Elastic Heart

Isla needs to make a stand to free herself from the chains of torment and bonds of agony. When enough is enough she will receive help from her friends to make that stand.


2. Cleaning up

Stepping in through the door Law lead Isla into his living room. Isla put her duffle bag next to the sofa, Law then took her into the bathroom to get her cleaned up. Taking his medical kit out of the cabinet above the sink he set to work getting his stuff ready. "You can take a seat on that stool over there" Law murmured while his head was stuck in his bag, pointing to where the stool was put. Isla took a seat on the stool, tapping her hands on her legs whilst waiting for the doctor to ready himself.    A few minutes passed and Law was ready he washed his hands with hot water and soap, after rising them he dried them off on a hand towel and pulled on his clear latex gloves. Staring at Isla he raised an eyebrow and hummed to himself. "Where to start" he mumbled. "Okay, right I want to take a look at that lump on the back of your head first, can you turn to face the other way for me" Law said holding up his hand and making a turning gesture. "Of course" Isla nodded and turned to face the wall.  Law bough his stuff over and placed it on the counter next to him. He bought his hands up to inspect the lump on her head, shifting her matted hair out of the way he grimaced as he realised the lump was actually a nasty gash, the 'lump' was actually just congealed blood and matted hair.  "Okay it looks like I am going to have to cut some of your hair" he whispered. "Okay do what you have to" Isla responded. Grabbing his scissors he parted the hair he could save until he came to the 'lump', he cut around it and as he pulled it away from her head he grimaced again. Popping it onto the sterile counter, he turned back to look at her head. Picking up the gauze and saline he proceeded to bathe the gash gently to clear it of any debris. However when this was done he inspected it further, it would need stitching and he had no way to numb the area. Finding his needle, he place the end of the suture through and tied a knot.  "I'm going to have to stitch this back together and I don't have anything to numb the pain. Just please let me know when you are ready" Law sighed heavily. Isla took a moment to gather herself together. "Okay I'm ready" she whispered and closed her eyes, she took a deep breath ready to brace herself. There was a crucifying pain to begin with but it started to dull towards the end of the stitching. Law was being as gentle as he could be but at the same time he needed to make sure that everything was accurate enough that the wound wouldn't re-open. Once he had finished he took a deep breath, exhaling slowly. He had done a good job, he was pleased with his work, and Isla didn't make too much noise, that was a good sign.   "Okay I've finished the stitching, would you like me to trim away all of the frayed ends of hair?" He said making Isla jump a little. "Yes please" she murmured against the hand she was biting. Bringing the scissors up to her hair again he cut away all the flame damaged ends, thankfully he wasn't taking a large chunk of her hair off otherwise she would probably kill him. Brushing the ends off of her back, he placed his hands on her shoulders and turned her round. She looked at him with a confused face.  "I need to take a look at the rest of you" he chuckled lightly at her confusion. "Ohh okay" she said blushing and averting her gaze. He knelt down on his knees so he was now face to face with her.  "I need you to look up for me okay" he spoke softly. Isla did as he said, she kept her face straight but raised her eyes to look at the ceiling. He then grabbed his little flashlight off the counter. "Okay I need you to look forward for me"  Isla looked directly at Law as she shone the little flashlight in each eye, her pupils were dilating and retracting as normal, so no signs of concussion. "I'm going to clean up the cut on the bridge of your nose okay" Law smiled as he looked into her eyes. She didn't say anything she just nodded. He cleaned the cut it wasn't anything major it would heal on its own, he then cleaned up her lips and moved towards her hands. He used his plastic tweezers to remove the other shards of glass, once this was done he gave them the same treatment as he had to clean the gash.  "There you are, all done" he said whilst chucking all the dirty gauze, empty saline and the 'lump'.  "You'll be as good as new in no time" he laughed. He looked towards the clock and furrowed his eyebrows, 2:45 am. Turning back to looked at Isla.  "I know it's really late but I want you to relax and have a hot bath, it will help soothe the aches and pains ok..? I'll bring in everything you will need, I'm going to make them phone calls ok" he said as he stood up and made his way over to the bath. Placing the plug in the hole, he turned on the hot water, added bubble bath and left the bathroom.    