(NaNoWriMo, unedited) Between Heaven and Hell is a place only lost souls walk, alone, shrouded by grief and confusion and the knowledge and suspense that leads, hand in hand with eternal life and possible damnation. Between the bodies and scattered plans to escape to a world where their actions are not judged by a man without fault or knowledge claiming to be holy, a hero of sin rose. His name was Lucifer, and he would be the one to lead a revolution using hatred and hearts of wounds. He would be the one to let the evil rise.


16. Another A/N

This had been on editor's choice for yonks now, and I'm really so grateful so I felt like I should just say that real quick!

This story was my NaNo, and although it's on 81,000 words, it's still not nearly done (I haven't written a word of it since December so that might be why).  I managed to lose the run of it, and I need to go back and rewrite things, and really I just have so much to do - so if you notice any plot holes that's the reason, I just keep messing around.

But still, I'm really happy that people are enjoying this so far!  After I'm finished I can redo the whole thing and republish it, but until then, thank you for reading, and here's the song that I always play when writing this




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