Darkness, Pain, Death?

I know people around the world are in pain right now, and none of us where I live can relate to what those people in other countries are feeling. But we do feel pain, everyone does, either physically, mentally, both. It's a natural part of being human.


7. From Best Friends To Something Else...


Everyone has a best friend whether they realize it or not

That friend can be a boy, a girl, a pet, even if they are imaginary they are still friends

There's more about friends than what people realize

And I don't think I realized how much they meant to me until it all went wrong


If you are in a relatiosnhip with your best friend, that's ok

There's nothing to be embarassed about

Just be careful with what you say or do

Because that can ruin the entire relationship you have had with them


I know this from experience

Well... I realized it a little to late...


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