Herd Life

Celestia is a growing filly within the herd, as she and many ponies struggle to just survive in their primitive times. Upheaval is soon to come, as new ideas clash with the old, when Celestia's parents join together in their struggle to move ponies into a new and unknown future, amid the dawning of the pony nation.
Contains: Stallion on Mare mating and impregnation. With lovemaking and experimentation later.
Online reading by: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9RpH3CFcO8&feature=youtu.be
I do not claim ownership of the cover art. It is publicly posted art. Artist for Celestia: alasou


1. Chapter 1

Author's Note:

This idea came to me so I just wrote it down. If people like it, Great! If people don't... not so great.

Chapter 1 is just an introduction. The main story really starts in chapter 2, so don't judge the story on just chapter 1. Thanks.

Little Celestia bent her head down and sniffed at the grass and grimaced. Why must she eat this? It tasted horrible.

"Go on sweetie, just a little bit." Her mother said, urging her on.

Little Celestia looked up at her mother, and pouted. "But it tastes so bad, why must I eat it?"

Her mother smiled down as her. "Because sweetie, I can't nurse you forever. You must learn to eat grown up food." She explained.

Celestia sulked, as she kicked at the ground. All around her, a herd of mares milled about, gossiping and eating the soft grasses that grew in the small valley they had stopped in. Many of them had foals tucked up close to their sides, who followed their mothers every step. Others had older foals that were allowed to run off and play together a short ways away, as long a they stayed close and had a mare watching over them. There were dangerous monsters out there, who were very eager to eat some unwary foal that wandered too far from the safety of the herd.

Bending her head down, Celestia gathered her courage and grabbed a mouthful of grass, and started to chew. Her little face scrunched up in distaste at the sour taste that filled her mouth. With a mighty effort, Celestia managed to swallow her mouthful of grass.

"There see, that wasn't that bad, was it?" Her mother said, nuzzling her neck.

Celestia leaned herself into her mother's nuzzle and smiled. Her mother gave the best nuzzles. Now that she had done what her mother asked, Celestia happily scampered under her mother's belly, and reached her head up to latch her little mouth around one of her mother's teats.

Mindful of her teeth, Celestia suckled greedily, until her mother's milk flowed into her mouth. Swallowing, Celestia hummed her pleasure as she suckled more milk into her mouth. Why was she being taken from this? It was so much better than that gross dirty grass!

As she nursed, Celestia flicked her ear back as she hard one of the mares approach her mother.

"Still nursing your filly I see." A mare's voice said to her mother.

"She's still having trouble eating grass." Her mother replied back to the mare.

"You're much too soft with her." The mare said back sternly. "You should just kick her off, and let her go hungry until she learns that she can't always have the teat. That is what I did for my colt. Let me tell you a story about what happened when Pebble Stream refused to ween her filly."

Without releasing her mother's teat, Celestia bent her head to the side, to look out. A little charcoal brown colt shyly looked back at her from beside his mother's side, while she busily talked to Celestia's mother. Celestia noticed the colts eyes kept glancing up at what she had in her mouth as he licked at his lips. He looked so hungry. Celestia's heart went out to him, and she wanted to do something.

Releasing her mother's teat, Celestia glanced out and saw that the colts mother was totally ignoring him as she talked with Celestia's mother. Looking back at the colt, Celestia motioned with her head for him to come over and join her.

He looked hesitant at first, taking a small step closer. Nibbling at his lip, the colt struggled with indecision. Throwing a glance at his mother to see if she would notice him, he suddenly made his decision and dashed around behind Celestia's mother's side. Moving over to make room, Celestia watched as the colt slipped under her mother with her.

Looking up at the her mother's teat. Celestia nodded her head with a smile, and gestured for him to take it. With a grateful look, he eagerly reached up and latched his mouth onto her mother's teat, and loudly started to suckle. Seeing the colt happily swallowing the milk that now flowed into his mouth, Celestia pressed herself against his side, and reached up to take her mother's other teat, and joined the colt, for their afternoon meal.

