Darkness, Pain, Death?

I know people around the world are in pain right now, and none of us where I live can relate to what those people in other countries are feeling. But we do feel pain, everyone does, either physically, mentally, both. It's a natural part of being human.


4. Author's Note

Hey everyone... Um... Sahara here. I guess I should explain everything... I'm fourteen years old and I'm under a severe case of depression, enough to result to self harm.... Crap... Let me say thank you first. Thank you to all of those who have at least viewed this shitty exscuse for a book. It's not good at all I know. Hehe. Nothing is ever good for me. I'm really sorry guys, shit is just killing me and I'm scared as hell. My head is forcing me to choose between suicide or fighting for another day. I need support please. I'm losing it all. 

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