Darkness, Pain, Death?

I know people around the world are in pain right now, and none of us where I live can relate to what those people in other countries are feeling. But we do feel pain, everyone does, either physically, mentally, both. It's a natural part of being human.


2. Pain?

Pain, whether physical or mental, is just another part of being human.

Everyone feels some type of pain.

I've had friends who don't know how to deal with other people because of the pain they've suffered in the past.

It's not something you can spot easily in a person.

Alot of people, like myself for example, fake my entire personality. 

I think, there was only one person who ever figured out I fake who I am.

He wasn't to happy about it either. 

And he scolds me quite a bit when I fake a laugh or smile.

I guess it just annoys him.

Oh well.

At least someone figured it out on their own.


Alot of people see me as pretty dumb, hyperactive, annoying. 

But they don't think about what could really be going on inside my head.

No one ever does.

People don't pay attention to who you really are, 

that's why I've had to change my personality so many times.

Everyday, and I'm not kidding, everyday I have those moments when suicide feels like the only way to escape the world

It's not. 

A friend showed that to me

And I still don't completely understand what he meant

But I'm taking his word for it that I'll figure it out sooner or later


I know there are thousands of people, children, teenagers, adults, who have had the same thoughts I do.

The feeling of hatred, anger, worthlessness, like your hole life is just meaningless.

But guys and girls, it's really not. 

Everyone, no matter who they are, is still human.


It's what we do.

No one is perfect, believe me. 

You all, no matter what you've done, what your personality is, your lives are still important.

Ignore people who tell you off, 

say things that put bad thoughts in your head. 

What they say is only things their heads are telling them to.

Your you, and don't, DON'T let ANYONE tell you different. 



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