Celestia found she didn't really mind the side of her mouth would rub against the side of the colt's mouth, as they both nursed closely together. Or that the colts warm breath tickle the side of her muzzle whenever he exhaled. Was this what it was like to have a sibling? She wondered. The feeling of his soft warm side against hers was surprisingly comforting.

Their time together was short. As they heard the colt's mother start to wrap up her lecturing story, the colt reluctantly released her mother's teat, and looked over at her.

"Thank you." He whispered to her gratefully.

The colt looked like he was about to dash off back to his mother, when  Celestia stopped him with a lightly touched hoof.

Reached her head out to him, Celestia licked a dribble of milk from the side of his mouth. Pulling her head back, she met his eyes. "My name is Celestia, what's yours?" She whispered.

"Ash Cloud." He quietly answered back.

"I would like to be friends." Celestia said to the colt.

"I would like that too." He said, reaching forward and licking a drop of milk from the side of her mouth. The touch of his tongue sent a shock through her body. He was only returning the favor, so why did it make her feel all funny?

"Ash? Where have you gotten off to?" They both heard Ash's mother's voice calling out to him.

Quickly the colt dashed around Celestia's mother, and came out from behind her. "Here I am, mama."

"Ash! What have I told you about running off?" His mother scolded him. "You could have been eaten by a monster! Now come along I want to talk to Dandelion Fluff, she's been spreading wild stories about seeing winged ponies flying in the sky, and that foolishness needs to stop." Turning the mare started to walk off, with Ash following along by her side. "I swear, it's almost as ridiculous as that time Hoof Strike said he saw a pony with a horn!"

Pausing a moment, Ash turned and quickly waved to Celestia before turning back to his mother and disappeared into the herd.

Celestia felt a sadness at see the colt leave. It had been only a short while since they met, but they had shared a special moment together.

"That was really sweet of you to share with him." Celestia's mother suddenly said, smiling down at her.

"You knew!?" Celestia asked, shocked that her mother allowed the colt to nurse from her.

Her mother laughed. "Of course I knew, it's easy to notice when there are two foals nursing from you, instead of just one. Besides, he looked hungry and I can't stand seeing hungry foals, not if I can help it."

Celestia blinked up at her mother, then smiled. She had the best mother ever!

The sound of heavy hoof falls came up behind her. Turning her head, Celestia looked up at the massive form of her father as he bent down to nuzzle her nose affectionately.

"How is my little darling Celestia doing today?" He asked, smiling down at her.

Celestia squealed and dashed to her father's leg and hugged it. "Daddy! I made a friend today!" She shouted up at him, excitedly.

"You did? That's wonderful!" Her father praised her, nuzzling her again, before he moved off to nuzzle her mother. "Meadowlark, you're as beautiful as always." He said to her.

Celestia's mother, smiled and nuzzled him back. "You always say that, especially at this time of the year when the heat comes on strong."

Celestia's father smiled. "And I mean it every time." He answered back, as he leaned back in and nuzzled her cheek.

Her mother closed her eyes as he began to nip and lick at her neck, just behind where her jaw ended.

Celestia watched as her parents nuzzled and licked at each other. It was strange, she had never seen them acting like this before. Her father slowly slid his muzzle down her mother's neck, taking great huffing sniffs as he took in her scent.

Celestia watched curiously as her mother danced in place, with her tail lifting and continually flicking to the side. Celestia sniffed at the air when a strange smell wafted to her from her mother, she had noticed it before, but now it was much stronger.

Celestia's father let out a loud nicker as he moved down along her mother's body, who was now arching her back and peeing on the ground. When he reached her tail, he abruptly shoved his muzzle under it, and began to sniff at her. Why would he smell her there? Bending herself around, Celestia sniffed her rear and crinkled her nose, finding the smell to be not very pleasant.

More pee dribbled out of her mother, and Celestia's father bent his head down to sniff at it. As he did so, Celestia noticed something dropping down from between his hind legs. It was long and at first it dangled limply, but it quickly stiffened into a long dark shaft.

What is that? Celestia wondered, watching the strange shaft poke down from her father. It had a flattened tip that was slightly bigger than the shaft, and about halfway back was a ring shape that encircling around the thickening shaft. Her father shoved his muzzle back under her mother tail, where he began to fervently lick her in her slit. Gross! That's where she pee's from! Celestia thought in disgust as she continued to watch in puzzlement as her mother's slit continually pulsed itself out into her father's tongue as he licked at her.

