The jokers daughter

Hiiiiiii!!!!!! I'm Angel, that's all you need to know for now, and heads up, i'm Harley and THE Jokers daughter.


3. Chapter 1


Angel's P.O.V.


          "shut up!!!!" I yelled as I threw my alarm clock across the room. Well I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Angel Joker Quinn Love, I know weird name. Sometimes I think I don't belong in this family, I mean everyone else has normal names, but no I got the weird ass name. My life sucks!! Ever thought how we all came to be, I don't I want to leave the world, but if I do so many people are gonna miss me (note the sarcasm). So I guess I should get up, huh?

         I got out of bed and went to take a shower and did all my shower stuff, I don't need to tell you what I do, right? Okay, on with the story! I got out and blow dryed my hair. Then I put on a smokey eye and an ombre lip style. My nails just got done yesterday and they were a blue, white, and gold acrylic nails. My hair was curly (like it got done by a professional hair stylist) and was an ombre from blonde to pink, purple, to blue. I put on a lot of foundation to cover my bruises, cuts, and my tattoos from every one, to keep the innocent look. Then I put on my bow bellie botton ring, my nose peicings, and my criss-cross lip ring. I put on all my earings, all up my ear. I put on my favorite crop-top, my awsome favorite shorts, and high heel high tops. And now i'm ready for school. My own personal hell.

        I was walking to school when the schools gang leader came up to me, "hey, wearing a lot more makeup than usaul, did I beat you so much It hurt you all over. Pour the water!!" He yelled. I was fast to act though, " no!!!" and I moved out of the way, but Derek (gang leader) held me still and the water got all over him to, he didn't care though. I think he just wanted to see his handy work, but there was like nothing from him any more, just a few bruises, the cuts were from me and the tattoos I got when I was 12, and my (i'm thinking adopted family) family, still didn't know. Hahaha. He just looked at me, and then I realized I was wearing a sweatshirt, but it still washed off all my foundation. "boy's take off her sweatshirt," they both nodded and did what he said, and when they saw what I was wearing and my now bare arms, they all gasped.





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