Elastic Heart

Isla needs to make a stand to free herself from the chains of torment and bonds of agony. When enough is enough she will receive help from her friends to make that stand.


3. So many calls

Sunlight poured into the room illuminating the sleeping form of Isla. She rolled over and cracked open one eye, her vision was blurred as she looked towards the window, it was bright outside but the condensation on the window told a different story. Isla sat up slowly, gently rubbing her eyes, the smell of food cooking assaulted her nostrils. Sliding back the covers she manoeuvred her body bringing her legs over the bed, her feet splayed out as her toes gripped the soft carpet. Rising off the bed sore and stiff she stretched her arms above her head and then lent back. Her back clicked in the places she needed most, her elbows and fingers popped. Isla felt relieved as that built up pressure dissipated, the gas leaving the gap of her joints. Once happy with all the bone cracking Isla padded her away from Law's bedroom too the bathroom, looking at herself in the mirror she smiled. She looked a bit better than last night, turning on the tap to the sink the warm water started to flow and she placed her hands underneath the running water, cupping her hands so I didn't run through her fingers. She splashed herself with the warm water to wake up, reaching out she searched blindly for a hand towel. 'Shit why didn't I think of this beforehand' her mind screamed to her. Finally finding a hand towel she bought it up and gently patted her face dry, placing the towel back on the hook, she turned leaving the bathroom to go in search for Law.    Upon entering the kitchen she saw a sight that made laughter rumble up her being and spew out of her mouth. Law was side on to her, he was wearing a chefs hat and an apron, he was pointing an accusing finger at bowl of scrabbled egg, with one eyebrow raised and was muttering angry curses at it. He heard Isla laughing and turned on his heels to look at her. He scratched the back of his neck as a blush spread across his cheeks.  "Leave him alone he's already scrambled" Isla laughed. "Well if he wasn't being so difficult things would go a lot smoother" Law mumbled sheepishly.  "Ok ok" she held her hands up in defence, looking towards the bowl of scrambled egg, she pointed a finger at it. "You stop being difficult and you stop threatening him" Isla said turning to point at Law.  "Yes Chef" Law said nodding. Isla giggled at his silly antics.  "There is a glass of water on the table and some painkillers if you need them" Law said turning his back to her to dish up the nearly cold egg. Isla walked over to the little dining table, sitting down carefully. She picked up the painkillers, putting them in her mouth and drank the water quickly.  "Ugh they taste horrible" Isla grimaced while wiping away a drop of water that had escaped and was trying to get a home run on her chin. "Breakfast is served" Law sang gleefully, turning with the two plates and placing them in the table. He made coffee and grabbed the cutlery placing them in front of Isla.   Whilst eating breakfast they chatted idly about things in the news and about work. However what Law wanted to know was not what had been in the news but what had gone down last night. The thoughts kept waking him up last night, he didn't get as much sleep as he would have liked. Getting up Law placed the dirty dishes in the sink, taking his seat again he picked up his coffee and took a big gulp. Mustering up the courage he looked at Isla dead in the eyes. "What happened last night" he asked as a frown pulled at the edges of his features. Isla released the breath she didn't realise she had been holding. Knowing this subject would come up at some point, can't delay it forever. "Well me and Dan had gone out for dinner with some of our friends, we were given gifts all day for our anniversary" Isla began, Law was listening intently. "When we got home I opened one that I had been eying all day, it was such pretty wrapping paper. You know Ella and Mark don't you" Isla asked Law. "Yeah I've met them a few times, nice couple" he nodded. "Well anyway Inside was a beautifully carved wooden box, I opened the box and the first thing I saw was a pink and blue customised baby grown, on the front read 'Baby Newmarket', there was also a little note it said 'For when your love creates another life'. Dan thought I was pregnant, I'm not but he thought I was. He punched me in the eye and ripped up the baby grow. From there he tried to have his way with me, he bit me on my neck, then punched he in the other eye. I hit him in the groin, trying to escape, he grabbed my ankle and my face hit the door frame, he flipped me over trying to have his way with me again, he smashed my head off of the door frame, then I blacked out" Isla took a few deep breaths and continued. "I woke up, in just my t-shirt and I was quite sore. I finally got my jeans on and called you. After I left the voicemail Dan was standing in the doorway getting angry again, asking if I was going to tell what had happened, I tried lying but that made things worse. He pushed me over the coffee table, threw a glass at my head, burnt the side of my neck and hair, then left" Isla finished, tears were streaming down her cheeks and her bottom lip was trembling. "That's all I can remember" Isla whispered looking down at her hands feeling ashamed.    Law sat there wide eyed, he expected her to tell him some of it and lie about the rest, she always did. This time she had told him everything, nothing held back. Law felt sick to his stomach, that bastard had raped her whilst she was out cold, what kind of sick person does that. He leant over the table closer to her. His eyes were ablaze with ferocity, guttural hatred, he was utterly infuriated, he wanted to go back to her apartment and kill him.  "So he beat you and raped you" Law spoke lowly, his body trembled in his seat, filled with rage. He clenched his fists on the table, you could hear the creaking of the wood from under his weight. Isla nodded while pulling herself together, it was no use crying now, what's done is done. Although now enough was enough, now was the time for her to make her stand to leave that no good scum bag.    Law excused himself from the table and made his way to his study to calm down. Sitting down at his desk he rested his elbows  on the edge, placing his head in his hands. His breathing was erratic as he ran his fingers through his midnight hair. She needed to leave him and as soon as possible, if he found her he would probably do a lot worse to her. The thought of this fuelled Law's infuriation further, the man she cared about had laid his hands on her one to many times, he should pay for what he has done. Law sat quietly at his desk conjuring plans, finding away to exterminate the pest before it's too late.    Isla made her way to the living room to get her clothes and get changed. Her phone buzzed while she was digging through her duffle bag, reaching into the pocket of her hoodie she pulled out her phone. Pressing the home button she had 3 missed calls from Ella, a text from Lisa her manager telling her to take as much time off as she needs, and 68 missed calls and 3 voicemails from Dan. Isla started at her phone and snarled, she replied to Lisa first thanking her  and telling her she would try to get back to work as quick as she can. Pressing the call button she called Ella back.   "Oh thank god Isla its you, I've been trying to get a hold of you, Dan called me and said that you two had an argument, that he left to cool down and when he got back some of your stuff was missing and so were you" Ella started sounding very relieved. Isla bit her lip, should she tell Ella what was going on...? "Yes we got into a big argument, some nasty things were said so I called a friend to come and pick me up, I'm currently staying here until the soil sets as it were" Isla lied Cooley, now was not the time to tell Ella what had happened. So Dan had been in contact with her friend, the conniving shit bag. "Oh thank god, I thought you would be on the streets, you never called me so I was really worried, please keep me updated though okay." Ella put on her motherly tone. "Yes mum, I'll keep you updated. At the moment I want nothing to do with Dan, I don't want to talk to him, to see him, just thinking about him makes me feel sick" Isla sneered. "What was the argument about anyway" Ella was trying to push for an answer. "The baby grow you and Mark made, Dan thought I was pregnant and didn't tell him, he wouldn't listen to me and things blew up from there really" Isla stated. Well she was telling the truth, but not every detail. "Oh, I'm really sorry this is all my fault, I caused the argument, I am so sorry" Ella sounded genuinely upset. "Don't worry about it, it's just him being hardheaded isn't it" Isla laughed.  "Okay well at least I know you're safe, I have to go now but please please please keep me updated" Ella said hurriedly. "I will, okay speak to you later, bye" Isla said as she ended the phone call.   Looking back at her phone she pressed the voicemail button. 'You have three new voicemails, to listen to them please press one' the automated voice spoke. Pressing the one button Isla put the phone back to her ear. 'Hey it's me, I'm really sorry for what I have done. I-I really didn't mean to do it and I feel terrible. Call me back when you get this. Bye' Dan sounded apologetic but it was all smoke a mirrors, if she was to go back he would do the same thing. Second message: 'Why aren't you picking up, I bet you're telling him your story, that's right I saw you leave with Law, I bet he's comforting you isn't he?, I bet you and him are getting close, he will be using your vulnerability to get into your pants, don't say I didn't warn you' Third message: 'You fucking bitch, I bet you're loving it aren't you, having another man inside your tight walls, screaming his name while he pounds into you, when I find you I'll fucking kill you' End. 'To delete all messages press 2, to save messages press 3' beep 'you have saved your messages'   Isla stared at her phone. Who the hell did he think he was, making assumptions and calling her friends. This man was a piece of work. Throwing her phone on the table she grabbed her clothes to go and get ready for the day.    Law had come out of the study as Isla passed him to use the bathroom. He looked confused as he saw the sneer on her lips and growling as she walked by him. Grabbing her wrist he turned her to look at him. "What's the matter?" He asked softly his brows knitting together. "I had 3 missed calls from Ella, I called her back she told me that Dan had called her to tell her that I had left because we got into a massive argument, and I had 3 voicemails from 'him'." She huffed. "The first one was a shitty apology, the next was telling me he was me leave with you and that you would use my vulnerability to get into my pants, then the last one was making assumptions that you and me were having sex and that when he finds me he will kill me" Isla spat, her voice was dropping with venom. "Save the messages" Law said simply. "Already have" Isla said pulling a face and tapping her temple. "Good girl, I'll let you get changed now" Law said smiling, he turned to walk into the living room. "Oh by the way" he said looking over his shoulder. "I'll always have your back" he said smirking. "Thanks" raising her eyebrows in confusion she turned and walked into the bathroom.
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