Among The Great Fight

A dying ten year old wishes to meet her favorite author. So when Give A Wish foundation gives Eliza a chance to meet the amazing JK Rowling, she takes it in a heartbeat. With Eliza being very ill and not aloud to go anywhere outside the hospital, Jk Rowling comes to her with a warm welcome.

After meeting with Jk Rowling, Eliza starts noticing something strange going on with her body. Her head feels like it was hit with a bowling ball, and she feels an uncomfortable reason to sleep. It doesn't help that her nose started bleeding and she pukes up her last meal. But, the thing that was even stranger, was the fact that no body seems to notice to her. Its like she is a ghost.
So when she finally gives up fighting the amount of sleep, she wakes up to a world filled with magic. The world that her favorite author made and the world that everybody comes to know and love.
Travel with Eliza on this incredible adventure as she is part of the forgotten story of Harry Potter.


1. Saving Eliza


I would also like to dedicate this book to Relievo. Go check out her book called The Dreamer's Cruse. She gave me the inspiration to write this!

Eliza name is pronounced: ( Ee- Liz- A ) Like how you start to say Elizabeth.  


I will be editing any and all mistakes, but for now I will be focusing on creating chapters. It can get really bad at time to time especially the earlier chapters. So please bare with me. Thank you for reading and I hope you like it. 


There I lay on the familiar bed I grew up in. A bed with white sheets, a thin white blanket and white fluffy pillows. I look over towards the wall that was by my side. It is quite boring with a plain white paint job, but they have decorations of wall decals and signs about the human structure. Besides my bed are two green chairs with oak wooden legs and some wooden arms. Those chairs are filled with two figures- a man and a women. Both with dark circles under their eyes from the lack of sleep and both with worried expressions.  

The women looks up to me noticing my eyes are no longer closed.  She gives me a faint smile and whispers to me, "How did you sleep?" I look up at the women looking straight into her emerald green eyes. They have a tilt of sadness to them like she had just lost someone close to her. Looking at her hair, I see that her hair is messy like she has just gotten up out of bed. Her skin looks paler than usual and I know why. She has stayed by my side ever since I  went into remission. 

I have a type of brain cancer called Brainstem Gliomas. A type of cancer that doctors hate because my tumor cannot be surgically removed and instead I have to have radiation and chemotherapy. I feel extra bad for my mom because I overheard the doctors talking to my parents the other day. They told them that the chemo wasn't working. Ever since then, my mom has not left my side.  The doctors have to practically kick her out so she can use the restroom and eat. 

I give the women a weak smile before saying "Fine." I look at her eyes again. Her eyes barely keeps open. My eyebrows formed together while my nose crunches up. "Did you guys not sleep?" I ask already knowing the answer. She nods before speaking, "It's fine sweetie we've got to make sure that our baby girl makes it through another night." She turns to the man, his eyes closed and his mouth slightly open. The woman frowns. "Although this man." Her lips slightly curve up as she points at the crunched man, grueling in his sleep, "Has seemed to have fallen asleep."  I glanced over towards the snoring man. He has fair skin and dirty blonde hair. The shade of light brown but not quite that. Like the shade of dry sand almost.

We both giggled like two little girls on the playground being chased by a boy. 

I often pretend that I don't know what's going on even though I do. I just can't stand to hear my parents cry. It makes my stomach turn and it gives chills up my back causing my heart to drop. I know they pretend to act strong even though their lives has turned upside down and it's all thanks to me. And I know that it's not my fault due to the many visits to the therapy department.  

I notice two people talking outside my room through the big window. They have on blue scrubs, one with a lighter shade and the other with a darker shade and a white lab coat. I can see that their having a deep conversation as the one keeps nodding and rubbing their head in confusion as they look at the paper on the clipboard. As they wrap up whatever they are talking about, I see them coming towards my door. Great more bad news. I thought. They open my door and faintly smile not uttering a single word. My heart sinks. Whatever it is I know  it's not good; they couldn't even say a simple hello. "Amanda" One of the doctor say, "we need to talk to you and Steve." She swallows hardly and stares pass my mother her breathing abnormal and slow. 

At that moment the her hands surrounds mine, overlapping mine by double. She gives me another weak smile and this time her tired eyes starts to leak water. She rubs her hands gently across mine, while her smooth quiet, weeping voice flows through my ears. "Everythings going to be all right."