Suddenly, Celestia's father reared his head back and let out a loud whinny. Giving his head a vigorous shake, he then placed his chin on top of her her mother's rump and rubbed it about. Her mother's response to this was to back herself up, pushing her rear at her father, obviously wanting something from him.

Suddenly, Celestia's father reared himself up onto her mother's back, where he clamped his hooves around her sides. Thrusting his hips, her father began poking his stiffened shaft at her mother's rear. Once he found her open and still pulsing slit, he abruptly shoved himself as deeply as he could into her.

Celestia flinched at the sight of her mother being impaled on her father's shaft. Didn't that hurt? Looking at her mother's face, Celestia saw that instead of pain, her mother looked like she was enjoying it. Her mouth hung open with a blissful smile, as Celestia's father fully seated himself into her.

Celestia's father began thrusting himself into her mother repeatedly. A loud wet squelching sound became very prevalent, and many of the mare's that were standing nearby, paused to look over and watch.

Curious, Celestia stepped closer, and looked under where her father had his shaft thrusting into her mother, and saw that his shaft was slick with moisture from her mothers slit as he drew it out and thrust it back in. Also she noticed a funny looking dangling sack just behind his shaft, that swung with each of his thrusts. She definitely didn't have one of those! Watching, Celestia, wondered if a stallion would do this to her someday. It looked like they were both really enjoying it. Perhaps when she was older, Ash Cloud would help her. He had the same dangling thing as her father.

Her father's thrusts were becoming faster and more erratic. Celestia could hear his breath coming in great huffs, as he redoubled his efforts. Lowering his head, Celestia's father suddenly clamped his teeth onto her mother's crest and held onto her as he suddenly did one last powerful thrust and buried himself deeply into her mother.

Celestia saw the sack and part of her father's shaft begin to pulse as something was forced out of him into her mother. After a short while of this, something white dribbled out from around her father's shaft, as it leaked out of her mother's slit.

Letting out great huffing breaths, her father pulled himself out of her mother, and a torrent of fluids poured out of her mother, splattering onto the ground. Dropping down onto his hooves, her father sniffed at her mother's slit before he gave a satisfied snort and moved to her head and affectionately nuzzled her as she returned his affections.

They stayed like this for a short while, before her father let out a sigh."I haft to go. There are several more mare's that I need to see to." He said, stepping back. As he slowly started away, he suddenly paused and turn back. "If you will allow me, I would like to sleep by your side tonight... perhaps, I can even sleep by your side every night, from now on." Looking down at Celestia. "I would like to be there, to see my foals grow. Perhaps to help however I can. Out of all the mare's of the herd, it's you I want to be with. What do you say?" He asked meeting her mother's eyes.

Tears started to flow from Celestia's mother's eyes as she looked back at the stallion. "I would like that very much." Her mother said, wiping at her eyes. "This is a new thing you're proposing Dark Storm. A stallion staying with just one mare. What of the other mare's in the herd? Don't they need you and your seed?"

Celestia's father flicked his head to the side. "There are other young stallions that can serve this task, I want to stay just with you, and our foals. That will be more than enough for me."

Her mother was silent for a while, before she suddenly moved forward and pressed her lips to his. Her father blinked at her mother for a moment before he closed his eyes and pressed his lips back. Celestia watched this not knowing what this was or meant. It would be latter that she would learn that this was the the first ever kiss, created by her parents when they sealed their union together.

Letting out a squeal of happiness, Celestia dashed forward and hugged both her parents legs.

Finding a comfortable place, the new family settled in together with Celestia's father taking up his place by his mare's side. Celestia happily snuggled herself into the crevice the two made where their bodies came together. They were so warm!

Leaning her head into her stallion's neck, Celestia's mother let out a happy sigh.

Lowering his head down, Celestia's father pressed his lips to the top of her head before he looked up at the rising moon. "If it's a filly, I would like us to name her after the moon." He said, looking up at the silvery disk.

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