Change Each other. (Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

She is Bad.
He Is Good, With a bad past.
They Can't Change Themselves.
But they can try.
They could try to change each other.

*Yellow because there is ^talk^ if ya know wut I mean..*


15. 12: Dropping out.




No one's P.O.V


Melanie and Louis' date went splendid and they grew a lot closer.

One day everyone was sitting on the couch, watching tv when Melanie mentions something.


"Hey guys?"

They all hum in response.

"I dropped out of school."

And thats when the chaos happens.

A series of 'whats?!' and 'whys!' are thrown at Miri.

"I couldn't handle it. I-" Miri starts.

"You weren't even getting bullied! Now your gonna be even more dumb!" Louis yells in frustration.

Miri looks at him in shock.

"More dumb? What exactly do you mean by that?"

"I- I didnt mean that, I-" 

"Get out of my house!"

Louis looks at her with regret and shamefully nods his head looking down and walking out of the house.




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