Among The Great Fight

A dying ten year old wishes to meet her favorite author. So when Give A Wish foundation gives Eliza a chance to meet the amazing JK Rowling, she takes it in a heartbeat. With Eliza being very ill and not aloud to go anywhere outside the hospital, Jk Rowling comes to her with a warm welcome.

After meeting with Jk Rowling, Eliza starts noticing something strange going on with her body. Her head feels like it was hit with a bowling ball, and she feels an uncomfortable reason to sleep. It doesn't help that her nose started bleeding and she pukes up her last meal. But, the thing that was even stranger, was the fact that no body seems to notice to her. Its like she is a ghost.
So when she finally gives up fighting the amount of sleep, she wakes up to a world filled with magic. The world that her favorite author made and the world that everybody comes to know and love.
Travel with Eliza on this incredible adventure as she is part of the forgotten story of Harry Potter.


7. The Aftermath

I lay in bed not wanting to move. A couple girls, come up to me, a few at a time, asking if something was wrong. Shrugging it off, I told them that everything was fine. Only, that it wasn't. I'm not use to this kind of treatment. In my dreams, my parents were so nice and lovely, while these ones are cold hearted and mean.

For the most part they don't care for my well being and expect me to be like them. But I'm only a kid, and if it wasn't for my dreams, I would be slightly less immature than I am now.

In a way, I sorta feel like Harry. He's told us some stories about his muggle Aunt and Uncle, and his cousin that he's lived with over the years. And quite frankly, I feel really bad for him. They practically treated him like he was their own personal servant. But that's not even the worst part. The worst part of the story is how they locked him in this little pact closet that was located under the stairs. Or the fact he almost didn't come to Hogwarts because he got the acceptance letter, and "Harry Potter cannot get a letter. Potter's an evil deliquescent."

It makes my blood boil just thinking about this, and how I slightly, have it the same way. I know, totally different scenarios, but is it really? If you take out the fact that my family has money and are pure-bloods and of course where my bedroom is, than you can see how similar we both have it. It's like our families are a bull sucking tornado and we're just an innocent child who got lost in a field; holding onto our lives with a thin piece of grass hoping that thread will not break in half, as it's the only thing that can save our lives.

"Eliza" a soft voice says, "it's time for breakfast." I turn over facing Mackenzie. I shrug and turn back over. "What's wrong?" She asks, " wait is it the letter?" Still laying there, I shrug. "It is!" She shouts loudly.

I get up glaring at Mackenzie. My eyes are puffy and red as she looks at me apologetic. She places her hands to her face as her eyes widen. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to upset you!" She cries out.

"It's fine" I sigh, "I just want to be alone." And with that she leaves the room leaving me to my slumber. 

I drag myself out of bed and make my way towards the bathroom, but before I grab my clothes. I gently put the uniform over my head and the pants over my waist. Then I put the robes on and walk down to the common room.

Mackenzie jumps up from the couch. "Eliza!" She shouts, "you are actually getting up!" I begin to nod slowly and realize my friend is only trying to help. "Yeah," I say quietly while rubbing my arm, "I shouldn't miss school."

She smiles brightly and takes my hand forcing me out into the great hall.

A couple of the girls instantly look over, rushing over and bear hugging me. Mackenzie rolls her eyes as I do the same. "I thought you lost it." One girl says. The other girls agreeing. Mackenzie steps in with a fake cough to get there attention. "She didn't lose it, she just wasn't feeling good."

"Oh, then maybe you should go to the infirmary."

"I'll be fine. I'm feeling better now."

"Well, okay." She said going back to her little group of friends.

"They are so noisy" Mackenzie snaps. I chuckle a little knowing how true it was. "Hey, I got you to smile."

Looking down, I frown. "Yeah." Mackenzie looks at me worriedly, "what was in that letter?" I force a smile, "I wish it was rainbows and butterflies, but it isn't. No offense, but I'm not sure if I want to talk about it."

"Alright" Mackenzie whispers, " you don't have to tell me."

I sit down and grab an apple. Biting into it, the sweet juices comes rushing towards me. I take a couple more bites and a couple sips of grape juice until suddenly, a barn owl comes in with a small package. The owl brings the package to Neville and in return other owls fly across the room to bring mail to other students. 

"Whoa, it's a Remembrall! Neville says excitedly. "What does it do?" A kid asks as a bunch of others group around him. "It tells you if you forgot to do something," Neville says as he holds the glass ball that is the size of a marble, "Gran knows how much I forget things and when you hold it like this and it turns red, oh..." 

"What's this?" Draco asks as he snatches the ball out from Neville. Ron and Harry growl as they stand protected, but don't do anything as Professor McGonagall passes by. "What's going on?"  

I decided to roam the halls as I was already finished with my apple. Walking out of the Great Hall and leaving behind Mackenzie who is too busy watching the drama. 

As I roam the halls, my mind instantly wanders again to my newest problems.  As much as I tried not to think about it, it come to me like a boomerang. "Hey, are you alright?" A voice asked which was coming from behind me. "I'm okay," I say as the person makes their way in front of me. "You don't look like it," Ryan says sadly, "In fact you barley even talked or glanced in our general direction and you are only eating an apple!" 

I look at Ryan sternly, "I'm fine, okay? I just need to be alone." I say as I have risen my voice. He looks at me surprised and backs away silently as he nods his head. 

I continue walking as I nearly forgot what day it was. Its what all the first years has been talking about for ever- flying lessons. This reminder has lifted my spirits as the so to be broom will lift me. I giggle in happiness as I stand a little taller and skip to my next class. 

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