Change Each other. (Louis Tomlinson Fanfic)

She is Bad.
He Is Good, With a bad past.
They Can't Change Themselves.
But they can try.
They could try to change each other.

*Yellow because there is ^talk^ if ya know wut I mean..*


2. 1: Prologue



                                                    Melanies P.O.V

​I Think I just Remembered Something.

I think I left the faucet running.

Now my words are filling up the tub.

I wake up to the wonderful voice of Melanie Martinez,And I get up to go get changed.

I love it that I have the same name as her.

You see, I live alone.                                                                                                                     I know what your thinking, Why is a 17 year old living by herself?                                              Its because I got abandoned when I was 14, Yup, Left to vend on myself and Learn self-defence. It's Saturday today, And the only reason I had to get up is because of detention.                      

Stupid Detention.

All I did was punch a guy! The Guy was stupid anyways, Telling people i'm dangerous...         Ok, Maybe I am but now I have no friends!                                                                                                       Once i'm out the door, I put my keys in my pocket and start jogging.

"Hey Look! It's the new kid, Tomlinson!" I hear that guys voice that put me in detention.

"He looks so beat up-able!" Says his side-kick, 'The Douche', As I call him.

Wait, Did He just say, 'Beat up-able'? Uh,Oh...                                                                             


I run over to The Guy and The Douche to see that he is punching this 'Tomlinson' Guy in the stomach. 

Oh, Hell No.

"HEY!" I Scream.

They all look at me, three looks of fear, Two different looks of fear.

The guy and the douche already know what I can do, But I think Tomlinson's look is fear, For me? 

I walk up to the douche and throw him in the lake, Nearby.

The guy looks at me and I grab his collar.

"Time for my revenge.." I whisper.

"D-Don't y-you have detention?" He stutters.

I drop him and punch him the stomach.

"If you ever punch someone innocent again" I start.

"YOU'LL REGRET IT!" I scream.

I drop him again and he runs away.

I look at the Tomlinson guy and he grins painfully at me.

"Louis. Louis Tomlinson" He says.

"Melanie Temmer, Call me Miri." I say but I don't grin back.

"Lets get you cleaned up." I add.


After I get him cleaned up, We start heading back.

"So, You actually have detention?" He asks.

"Yup, Where you heading?"

"Ceotcher High school, You?"


We walk in silence, Ti'll we are in the school.

"Well off to detention!"

"Do you want my number? You know, Next time someone wants to beat me up?" He asks.


We exchange numbers and walk away.

"Bye!"He says.

"Hey wait!" I yell.


"You wanna meet up at the front of the school after my detention?" I ask.

"Sure, What time is after your detention?"

"Uh.. 10:00?" I say.


"okay! Bye!" I say while walking to detention.

"Bye!" I hear him say.



Thanks for reading my story! 

I hope you enjoyed!


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