 She repeats it again like she was trying to prove a point. Though I believe that she is giving herself some reassurance.  No it's not is what I wanted to say, but I don't have enough courage nor the attitude to tell her otherwise. Besides, she's my mom and how do you tell her that you are giving up the biggest fight of your life. The fight that sucks so much energy out of you. The fight that makes everything in its path miserable.  The fight that makes you a coward. 

She shoves the man shoulder gently saying that he needs to wake up. "Huh", he says as he slightly opens his eyes, "You need to get up. The doctors need to talk to us." My mother says as she gets up from her chair and walks towards the door. The man's eyes struggle to open, but as soon as he does, he leaves with the rest of the grownups to talk about me. 

It seems to take them forever to discuss what's going on with me.  Through the window I can see my mom's face is buried into my father's chest. She is sobbing and my father's hands are slowly patting her back. I can see that his eyes are puffy and pink and I understand why. I can read the doctor's lips as she mouth that I don't have long to live. Apologetic expressions written all over their faces and I understand why, I truly do. 

The four of them separate ways, as the two glumly figures walked right towards me. The women crunches right towards me, while the man just stands there at the doorway. His arm wiping off his sad teary eyes.

 "So.." I  begin to speak, but the women gives me a fake smile. I can see that it's hard for her to breath. "Eliza, baby" a few tears sneaks its way down her cheek. "I think it's time to make a wish." She says; her voice barely above a whisper. 

At this exact moment I knew what was happening. She is implying that I make a wish. One last dying wish that I haven't use from Give A Wish foundation. With my shaking heads, I knew that I have to make a wish, my time was now.

So I close my eyes, holding in a giant breath in the process. My heart beat slows  down rapidly and in fact everything seems to slow down. The running doctors in the hallway, the nurses at their decks typing away at their computers 'click click click'. The crying parents with written confusion on their faces, wondering how in the world did their child ended up like this.

I reopen my eyes and nod. My glaze is fixed on the white walls. I can feel fast running cold drips of water, falling down my eyes. Some escape into my mouth which taste like salt. My breathing increases which makes my chest go up far more than it should have.

By now the man in the doorway, creeps his way over towards me trying to calm me down. While the woman presses her thumb on my head, playing with my soft caramel hair. "Shh" she says, " honey, it's okay. Everything's going to be okay." They both repeat over and over again.

In just minutes my eyes go loopy and my breathing goes back into a regular pace.

I try blinking a few times before whispering, "JK Rowling", and I  pause to breath a few more times before continuing, "that's my wish." And as it was on cue my eyes slam shut while blackness overflows me.


As I stare at the soundless TV and watch the talk show host talk about losing twenty pounds in a week, I sighed in relief when a tall figure with a long white coat and a clipboard in his hands comes in. He wore a name tag which read in bold letters Dr. Krev.

He grins when approaching me, fiddling with the plastic bag with clear fluid then scribbling something down. He glances over at me. "Do you have a staring problem or something?" A tiny smirk starting to form in his lips. I giggle and shake my head. "No sir." 

He silently laughs, shaking his head in the process too. "Well kiddo, looks like I have some wonderful news for you." My eyes beam in delight while my head shoots straight up. "What is it?" I ask happily. He smiles for a few seconds before speaking. "Well..." He trails off, staring at the white walls "I shouldn't be telling you this, but" He stares at me still smiling in the process. "since you're my favorite patient I'll tell you anyway." I laugh. "Just tell me already would yea" I say impatiently. He lightly turns his head, "Looks like you're wish came true kiddo."

He points at a blonde figure in the doorway. She smiles sweetly and my eyes light up like a christmas tree. I squeal in delight not knowing what else to do. She laughs a little and Dr. Krev faced beamed up, but I can see it in his eyes a tiny faint gloomy look starting to form. I turn to him and mouth "thank you".  He nods again before walking away taking the  information on clipboard with him.

The blonde lady speaks up. "So I hear you're a fan?" I nod not knowing what else to say. She laughs. "I'm not going to bite." My cheeks redden like a ripe tomato. I don't know what else to say, so I say hi. She walks over towards my bed, kneeling down.

She wearing a light blue shirt that matches the color of her eyes and dark blue jeans. The shinny gold necklace she was wearing was the perfect length in between her chest and her neck. She wears a smile that could warm up anybody's heart in the matter of seconds.

