The jokers daughter

Hiiiiiii!!!!!! I'm Angel, that's all you need to know for now, and heads up, i'm Harley and THE Jokers daughter.


5. Chapter 3

               10 days later

Angel's P.O.V.


                   It's been 10 days since the day I was taken into this crazy life, I know live in gotham, but haven't explored. My dad wants me to wear an outfit he picked out for me. We are going to a party and he wants me to come, even tho I would rather stay in my room like I have been doing for 10 whole days, not eating ether. I better get ready.

       I  got in the shower for 5 minutes then got out. I blow dryed my hair and curled it then I put it up all princess like then put on the tiara he told me to wear. I got the corset dress on (and I actually liked it). I put on some mint sneaker that had a flower/rose print design. I put on a red to black kinda lipstick on (look at the picture). The I did a nice and lighter smokey eye. I put my nose ring on along with my criss-cross lip ring. I didn't wear my belly button ring on because of the corset dress. I let my tattoos show today. Then I put on some clear coat nail polish to make sure my acrylic nails stayed perfect. So funny story behind my nails, not really. So I got my nails redone a couple days ago and I let my 'dad' pick out the colors, he picked green and purple, funniest thing is those are 2/4 of my favorite colors, my other two are red and black. Sometimes blue tho. Well gotta go to the party. Byebye.

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