The jokers daughter

Hiiiiiii!!!!!! I'm Angel, that's all you need to know for now, and heads up, i'm Harley and THE Jokers daughter.


4. Chapter 2


Joker's P.O.V.


                "FIND HER!!!! GOD DAMMIT!!!!" I have been yelling, all day because I just found out I have a 16 yr. old daughter. Harley has been keeping this from me all these years, 16 whole years. I got so mad I threw her down the stairs, and now she is sitting in the corner.

             "I found her," one of my men said. Yes we found her, say hello to a new life sweetheart.


Angel's P.O.V.

                    While everyone was in class, and mostly everyone was looking at me because all the mascara got washed off my arms, the only good part is my makeup on my face stayed perfect. AMAZING! Well back on track, while everyone was looking at me, we all turned our heads to the window because of the sound of a helicopter, I was just as shocked as everyone else. Then the window burst open and came in a man with tattoos all over. Everyone got up and went to the corner shaking in fear. While I just stand their very curious of what this man was doing here, when a panda? Pointed at me? He did a head motion and 2 of his men came over to me, as I started backing up, but they caught me by my arms and dragged me onto the helicopter. I started cussing and yelling at all of them and they all just sat their looking at the guy with all the tattoos, i'm gonna call him greenie, because his hair is green. "Hey greenie, wanna te-" I was cut off. " Did you just call me greenie?" I just shook my head yes, because well I did. He started laughing, then motioned everyone else to laugh with him, but when I didn't he threw a knife at me, I didn't even flinch, I knew it was going to miss, so I just stayed still. But I felt it grab a piece of my hair, only a small piece thankfully, but it grabbed my hair and pulled it out and that is when I freaked out super bad.

                    "MY HAIR!!!!!! YOU PULLED MY HAIR OUT!!!! AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!" I was screaming more than when they kidnapped me, and everyone looked a little taken back at this. I pulled the knife out of the helicopter wall (did you forget?) and pulled my hair out of it. Then I threw the knife at greenie, but it only grazed his cheek, it was meant to do more, oh well. "That didn't hurt dear, does this hurt?" He sliced a knife on my skin, but I didn't even flinch, it felt like everything else (by that I mean what I do everyday). "no feels like as if i'm drawing on my skin, greenie." I replied. He smiled, "Let me introduce myself my name is The Joker, or you can call me dad." Then some girl came up and went all over him, "you can call me Harley, not mom, even though I am your mom, isn't that right Mr.J?" She said. "Angel Joker Quinn Love." I told them.

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