"Eliza" She whispers. "I've heard some terrible news a few days ago." I stare blankly at her knowing exactly what she was talking about, my wish. I want to say something, but I can't find the words to speak up to say anything. She continues talking. "When I heard that I was requested to meet a sick child, my heart sank." I can see her eyes staring deeply into mine. "But then I realized that a dying child wanted to meet me so bad that it was their dying wish." She pauses for a second before continuing. "Now that... that brighten my day. So as your wish, we will do anything you want." A few tears appeared in the corner of her eyes. I smiled not having any words to say but thank you.


We talked for a while it was her mostly starting the conversation. We talked about a lot of things, one of the things was about life and death and what we thought goes on in the after life. She thinks that there's a heaven and everyone that you care about and that cares about you, looks down watching you, waiting until you'll all reunite again. While I believe that you'll reincarnate into something that reflects who you are as a person. We also started talking about the weather, sports and our imagination.

We ate our lunch together in which we got permission to eat in the lunchroom. I got to see all the worried looking parents, friends and family barely eating wondering if their loved one will be alright. I saw the busy doctors and some nurses chopping away at their food like it was nothing. Though personally, I wish the food could have been better. 

I feel like a prisoner in this hospital not being able to leave, and the food tasted absolutely disgusting. Joanne, the lady otherwise known as JK Rowling, decided on getting a cheese pizza with chocolate pudding while I, on the other hand decided on getting a salad with blue raspberry jello.

When we weren't busy starving ourselves or talking about life and the figment of our imagination, we walked around the hospital stopping by the lonely kids whose parents had to work to able to pay for their medical bills. A boy, a little bit older than me, with a pale bald head and bright blue eyes asked if we could all play a game. Joanne grinned. "I don't know can we?" She asked, a small smile forming in the corner of her mouth. A young girl about the age of five with two brown pigtails and a pink cast nodded her head. "Yeah!" Joanne smiled brightly. "Then of course." You could hear us all cheering from a mile away.


We played  multiple games for a few hour. I ended up winning Heads Up Seven up while another kid won the rest of the games. I was excited that no one could guess I was the person to tap their shoulder. This made my insides feel like a warm glass of milk. 

When it was time to leave, Joanne and I said our goodbyes and headed towards my room. We talked a little before she checked her watch. A sudden frown crept its way onto her face as she said she had to leave. My face turns into a gloom as sudden sadness crept over me. Joanne gives me a weak smile before hugging me goodbye. As she did so she whispers into my ear. "Just for you I will give you a surprise, and if I'm correct and there is a heaven, then you will be able to see a surprise I have in store for you and only you."

And with that she walks over towards the door and freezes when she was halfway there. She turns her head and winks. A smile sliding its way directly towards me and walks out.

It isn't until an hour later when I feel a painful headache. It feels like somebody forcefully dropped a bowling ball onto my head. My breathing increase intensely and so does my heartbeat. I feel like somebody put their hands around my throat and started strangling me like I was some kind of victim.

 The dripping red drops comes out of my nose, as it does a pattern. I lay there in shock, not knowing what to do. If my breathing wasn't worse already, this sure did not help. Panic raises above me as I turn to face the door. I hope a nurse, or a doctor can see me, but nobody passes through. A few tears sneaks its way down my cheek. And the agonizing pain in my head is getting worse by the second. If the dropping of the bowling ball wasn't already painful, a sharp pain touches my forehead as well- almost like I was being stabbed by a knife fifty times. With each agonizing pain, it's no wonder why I begin to feel light headed. It's like I'm in some sort of hallucination where everything around me is spinning real fast like race cars racing for first place.

I hear a loud beeping noise that could be heard from the other side of the hospital and a large squeaking noise as a bunch of shoes bounces against the floor rushing towards my room. I struggle to keep my eyes open as I feel very weak. The doctors are yelling at each other some blaming one another for not keeping a better watch on me, and others giving commands. Some are shouting  to find my parents while others are checking my monitors and the bag of once clear fluid.

A flash of yellow light shines its way into both my eyes. "Damn it Eliza, you're not suppose to do this now." A low terrified voice rings out. I see a blurry figure, but I make it out. Dr.Krev. I smile weakly. The pain grows worse and worse. The last thing I remember is another doctor shouting get me into an O.R before I blacked out seeing nothing but darkness.


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