Change Each other. (Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

She is Bad.
He Is Good, With a bad past.
They Can't Change Themselves.
But they can try.
They could try to change each other.

*Yellow because there is ^talk^ if ya know wut I mean..*


11. 9: Meeting the boys.




Miri's P.O.V   

I wake up to the sound of someone singing.

I open my eyes and yawn.

"Miri?" Louis calls out.

"Yeah?" I respond, Tiredly.

"My best Mates are coming over in a bit! Is that okay?"

I laugh.

"Yeah, Louis! Totally fine! I can't really say no now, either!" I call out.

He called them, without asking?

I laugh again.

He's so funny.

Why the hell am I laughing so much today?

I need to put up a barrier.

For all I know, These boys can be Jerks.


It took me about 20 minutes to do my makeup, Choose an outfit and Brush my hair.

I decided to wear a sweatshirt that said 'Filthy Mudbloods..' and jeans.

No, I am not prejudice, But I am a Slytherin and This shirt just.. Fits?

The doorbell rings and Louis runs to get it.

"Hey guys!" I hear him say.

"Hey Lou!" Some boys say.

I go downstairs and on the second to last step, the boys notice my presence and I jump and Land in a Karate position.

"Welcome to my humble abode.." I say creepily.

The blonde one backs away a bit and cowers behind this other guy.

Louis looks at me with a weird face and backs away too.

"The names Miri.. Not gonna tell you my last name cause.." I start to slowly walk towards them, Again Creepily.

"I'll have to Kill you!" I scream, causing them all to scream and fall, except for Louis.

I laugh at them and run up to my room, grabbing my very realistic looking knife and Go down stairs slowly.

"Hello, Boys..." I start, creepily. "It seems that you have not introduced yourselves.. and for that, Darlings, I have to kill you.." I drawl, doing my best to sound like a killer.

Their eyes widen and They start to back away.

I throw my 'knife' Behind me and jump on the couch.

"Anyways, Whats your names?" I say, acting like this never happened.

"Um... Erm.." They stutter.

"Louis? What happened to your best mates? " I ask 'Concerned'

" I don't know, actually.. Boys?" He asked.

The curly haired one smirked and came up to me.

" Hey. I'm Harry! " He said.

He's actually pretty cute.

Another one comes up and waves.

"Hello. I'm Liam! Nice to meet you!" He says.

He looks behind me and sighs.

"Sorry about Niall. He's freaked out about what you did."

I pretend to be confused.

"Sorry? What did I do to freak him out?" I say loudly.

"Erm.. With your knife.. Killing us and all."

"I did that?" I whisper in 'shock'

"Yeah.." He says, looking at Louis in confusion.

"I'm sorry! I just blank out sometimes! a-and I can't control my actions! I-I could've killed one you! I-I could've a-actually killed one of you! " I start to 'cry'.

Louis catches on and sits next to me.

"Liam! I told you not to bring it up around her! It freaks her out! She barely gets any sleep as is, thinking that she could kill someone! " He says.

I suddenly stop 'crying' and go behind the couch to get my 'knife'

I had told Louis yesterday to get a washable 'blood' pouch and to wear it the day his friends arrive.

"Louis.." I say creepily.

"Guys.. Go upstairs.."Louis says backing away in 'fear'.

The guys run upstairs but I can see Liam peeking.

"Babe.." He backs up until his back hit the wall.

I 'stab' where Louis' 'blood' pouch is and he gasps.

I hear a gasp from the stairs, but I ignore it.

I 'stab' Louis until there is no 'blood' left in his 'blood' pouch.

I pretend to pass out and the boy slowly come downstairs.

They all gasp and I pretend to wake up.

"Hey guys.. What happened?" I look over and Pure terror is across their faces.

I look to Louis and Gasp.

"Louis!" I yell.

Surprise! I had wore a 'blood' pouch by my chest!

"I can't believe I killed someone." I whisper.

"I actually did that" I whisper loudly in 'disgust'.

I look at the boy and smile.

"Goodbye boys.." 

They are about to protest but I stab my 'blood' pouch and 'blood' starts to slowly put out.

I gasp and fall.

I slowly close my eyes.

I hear Niall whimpering.

Aww. Now I feel bad.

"Wake up Louis.." He whimpers.

"W-Wake up!" He cries.

I'm guessing Louis couldn't hold it much longer because I hear him say " I'm up, Niall! It was just a prank... Just a prank."

"W-What about M-Miri?" He asks.


I forgot to tell him about the pouch..

Oh well.

"Miri?" He says in confusion.

I hear footsteps and Louis gasp.

"Miri.. No no no.. Miri! You said you would run out the door! "

"I know" I speak and Flash him crazy eyes.

He screams and I laugh.

" I'm not a psychopath! And I don't black out! Dudes, I ain't that crazy!" I laugh.

"I'm gonna go shower!" I say, walking up stairs.

"Can I join. " Harry says cheekily.

I slowly walk downstairs, making sure to sway my hips, making all of their eyes widen.

I walk up to harry and make it look like i'm about to kiss him.

Our lips were just about to touch when I jump back.

"Nope! " I yell and Give him the middle finger before running upstairs.

I could hear everybody laughing at him and I smile.

I quickly take a shower and put on a tank top and sweats.

Time to punch.


I run past the boys trying to get to my punching bag when Louis asks,

"Where you going?" 

"Punching bag!" I respond happily.

Liam, Niall and Harry's eyes widen.

"You guys really need to see her Punch! " Louis says.

They all get up and follow me to my Punching bag.

"Louis, can you set the timer?" I ask.


He starts the timer and I start to punch wildly.


10 minutes later, I stop punching and look back at the boys.

They all look amazed.

"Whats the time?" I ask.

"Erm.. I think you broke the timer Miri.."

"What do you mean?"

"Theres a bunch of numbers, That I don't know how to say.."


"Give it here." I ask.

He passes it to me and My eyes widen.

I don't even know how to say that number.

"New record! Time to celebrate!" I yell, running out of the room.

I sit on the couch and turn on the tv.

I put on Harry Potter and grin.

The boys finally join me and watch.

After the movie was finished, we all decided that we could have a sleepover.

We all go upstairs to the attic and hang out in there before falling asleep.


Thank you for reading! 

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