Change Each other. (Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

She is Bad.
He Is Good, With a bad past.
They Can't Change Themselves.
But they can try.
They could try to change each other.

*Yellow because there is ^talk^ if ya know wut I mean..*


5. 4: I used to be like you.

                                                      Louis' P.O.V


I run upstairs and hide in a room.

I quickly look for a good hiding spot.

I find a floor door?

I dont know..

I open it up and hide.

"Woah" I whisper.

This place is so cool. (A/N:Picture!)


I lie down for a while, Ti'll I here a loud THUD.

I quickly get out of the 'basement' place and run downstairs.

I see this guy in a black mask trying to fight back Miri.

The guy pulls out a gun and for a second I thought I saw a look of fear on her face.

I run to the guy and take the gun out of his hand and Miri takes the chance to punch him.

I throw the gun across the lake outside.

Miri takes him outside by the ear and throws him on the road.

She looks at me and we grin at each other.                                                                             "Thanks." She says.

"Hey! you don't think I would let him shoot you, did you? You saved my stomach! " I joke.

She sits down on the sofa.

"Lets get to know each other then!" She says


"So.. Age?" She asks

"18, You?" 

"Same, um, Do you live alone too?"

"Yup! So, I thought it was the police? How come it was a man in a mask when I Came down?" I ask.

"He had other men with him, and I threw them in the lake. Then When he came I saw he had a gun, so I tried to knock him out but...." She trailed off, Knowing I know the rest.


"Yeah! So.. Your question is... When the guy was punching you, How come you didn't fight back?" She asked.

I knew she would ask this question.




It was the first day of seventh grade and I was the new kid in the school.

My last school kicked me out because I got into another fight.

I felt bad when my mum had to keep finding schools for me, So I'm gonna try to stop getting in to fights.

"Hey! Look! Its the New Kid!" Some guy says.

"Yeah! Woah! He's fit!" Some girl says.

Like seriously! I'm only 13!  

"Let's beat him up!"

Oh No..

Sorry Kid, But Your gonna be in the Hospital for days.

He comes up to me and Tries to punches to punch me but I catch his arms.                 He looks at me shocked and I flip him.

He falls and The girl runs over.

When I realize what I have done, Its too late.


When I explain my flashback, She looks shocked.

"I used to be like you."

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