Change Each other. (Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

She is Bad.
He Is Good, With a bad past.
They Can't Change Themselves.
But they can try.
They could try to change each other.

*Yellow because there is ^talk^ if ya know wut I mean..*


14. 11: The date.


Yoyo its me a week laterrrrrr.

Yeah, i'm weird sorry.



"What do I wear?!" I say, frustrated.

"I've searched my whole closet, Zayn! What do I wear?" I ask Zayn.

"I dunno."

"Wow! Very helpful, Malik." I say.

"Why don't you just wear that dress you got from that Harry Potter site? Ya know, The green one?" 


"This one?" I say, pulling out one of my Harry Potter inspired dresses.


"Yeah. Go wear that." He says, getting up.

"I cant help you with makeup so you should know what to do." He follows up, getting out of the room.

"Thanks Zayn!" I yell out.

A muffled 'your welcome' answers and I try on my dress.

I smile in satisfaction.

Now for the makeup.

I put light makeup on, Putting light pink blush on and a maroon lipstick.

Now time for the date.


A knock at my door interrupts My thoughts and I get up to open my front door.

"Louis." I say, Nodding my head curtly at him.
"Miri." He says, Stifling a laugh.


"Huh?" He says, cocking his head to the side.

"Don't call me Miri, Call me Melanie, Dummy."

"Oh. Okay, Melanie. Are you ready to go?" He asks.

"Yes, Lewis." 


"Huh?" I say, Mocking his actions before.

"Don't call me Lewis, Call me Louis, Dummy." He mocks.

"Hey!" I say, laughing.


"And I tell him, No Sir There is actually shrimp in your drink this time!" He tells me, Laughing.

I laugh. "Yeah, I can see why he didn't believe you the first time!" I say.

The waiter comes up to us and hands the bill to Louis.

Louis pays and we leave the restaurant.

"Thank you, Lou." I say.

"No, Thank you Melanie." He says, Looking into my eyes.

I turn away, The cheesy-ness making me awkward.

"What?" He whispers.

"This is too cheesy, Louis." I say.

"Its fine." I say, Looking back at him. "Lets go to my house, You can stay over."

"Ok Mel. Can I call you Mel? Or do you not like it. I- I mean its fine if you-"

I cut him off by kissing him. 

"I should ramble more." He laughs.

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