions. "I henceforth leave this herd and start a new one right here! If any pony, stallion or mare wish to join me, then meet me at the cracked rock, in the center of the meadow upon the day Thunder Step leaves. You will all be welcomed into my herd!"

Ash couldn't help himself. He suddenly dropped down from Brightstar's back and dashed forward. Racing through the legs of several stallions, he rushed out into the open area where Thunder Step and Dark Storm confronted each other.

"I will join you!" Ash exclaimed, rushing up to Dark.

Dark Storm looked down at Ash, and his face softened with a smile. "My herd grows already Thunder Step, and yours diminishes."

Thunder Step let out a snort. "You call gaining a runt of a colt a success?"

"I count him more of a stallion then you." Dark Storm answered back.

Thunder Step suddenly let out a enraged whinny, and lunged towards Dark Storm.

Dark Storm was waiting for this. He was surprised that Thunder Step had waited so long to answer his challenge. Laying his ears back, Dark Storm held his ground and met his charge. Their bodies crashed together and Thunder Step lashed out, striking his hoof painfully across Dark's shoulder. Shoving himself forward. Dark pushed Thunder Step back, his hooves sliding in the wet soil. Suddenly Thunder Step snapped his head around and bit Dark on the side of his withers.

Letting out a enraged neigh, Dark struck out with his hoof and connected with the side of Thunder Step's head, sending him staggering to the side. Taking advantage of the momentarily stunned Thunder Step, Dark whirled around and bucked his hind legs into his chest, driving the air from his lungs and knocking him back onto the muddy ground.

Panting for breath, Dark Storm stood over the defeated stallion. "I am the alpha of my herd, and you are on my land. When the snow melts, you will take whatever remains of your herd and leave, and never return."

Ash moved in and stepped up next to Dark. "And it's not a destiny mark, its a cutie mark." He said, correcting Thunder Step.

Dark Storm looked down at the colt and smiled. "That's right." He then turned and looked out over the stallions. "You all hear that? I have a cutie mark!"

Turning, Dark Storm with Ash by his side, walked through the crowd of stallions, who parted respectfully as they passed through. Some of the stallions showed hostility on their faces, while most looked shocked at what had just happened. A few openly smiled at him and bowed their heads down.

Once they were out of sight, Dark lifted Ash up and set him down onto his back, where the colt then hugged his hooves around Dark's neck and squeezed. "You are so amazing! There is no stallion like you!" The colt said, hugging Dark. "I want to be just like you when I grow up!"

What the colt just said, suddenly rang through Dark's mind like a thunderclap. When I grow up, not if I grow up. Dark smiled. Things were already changing! His heart leaped in his chest with joy. For his foals, and for all the foals. He will change the world! He will make it so that they will all see a future for themselves. And it will start right here.

With his blood still pumped with what happened with Thunder Step, and with the inspiring words Ash suddenly said to him, Dark found he really needed to be with Meadowlark.

Quickening his steps, Dark headed for home.

He found Meadowlark laying out sunning herself just outside their little home, with Celestia playing with a beetle she found nearby. Meadowlarks lemon colored coat shone under the bright afternoon light, and Dark's eyes ran down her smooth curves that rolled back over her large pregnant belly, as he admired her. She looked so beautiful.

Taking Ash off his back, Dark set him down. "Go play with Celestia, but stay close."

Walking up to his mare, Dark sniffed at her. Meadowlark lifted her head and looked up at him curiously as he drew in her scent. "What are you?..." She paused when he nibbled on her ear. Closing her eyes, she huffed out a breath as her heart suddenly quickened. Looking back up at Dark, her eyes widened when she saw his desire burning in his eyes.

With her large belly, Meadowlark struggled a moment to clamber herself up to her hooves. She saw the bite wound on Dark's withers and a hoof mark on his shoulder. Nuzzling her muzzle into his neck, she could smell his strong stallion musk. He had been in a fight, and she could tell that he had won.

Dark nibbled on her ear again, then spoke softly. "Let's go inside, I want to be alone with you for this."

Meadowlark gave him a parting nip to his chin as she turned. "Celestia, Ash. Please stay out here and play. Dark and I want to spend some time together, alone. Make sure you stay close, though." She said, as she squeezed herself through the opening.

Dark went through after her and pulled the branches shut behind him. Turning back, he found Meadowlark had already settled herself onto the bed of leaves and she was looking at him with her eyes half lidded. She knew what she wanted and she was looking at it.

Letting out a nicker, Dark moved to her. His penis was already dropping down, and everything in him was yelling for him to just mount her and take her now! But he resisted. This wasn't the heat of the rut, nor the need to sow his seed. This was his desire to share his love for his mare, and for her to do the same for him.

Laying down next to her, he sought out her lips. This was still a new thing, but every time their lips came together, Dark's heart felt like it was going to burst. Her lips were soft and warm, as they eagerly pressed to his repeatedly, making wet smacking sounds. Without knowing why, Dark suddenly shoved his tongue forward and pushed it into Meadowlarks mouth. She let out a surprised yelp, but quickly accepted his intrusion with a pleased moan, as her tongue learned the pleasures of tongue play.

Breaking from the sloppy kiss, Dark suddenly shoved his muzzle into Meadowlarks neck, as he panted for breath. He felt like he was about to lose control. His penis was jutting out under him rock hard, and it was screaming for him to rut her, but again he fought it down.

The scent of her was strong in his nose. Instead of nipping her, Dark gently kissed her neck, then again lower. Meadowlark hummed her pleasure as he kissed his way down her body. Dark paid especial attention her her large pregnant belly as he passed over, nuzzling and kissing it all over. As he moved further back on her body, he could see her sky blue tail was hiked up, as she lay ready for her stallion.

