Change Each other. (Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

She is Bad.
He Is Good, With a bad past.
They Can't Change Themselves.
But they can try.
They could try to change each other.

*Yellow because there is ^talk^ if ya know wut I mean..*


6. 5: Punching bag.

                                                       Melanie's P.O.V


He used to be like me?


What happened then?

"Why are you so.. " I trail off not knowing what to say.

"Nice? Good?" He asks.


"Well, I feel bad, Because my mother has to keep finding me schools and well, I don't want to end up in jail, Ya know?" He responds.

"Well then how come you said, Maybe I want to mix with the bad people?" I ask.

"I honestly don't know.. " He says.

"Ok.. Well just a heads up, I'm the only bad person in school, And if you don't want to get beat up, Stick with me." I say.

"So.. 20 QUESTIONS!" He screams.


"Tomlinson" I warn.

"Temmer!" He says.


"ok! I go first! Any siblings?" I ask.

"Yup!  5 half sisters and 1 half brother!" He answers.

"Wow. Cool!"

"Yup, Ok my question is.. Where are your parents?"


"Uhm,  I dont know, They left when I was 14.." I answer.

"Oh, Sorry." 

"Its ok."

"Listen its getting late, I'll text you when I get home" He says.

"Ok. Bye!"


(A/N: They are texting now, So L Is Louis and M is Miri.)


L: Hey I'm home.

M: K

L: Wut u doin?

M: I was punching my punching bag, U?

L: Um ok, I just got home..

M: Cool, Gtg.

L: Ok Bye Mirs

M: Bye Lou :)


SO! Thats it! Happy Remembrance Day! Bye!                                                    

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