Secret Agent Dads


2. captured and saved

Captured and Saved

We are in the car for a while and finally stop. It looks like an old abandoned house. The people drag us very aggressively out of the car still tied up with ropes. Before we do anything the guards putvsomething over our mouth to make us pass out and we did. A few hours later I wake up tied to a chair and have no idea where I am.

Me- liv! Liv where are you.

Liv- I am tied to the back of you.

Me- oh.

Liv- where the heck are we.

Me- I have no idea but we have to get out of here before these people do something terrible to us.

A man in a mask walks in the room very mysteriously. He talks in a low voice and is very creepy. He says he's not going to harm us but right now I really hope nothing bad will happen to us.

- oh we are not going to harm you children. Yet.

Me- wha.. who are you and why are we here.

- I am the leader of LLE and we brought you here for bait.

Me- what?

Liv- they kidnapped us so that our dads will come and save us and they will be captured as well.

- very good little girl. You earned your life. For now.

All of a sudden he disappears.

Me- liv what are we going to do. We have to help out somehow.

Liv- calm down. We just need to think.

Me- wait I have my phone on me.

Liv- well lets txt your dad!

Me- umm. I can't

Liv- why....oh.

Liv and I try so hard to get free but we can't escape the ropes. We start to give up hope.


Back with the van

My dad and liv's dad are freaking out and have no idea how to find us. My cousins emily and Kaley are trying to find something online that will help. My dad and liv's dad look at each other and they both say something about the rings.

Liv's dad- I can't believe we didn't think of it sooner.

Kaley- think of what?

Dad- we gave liv and Sarah friendship rings today at school just in case anything happened to them.

Emily- so?

Dad- so we put a tracker in the ring and now we can locate where they are.

Kaley- you put a tracker on your daughters?

Liv's dad and my dad- yes.

Emily- not a bad idea.

My dad locates liv and my tracker and it shows an empty space with no building and nothing for miles. Kaley looked it up on her phone and found out that a mansion was built there years ago and burned down and the house was still there. On google maps it just changed to no building in that location. So the gang left to go find us. When they finally arrived there were guards everywhere. They had to find a way to sneak in not notified. Liv's dad and my dad took out the fist two security guards and took there clothes. Emily and Kaley were the computer people and watched for other people they need to look out for. The first two guards just nodded and let them inside. When the entered the mansion every area had a security guard near it. There was no way they were going to pull this off. Until the man who talked to the girls came up to them.

- ah just the two people I wanted to see. Walk with me.

- so these two girls, what do they know.

Dad- they know nothing and will not speak.

- really. Well if this time they do not speak,....... kill them. We don't need them any more.

Liv's dad- ... ok. I mean yes sir. Right away.


- go!! They are on the very top floor. Now go!

The dads run away going to find the two girls. They look through every room and can't find them until he hears someone talking. It was them.

Sarah's pov

Me- liv I hear someone coming.

Liv- I do too. Who could it be.

The door opens and two guards walk into the room side by side. I don't know about liv but i am already sweating and ready to cry.

Guard 1- so are you girls ready to talk or what?

Liv- we already told you we don't know anything. We found out we were secret agents today and no one told us anything!

Me- please let us go!

Guard 2- you shouldn't have said that.

Me- what are you going to do to us.

The two guards look at each other, smiled and then looked at us. I am petrified and don't know what is going to happen next. One guard comes to stand in front of me and one stands in front of liv and just stares at us. They bend over and untie us. Our hands are still tied and we try to run away. Each guard grabs us and pulls us into a hug.

I was so relieved to realize it was my dad. And also liv's dad. Before we can say anything they put the cloth over our mouth and it knocks us out.

Dads pov

Dad- I hate doing this

Liv's dad- I do to but it's for there own good. We need to get out of here. Remember the plan.

Dad- yeh. Let's go.

So both of the dads grab there daughter in there arms and carry them down to the exit. Everything was going fine until that man stoped them.

- what are you doing with the girls!

Dad- we are taking them outside to throw them away. Sir

Liv's dad- yes sir. You want to get rid of the evidence of murder so no one gets thrown in jail.

- smart thinking. Continue. But I want to see you in ten minutes in my office because I need to tell you something about there parents hideout.

Dad- sir can't you tell us now.

- my office. Ten minutes. Got it.

Both- yes sir.

- good. Now get rid of those creatures.

The man patted liv's dad on the back and took off. They both take the children out to the invisible van where Kaley and Emily are inside. Liv's dad drives away and the two girls are peacefully sleeping in the back lying on one another on the floor. They need to find a safe place to hide and my dad knows exactly where it is safe to hide. At least for now.

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