Moving all the way back, Dark shoved his muzzle under her flagging tail, and drew in the scent of her desire. Her lips were open and already dripping with her yearning. He always loved the taste of her. Reaching out his tongue, Dark eagerly licked her. Meadowlark let out a moan at his touch.

Shoving his mouth into her mare slit, Dark's tongue started to ravish her. Quickly, Dark discovered that whenever his tongue lapped over a little nub, Meadowlark would let out a pleased moan and buck her hips back into his mouth. Shifting his attention, Dark focused onto the little nub of flesh and soon, Meadowlark was panting for breath as she let out continuous series of moans. Her fore hooves dug at the ground as her hips pushed back into his mouth ever harder. Suddenly she let out a mewling cry and her whole body shuddered.

Pulling back, Dark blinked down at the sight in amazement. Meadowlark continued to let out pleased moans as her body shuddered. After a while, she finally settled down, and let out a pleased sigh. "I never had that happen before." She said looking back at him. "That was amazing."

Dark smiled, glad that he had pleased her. But there was still something crying out for release. "Do you think it's okay for me to...?" He asked looking down at his throbbing penis.

"I don't see why not, just take it slow and be gentle." Meadowlark answered.

Nodding, Dark stood and carefully climbed over her back, and placed his forehooves to either side of her large belly. Standing over her, he lowered his hips and began poking around. Meadowlark gave a jump when he prodded her in the wrong hole, but after he adjusted his aim, he felt his penis poke into her slit. After what he had done to her with his tongue, he found it easy for him to slide himself deeply into her, and soon he felt his hips press up against her rump.

Meadowlark let out a pleased sigh as she felt his full length inside her. Always before, they had done this during full rut when they were lost to lust and frantic need for release. Now he had control and he slowly slid himself back out. Just as he was about to slip out of her, Dark thrust himself back in, taking care to not do it too hard or to fast.

Soon he settled into a rhythm of slow retreats and thrusts, finding the feeling of his hips pressing firmly into her rump at the end of each of his thrusts gratifying. Meadowlark began to pant again. Her eyes closed as she savored each of his firm thrusts.

"Faster please. Just a little bit." Meadowlark said pleadingly, her panting moans became more urgent.

Dark was happy to comply to her desire. He was drawing close, as he felt a pressure build along his penis and throughout his pelvis. Bending his head down, he began to lick and kiss at her neck as he slapped his hips into her rump with each thrust. The pressure was building to almost painful levels. Never before had he ever gone this long!

Biting onto her crest, Dark readied himself. The pressure was now agony, and at any moment it was about to burst. Meadowlark suddenly let out another mewling moan as her body shuddered under him. Dark abruptly found his penis being clamped down onto, and everything became too much, as the end of his penis started to flare wide. Letting out a moan of his own, Dark bit down harder on Meadowlark's crest and buried himself until his hips pressed snugly against her rump. The agonized pressure deep inside him suddenly released and a flood of his seed spurted out deeply into Meadowlark's body. His hips flexed with each of his powerful releases, and soon his seed was dribbling down from where they were connected as it was forced back.

With a final few thrusts, Dark emptied himself fully, and he released Meadowlarks crest with a satisfied sigh. Kissing her neck, Dark withdrew himself with a slurping pop. Settling himself down next to her, they both began to nuzzle each other's muzzles affectionately.


* ** *


"What do you think they are doing in there?" Ash asked, glancing at the shelter. The moans and occasional cries had stopped, and now things were quiet.

"Whatever it was, it sounded like fun." Celestia said, adding a pebble to a pony shaped pile of snow to make a second eye.

Standing, Ash moved off a little ways and squared his hooves as he prepared to pee. As he pushed, he felt his stallionhood dangle down, followed by relief as his pee started to flow out.

"What is that called?" Celestia suddenly asked from right next to him.

Looking over, he saw her bent over to look under him as he peed.

"What!?... what do you mean?" He asked awkwardly, as she bent closer to get a better look at him.

"I mean the dangling thing, what is it called?" She asked.

Feeling his pee start to peter out, Ash let out a relieved sigh as it stopped. "I asked my mamma once, she said it was a penis."

"That's a strange name." Celestia said, reaching her hoof out and touching it.

Ash suddenly jumped as he felt her run her hoof down his shaft. Pleasing tingling shocks ran up his penis and shot through his body. Leaping back, Ash looked at Celestia as his face blushed profusely. His penis started to feel really strange as it lengthened and hardened. His eyes roamed over Celestia as she watched him grow hard.

Ash didn't know what he was feeling. He wanted her to touch him again, but at the same time, it scared him.


* ** *


Dark let out another sigh as he lightly groomed Meadowlark. He loved her so much. Feeling her body lay close to his, he felt a total contentment that everything was just perfect.

Suddenly a charcoal brown colt dived through the branches at the entrance to their shelter. A moment later a white little filly followed  after as she chased him. Running around the space, the colt fended off the filly as his little penis flopped around below him.

"Come on, let me touch it!" Celestia cried out as she chased Ash around the tree in the center.

"No! Leave it alone!" Ash shouted back.

Meadowlark and Dark watched the foals with bemused looks on their faces.

"My, they grow up so fast." Meadowlark said in amusement.

"Isn't this backwards? Shouldn't he be chasing her?" Dark said shaking his head.

"Mamma! Tell her to stop!" Ash cried out to Meadowlark as he desperately dived between her forehooves and hugged himself to her chest.

Meadowlark smiled and shook her head. "Celestia, stop trying to molest little Ash."

Celestia skidded to a stop, and pouted. "Okay, mamma."

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