Secret Agent Dads


3. recovery


Liv And I just woke up and are lying on the ground in a house. I get up and see liv and immediately

Me- liv what happened

Liv- last thing I remember is two guards tried to kill us. I think.

Dad- those two guards were your dads.

Liv- dad?

Liv's dad- hi honey

My dad and liv's dad are standing by the door. We both get off the ground and run to hug them. It was amazing to think that my best friend and I were in danger and close to death but stayed together the whole time. Our fathers were there when we needed them and always come to rescue us.

Me- oh my god I missed you so much!

Liv- me too!

Liv's dad- we missed you too.

Dad- come with us. We need to show you something.

Liv- what do you need to show us?

Liv's dad- you'll see.

Liv and I fallow my dad and her dad through a very long hallway with lots of doors. The very last door we get to is metal and guarded by a security guard. We enter the room and it's filled with lots of work out equipment and a huge circle platform in the middle of the room.

Liv- what is this?

Dad- this place is where you both will learn to protect yourselves in times we can't help you.

Me- cool. So we will learn stuff like self defense?

Liv's dad- exactly.

Liv and I are amazed and both excited and petrified at the same time. My dad went over t grab some books and have them to us. There were so many and they were so big.

Liv- what exactly do you want us to do with these?

Liv's dad- what do you think?

Me- really. But there is so many.

Dad- yes. Now we are going to take you to you room so you can start and we will start talking tomorrow.

My dad opened the door and led us out into the hallway and to our new rooms. We went up three flights of stairs and through two hallways. We finally got to our room right before our legs were going to fall off. Those books are really heavy. Liv's dad opened the door and the room is amazing. We walk in to a rap around sofa in the middle of the room and off to the left are two big beds and two dressers with a bookshelf. The room was tan and our beds were blue and green. It was amazing. My dad took us off to the right side of the room where we found our closet a TV and a sofa. The closet was filled with every type of clothes, shoes, jewelry, sunglasses and regular glasses and for some reason wigs.

Liv- oh my god this room is amazing!

Me- I know! This is going to be amazing!

Dad- before you start anything you have to finish these books.

Me- what! Why?

Liv's dad- you have to read these books to understand what you need to know and the easiest ways to escape ropes and buildings with out getting seen.

Liv- uuuhhhh. Fine.

Liv's dad- good. Now we will see you tonight for dinner.

Dad- by girls.

The two fathers left the room for us to read. There were so many books we were not going to finish in time. We each pick up a book and go sit in our new beds. I picked up a book with a navy blue cover on it. It was about escaping tied ropes. Liv picked up a book about escaping a building being unseen. Out of no where a voice is heard telling us to come down to the main level for dinner. We put our books away and go down. It took a couple of try's but we finally found it and see my dad and liv's dad talking and stop when we enter.

Dad- oh hey girls how was the books?

Liv- boring.

Liv's dad- be nice liv.

Dad- ok let eat and after we are taking you two home.

Liv- wait why are you taking us home.

Liv's dad- we are taking you home because you have to go to school like you have been and pretend nothing ever happened. Now let go.

Liv- ok. By Sarah see you tomorrow at school. Thank you dad, I mean Sarah's dad.

Me- by liv. We will see each other at school any ways. By liv's dad.

Liv and I hugged and left. My dad took me home and I didn't say anything on the way home. Then I fell asleep and woke up and it was morning.

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