Isla stood up and was hit with an enormous wave of vertigo, grabbing the counter for support, she closed her eyes as she swayed slightly. Her legs gave out from underneath her, dropping to her knees she placed her hands on the floor and crawled over towards the bath. She sat down resting her back on the side of the bathtub, taking in deep breaths.    Law was rummaging through her duffle bag getting her shower gel, underwear and pyjama's when he heard a thud come from the bathroom. He had already phoned both of their places of work telling them that they won't be in due to family issues. Making his way back arms full with towels and her stuff, he found her on the floor breathing erratically, sitting onto the floor next to her, he raised her chin to look at him.  "What happened" he asked voice filled with worry. "I tried to stand up but my legs gave out" she said between breaths. "Okay, right I'm going to help you into that bath" Law said placing another soft kiss to her forehead.  "Okay" she responded. He placed the stuff on the floor, stood up, hooked his arms under hers and pulled her up, sitting her on the edge of the bath.  "I'm going to take your clothes off so I can get you in the bath, I don't want to make you uncomfortable, just keep your eyes on my face okay" he smiled down at her. Isla nodded softly. Gripping the hem of her shirt he started to bring it up to her chest. "Lift up your arms" Law whispered softly into her ear. Bringing the top off of her body, he chucked it away to start a pile of dirty clothes. Reaching round her back he unclasped her bra, sliding it off her arms. His breath caught in his throat as he glanced down at her chest and torso. A blush graced his cheeks as he looked up to her face. "Sorry" he mumbled softly, scratching the back of his neck. Law gently placed his tattooed hands on the button of her jeans, popping open the button open he slid the material from her legs. Once Isla was naked he assisted her into the bath, rolling up his sleeves to expose his tattooed arms he picked up a flannel and submerged it underwater. Bringing the now wet flannel to the surface he opened her sensual smelling body wash. Isla sat hunched over in the bath, she relaxed slightly when Law bought the flannel to her back and gently massaged the shower gel into her skin.    "You have such beautifully soft skin" Law mumbled. "Thank you" Isla blushed, thankfully she wasn't facing him because her face was the colour of a tomato. "And a stunning figure, face of an angel too" he spoke lowly, more to himself than Isla. He bit the inside of his cheek as he realised what he said. Once he had finished washing her back he handed her the flannel. She washed her arms,legs and front. She avoided the sore area between her legs, but as her gaze lowered to the bath water it was tinted a very light pink. Discreetly she felt around that area, as noticed that the bottom of the opening was torn slightly. That's why it was painful. She wouldn't tell Law. No she couldn't. Once finished in the bath Law wrapped a bath towel around her shoulders and assisted her out of the bath. After helping Isla dry off and get into fresh clothes  Law took her to his bedroom.  "You can sleep in my bed while you're here" He said as he turned to leave the room. "Law, please don't leave me" Isla begged coyly. He turned back into the room, softly taking her hand in his he lead her over to the bed. Isla pulled back the covers and climbed in as Law took off his shirt, he was muscular and covered in tattoo's. Isla bit her lip as she watched his muscles ripple under his skin in the fading moonlight, as he took his trousers off and put on his pyjama pants, after dressing himself. He pulled back the cover his side and climbed into bed. Law pulled Isla to him, wrapping one arm around her waist, tucking the other one under her neck. She could feel the warmth radiating off him onto her back, placing her hand over his they interlocked fingers. "I'm sorry" Isla whimpered as Law felt her body shake. "Shhh it's okay" Law cooed softly as he nuzzled his face into her neck. "I don't know what you're sorry for though" he whispered against her ear. "Because you have done all of this for me, it's really late and you've had to phone in sick for work" Isla whimpered again. "Do you know why I done this, because you are my friend, and you know I would do anything for you, now try and get some sleep, you must be exhausted" he said placing a gentle kiss to her temple, he untwined their fingers, using his free hand he drew absentminded patterns on her arm, before long Isla had drifted off into a much needed sleep. Placing one more kiss to her temple Law nuzzled his head back into the crook of her neck. "I love you" he whispered softly to the sleeping form, before drifting off to sleep himself.
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