Secret Agent Dads


4. school lockdown

School lockdown

It was a really hard morning so far. I woke up late didn't eat breakfast and almost missed the bus. But I finally get to school and see liv. We both have first class together and home room. We both went to get cookies for breakfast and headed to home room. The bell rings and the same boring announcements come on. Sports teams are doing great, meetings for clubs after school and donate food to the food drive. The bell finally rang and liv and I headed to first class which is math class, my favorite and liv's least. I don't exactly know what we were learning cause liv and I were just passing notes the whole time and drawing on our hands. Before class was over we both got sent down to the office. Liv and I both grabbed our bags and started to head down. We got to the office and saw two people in suits who looked a lot like the people who kidnapped us the other day. Liv pulled me to the nearest classroom which had a senior class in it. The teacher was actually a guidance counselor and really nice.

Teacher- Sarah liv can I help you.

Liv- no we just...

Sarah- actually can you just ask the office why we got sent down to the office?

Teacher- umm sure. Is everything ok?

Liv- totally.

The teacher buzzed into the office and they said that there are two gentlemen here that were sent by their parents to take them to the doctor's office. I asked the office to ask the gentlemen to tell her my moms maiden name. She did as I asked and he said it was something that wasn't right.

Sarah- that wasn't right. Can you please lockdown the school. Liv and I are in trouble and really don't have time to explain.

Teacher- I don't know. I really don't think I am allowed to do that.

Liv- please! This is really important.

Teacher- I am sorry girls I just can't. Unless the office feels that these people are harmful to the school.

* excuse the interruption but at this moment we are going into full school lockdown. Thank you.

The teacher looked at us and was really confused but told all the students to go against the wall while she locked the door and closed the blinds and lights. The guy I liked was actually in the class and they all thought we were crazy. The door was trying to be open by someone outside. Students just thought it was a teacher but liv and I knew it wasn't. The people behind the door started to bang on the door and really try to knock it down. The teacher told the kids not to worry.

Sarah- liv what do we do know.

Liv- I don't know. I can only think to run when they try to get us.

Sarah- I have an idea.

Liv and I stood behind the door where when they open it can't see us. We told the teacher to not even look over in this direction or we might not get away with it. She stood over near the seniors and waited for them to break down the door. Liv and I waited patiently with every kick or hit against the door ready to run. They finally broke the door down and the students all screamed. They walked over to the students slowly and asked them where two little girls were. Liv and I bolted for the door very quietly but the two guys turned around and saw the door move. They ran after us but the teacher tried to stop them. He hit her onto the ground and ran after his partner. Two senior guys went to go help the teacher out. Liv and I bolted and didn't know where to run. We both ran to the gym and went into the girls locker room. The door was locked and we lust banged on the door for someone to open it. The teacher finally opened it and pulled us inside. the students started to laugh at us so the teacher yelled at us and the students to be quiet. There was a very loud bang on the door. The teacher asked us what was happening so we just told her the whole story, but she thought we were crazy. There was another loud bang on the door and it was half-open this time. The teacher told all the students to go into the bathroom and be still and quiet. Liv and I ran out through the emergency exit. The men in suits hit the door one last time and it finally fell down. The students were petrified and so were we. The men leave the locker room when they realized no one was there. Liv and I are near the sports lockers and go right to exit the building and run all the way to the soccer and baseball fields. We go into the woods and stop to talk and make a plan.

Sarah- so what do we do know.

Liv- I don't know but we can't stay here. They know we were on the Camus.

Sarah- I have an idea. It might be a little risky but it's worth it because I don't believe they will look any where we are going.

Liv agreed and we left through the woods. We walked through the woods until we hit the highway. We had to cross the road to run to the small plaza near the beach. We crossed the four lane highway without getting killed. Liv didn't know where we were going but she liked it when we got there. We went to my favorite nutritional shake shop. We tried to call or dads to tell him what was going on but no one picked up.

Sarah- I tried my dad like five times and he didn't pick up. What about you?

Liv- nothing. But there is a number who. Called me ten times today. I could be someone from the secret service.

Sarah- ok. Try it?

Ring--ring--ring-- hello, who is this and how did you get my number!?

Liv- umm my name is Olivia Johnson and you called this number a lot today. Can I ask who this is?

Who is you father?

Liv- my dads name is David Johnson.

Ok. We work with your father. Is your friend Sarah Chaff?

Liv- yes. Her dad and my dad work together. She is with me right now.

Good. I would like both of you to hear this. I do not want you to worry but your dads are in trouble and we can't get in touch with them.

Sarah- wait what can we do to help them?

Nothing. We already have many people working on getting them back. We just wanted to tell you that everything is ok and we wanted to make sure you two are also ok.

Liv- ok. Thank you. And yes we are fine now.

What do you mean fine now!?

Sarah- we just had a little incident with two men trying to capture us. Nothing that hasn't happened before. It's all set now. Thanks bye!


Before he could finish his sentence I just hung up on him. We both know that our parents are not ok and they need our help to get free. If the secret service people know we are in danger they will send for us to be taken away again and we won't leave until our parents are free and who knows how long that will be. We need to take action and save our dads. They saved us before and now it's our turn to save them.

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