Secret Agent Dads


1. the finding

The Finding

It all starts at a soccer game for my school. Liv is my best friend and we are both on the soccer team together. Liv and I go to the same school and have a couple of classes together. On our way to gym class we meet at my locker and start talking.

Me- hey girl.

Liv- hey Sarah. How did you do on the math test.

Me- I think I did good but you never know with this teacher.

Liv- I know.

We hear our names called over the loud speaker to go to the main office. When we got to the main office our dads dropped of a box with two rings and a note in it. It said "we love you two and good luck at your game tonight! - love Sarah's dad and liv's dad❤️" our dads have been best friends ever since we became best friends. They have been acting weird the past few days though. We both put on the rings and got back to class. The day was finally over and we went to play our game. Liv plays in the net and I play forward. The game was over fast and we lost. Not a lot of people come to the games but at the end of the game three people came walking up to liv and me after everyone else left. We didn't know what to and were petrified, until my dad came running up behind us and grabbed our arms and ran away. We grabbed our bags we had and ran with my dad but we had no idea what was happening.

Me- dad what is happening!?

Dad- let's just say those people don't want us to be around.

Liv- what are you some kind of spy or something?

Before my dad had time to answer we got to a car and liv's dad was in the drivers seat.

Me- dad I am really confused on why those guys are chasing us?

Liv's dad- you haven't told them yet?

Liv- told us what dad?!

Dad- hhh. We are secret agents and Emily and Kaley have been captured by the LLE division.

Me- what does that stand for?

Liv's dad- Long Live Evil

Great, now we are being chased by people who want to kill us and I just found out that liv and I are secret agents with our fathers. Liv's dad drove to the water tower down the rhode and found Emily and Kaley standing outside. They were fine but the LLE truck found us. We bolted to the van and started to drive away.

Me- what are we going to do now. They are just going to follow us.

Kaley- not if they can't see us.

Liv- what?

Liv's dad- watch this.

Liv's dad pulled a lever and the truck became invisible. The car stoped and couldn't follow us anymore. We drove to the nearest convenient store to buy disguises. Liv and I are still in soccer clothes. We went inside and no one was there except a woman behind the cash register. We picked out clothes fast and had to leave. My dad went up to the cashier and held up his badge saying this is official business and we ran away. The alarm went off and many cars and people showed up. Liv's dad was ahead of me and my dad, and liv was behind us. I tell my dad to hold my hand so we don't lose each other. We finally get to the car. Liv's dad starts the car and my dad Emily and Kaley jump in. Liv fell and I have to go help her. But it was too late when I got there and we were caught. Liv's dad turned the car invisible and he had to drive away. We were trapped. Two guys with masks come to take us away in a car and we didn't know what was going to happen to us.

Liv- Sarah I'm scared.

Me- me too liv.

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