The 15 year old girl is in for a big surprise when she is thrown into a crowd of children and teenagers between the ages of 10 and 16, when she suddenly doesn't remember anything about herself or why she's at this strange place with people that claim she has supernatural powers...


2. II

When she woke up she was lying on a gurney next to three others. There were another four gurneys across the room, and there were all sorts of tubes stuck into her arms and fingers. A machine next to her started beeping as she began to choke on something stuffed into her mouth and down her throat. She realised there were others sitting on the gurneys and they just watched her as she choked. The doors at the end of the room swung open and a woman dressed like a nurse hurried in and started pressing all sorts of buttons and then she pulled the tube out from the girls mouth. 'What was that?' She asked, coughing.

'Life support,' the nurse answered shortly. 'Come on,' she said to everyone, 'the Doctor is expecting you,' she walked out of the room followed by the eight others. The girl looked down at herself before jumping out of the gurney, she was wearing a white onesie, and no shoes. Her hands were slender and looked almost starved. She followed the others out and the nurse led them down a few halls and then stopped at the end of one by a big set of grey-painted doors. 'Wait here,' she said and left. They stood there for a while most of them assessing each other but no one spoke.

Suddenly the door swung open and a tall, thin woman with long blonde hair with black roots tied into a ponytail, stood in the door. Her face was oval shaped and he eyes bright blue. Her eyebrows were perfectly arched, her cheekbones high and her lips a soft peach colour. She wore a white lab coat with a knee-long, tight, black cotton skirt and a dark red blouse tucked into the skirt. She wore black three inch heels, and to be honest she looked more like a super-model than a doctor or a nurse or whatever she was. 'My name is Dr. Cardell,' she said with a voice that sounded like it had once been kind and welcoming but was now stif and hard. 'I am your superior and you will listen to everything I say. Now, when I say so, you will come in one after one, starting with... you,' she said pointing at the girl, everyone turned to look at her. 'Well, hurry it up then,' said the woman impatiently, 'I don't have all day,' the girl followed Dr. Cardell inside, where another woman stood by a desk, her black hair was pulled into a tight knot at the back of her head and she wore black glasses.

Her lips were painted a dark brown shade and her face was heart shaped. She didn't look up when the girl and Dr. Cardell walked inside, 'name?' she asked sounding almost annoyed, her accent was similar to the one of Dr. Cardell, as far as the girl could tell; Australian.

'I don't remember,' she said, trying desperately to remember something. Anything. But nothing came to mind.

The black-haired woman looked up in sudden interest, and threw a quick glance at Dr. Cardell but then looked away again quickly as were she afraid Dr. Cardell might murder her, 'do you remember where you're from?' She then asked,

The girl hesitated before answering, 'no,'said the girl, finally.

'Do you remember your age?' Asked Dr. Cardell,

'No,' the girl answered, 'I-I don't remember anything,' she stammered

Dr. Cardell raised a questioning eyebrow and then slowly turned her head to look at the other, 'Dr. Hayden? Is this normal?'

Dr. Hayden swallowed, a lump in her throat and looked down, then a name popped into the girl's head, 'Nyssa,' she burst out,

'What?' Dr. Cardell asked, and looked at the girl again,

'Nyssa, I think that's my nickname or something,'

'Right, then. That'll have to do for now,' said Dr. Cardell, she grabbed a green onesie from a pile and handed it to Nyssa. 'Put that on and sit down in the circle, please don't forget to take the white one off, thank you,' Nyssa stumbled over to the circle of chairs, pulled of the white onesie, undeneath which she was wearing a plain white top and grey sweat shorts, neither of which belonged to her. She could still remember the old black and red checkered shirt she had been wearing over a black top and under a black leather jacket she had found in the bin outside a mall and the dirty, ripped, army green jeans and the old ripped sneakers she had found in a trash can in front of a house.

It was a faint memory,  barely visible to her. It was warm inside the room so she the sleeves of the onesie, just above her hips. As she sat down the next was brought in. A boy. He had blonde hair, that reached to his jaw at the back, but was cut up around his ears and up to his bangs. His eyes were hazel and kind. His eyelashes were long and black and his cheekbones high, his face was a sort of loose square shape. He wasn't muscular but not slender and starved like she. His shoulders were broad and he was approximately 5'8 feet tall.  Dr. Hayden asked for his name and he answered without hesitation, 'Benjamin Thomson,' he answered, 



'Country and city?'

'Happisburgh, England,' 

'Very good, now put this on and sit down in the circle, remember to take off the white one,' she handed him one of the army green, button-up onesies, and the next was sent inside, it was a girl. Her hair was coloured pink and her eyes were light brown. Her face was heart-shaped, her eyebrows were flat and her mouth was painted light-red. Benjamin Thomson sat down next to Nyssa as Dr. Hayden started questioning, the girl, 'name?' she asked returning to her bored and unintrested attitude.

'Chloe Houtman,' she answered, carelessly,



'Country, and city?'

'Pukete, Hamilton,' she said,

'Country?' Dr. Hayden asked,

'What're you? Stupid?' The girl asked, annoyed

'Country?' Dr. Hayden insisted.

'New Zealand,' 

'Thank you,' said Dr. Hayden, 'put this on and sit down in the circle, don't forget to take the white one off,' said Dr. Hayden and shoved an army green onsie into her arms.

Chloe Houtman rolled her eyes, changed and sat down on the other side of Nyssa. She threw a glance at Benjamin, smiled, and mumbled, 'not bad,' Nyssa sat quietly waiting until the circle was full. Most of the others were from Australia or America.

They slowly started to fill up the circle and then Dr. Cardell stepped up in front of a wall, 'as you all know my name is Dr. Cardell, this is an institution-'

'An institution?' Chloe asked, 'like a mental institution?'

Dr. Cardell ignored the interruption, and continued, 'that was built to protect you. Our home - the planet Earth, has been attacked with a virus, affecting children between the ages of 10 to 16, which is why we brought you here, to protect you and help you control your powers.'

'Powers?' Chloe interrupted again, 'what do you mean "powers"?'

'The ones who survive the virus -in other words you - are believed to grow supernatural powers, There are five categories, but I only want you to worry about four since the fifth one is believed to be.... extinct.' Said Dr Cardell, 'There is ice, that does not mean you can go around shooting ice at people or things, it means that is you touch something - or someone, it'll freeze or just fell cold enough to freeze depending on how strong your powers are. Then there is mind, don't get fuzzy it's not mind control exactly. It's the ability to recall memories or create fake memories, only the strongest in this category can access the memories they recall from another person. And then there is super-speed, which is pretty much what you can hear out of it. And then there is the power to manipulate time. You can't time-travel, you can't change the past and you are not pshycic. You can make one minute seem like three hours and three hour seem like one minute. Since this power is a little... well, let's call it like it is; boring, nature decided to give these... a little extra. Healing powers. I will call you into the room next to this one that you see over there,' Dr. Cardell pointed to a grey door at the back of the room, 'one after one, and we shall figure out what you're powers are.' 


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