Machanical Love? FNAF X Reader

You are a normal teen. Not so normal about everything but normal. In need of a Job you look the old fashion way. The news paper and see a add.
Need of a night guard of 12pm-6am!
Please contact:


2. Night One:Humans?

"(Y/n), please please be safe at that place okay?" Mom said worriedly over you. Its funny really. You can take care of yourself i mean, you 17! Your on you last year of high school anyways! (Idk i'm in Middle School!) 

"Mom, I will! Calm down i'm going to be late!" You say to your over worried parent and hugged her gently and ruffled Caleb's brown locks and he smiled and gave a little laugh.

"Bye Caleb, Bye Mom!" You call over your shoulder as you jump on your bike and a ride down the roads and block to the Pizzeria that your Brother was creep-ed over.


"Hello?" You said as you opened the glass door to see a man around your age with Black hair, Pale skin, and Ice blue eyes pacing in front of the door.

Once he heard your voice his head shot up and he smiled at you.

"Hi! I'm Mr. Fazbear! You must be (Y/n)!" He said a little over happy for a man his age. It was creepy to be honest.

"Yeah, i am."you sign.

"Good Good! Come on I'll show you the office!" Mr. Fazbear said and bounded down the dark hallway with you slowly trailing behind him.

The hall was dark, very dark. The walls were lined with small papers children made, but hanging from a tread on the wall which gave the hall a creepy arua. Mr. Fazbear lead you into a small room with a desk, Tablet, table and a bunch of papers on the desk and a dark atmosphere.

"This is were you will be for the work nights! 12pm to 6pm!" He said, spreading his arms out to motion to the office with a huge smile like a clown would give.

"Great. What do i do?" You ask with a poker face.

"Right! You see that Tablet? That shows you the The Cameras around the Pizzaria! You press on a Cam and it shows you! The doors on the side well, The top button is a light-" Mr. Fazbear pressed the top button and a light came on outside the hall. " That shows outside! The bottom one is to close the door!" Mr. Fazbear turned off the light and pressed the bottom button shutting the Medal door.

"Mr. Fazbear?" 


"Why would I need to close the doors?" You ask narrowing your (E/c) eyes at him.

"Oh! The Animatronics on put on free roam at night or they go on it themselves and we needed somebody to keep track of them! Easy right?" Mr. Fazbear said and looked at his watch.

"Oh Sweets! I gotta go! Your shift is starting! Bye now, Be Safe!" He yelled from down the hall and you could hear the faint click of the front door locking.

You sighed and sat in the big black wheely chair and spun around a few times before picking up the tablet and seeing Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica GONE!

"What The?!" You yelled checking all the Camera's but never saw them. Then you heard a Pan drop to the floor. You reached for your book bag that didn't hold school crap and pulled a Flashlight out. Don't ask why just go with it.

With a Shaky breath, you walked out of the Office and into the kitchen Very Very Slow. From the Kitchen you could hear faint muffled voices.

"H-Hello?" You whispered and the voices stopped for a second then a pair of footsteps echoed through the room.

"Whoever you are come out now!" You said with much more self control then before and you heard a sign and lots of footsteps come towards you.

What came out of the Kitchen Shocked you. Three Guys and a Girl walked out.

The First boy, The tallest was a Boy with unnatural yellow eyes, Red fox ears, Red hair in a low ponytail, and dressed in a long brown coat , eye patch brown pirate boots and brown jeans, So a pirate red head.

The next was a Shorter one but still tall, A brown headed guy with Brown bear ears, Blue eyes and dressed in a long sleeved white undershirt and a brown over shirt, Black jeans, Black clean shoes, a Black hat and Bow tie with freckles.

The next was the shortest boy, a Purple headed Boy with red-brown eyes, Purple bunny ears and dressed like the bear but Purple instead of brown.

The Last one was a girl a little taller then The bunny, She had short Blonde hair, Magenta eyes, a pear of Pale pink Short shorts a Yellow Shirt the went bellow her breast and had a clear pink think down to her stomach and pale yellow dress shoes.

"who are you people?!" You yelled after taking their looks in.

"Well Dear, I'm Freddy Fazbear, But i may have to ask you to lower your voice, It's late." The Boy in all brown said bowing slightly with a kind smile.

"Aye! I be Foxy The Pirate! Nice to meet ye Lass!" The Fox guy now known as 'Foxy' said.

"I-I'm Bonnie the Bunny. N-Nice to meet you M-Miss!" The purple bunny said giving a small, quick wave and put both arms behind his back. Cute.

"Chica Chicken." The girl said rudely. She was not a friendly one for sure.

"who are you Dearest?" Freddy asked with a tilt of his head.

"I'm (Y/n) (L/n)." You said bowing like as you were from Japan (Which i love that place) with a bright, Friendly smile Freddy returned.

"It's an pleasure to meet you Miss. (Y/n)." Freddy said and stood in line with the rest of the crew.

Well, This is gonna be fun.

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