The 15 year old girl is in for a big surprise when she is thrown into a crowd of children and teenagers between the ages of 10 and 16, when she suddenly doesn't remember anything about herself or why she's at this strange place with people that claim she has supernatural powers...


1. I

The girl sat in the shelter of the old carton and so, she had used to build a shelter under the bridge crossing the big black ocean. A car stopped further up on the road and a man and a woman came out. The woman was carrying a picnic basket and a strong smell of pizza made it's way to the girls nose. The girl looked up and watched the man and woman approaching her. 'Hello dears,' said the woman, 'would you like some pizza?' She asked and held out the basket to them.

The boy hurried up and grabbed a slice. The girl took a slice and was just about to take a bite when a strange smell pierced through the strong smell of pizza, 'what is this-? Ah!' She groaned, as she was interrupted by a sharp poke of something small and thin piercing through the skin of the side of her neck. Her eyes fell shut immediately an she was about to fall but something caught her. She would've thought to be unconscious except she could still faintly hear voices and she could still feel the others arm pressing against her bones, and the pain when she was thrown carelessly into the van. She heard the sound of someone else being thrown into the van and then she passed out.



When she woke up she was lying on the cold floor of a strange room she saw others lying around her. She tried to reach for them but it was like she was paralysed and couldn't move. When she tried to open her mouth not a sound came out. Then she passed out again.

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