Among The Great Fight

A dying ten year old wishes to meet her favorite author. So when Give A Wish foundation gives Eliza a chance to meet the amazing JK Rowling, she takes it in a heartbeat. With Eliza being very ill and not aloud to go anywhere outside the hospital, Jk Rowling comes to her with a warm welcome.

After meeting with Jk Rowling, Eliza starts noticing something strange going on with her body. Her head feels like it was hit with a bowling ball, and she feels an uncomfortable reason to sleep. It doesn't help that her nose started bleeding and she pukes up her last meal. But, the thing that was even stranger, was the fact that no body seems to notice to her. Its like she is a ghost.
So when she finally gives up fighting the amount of sleep, she wakes up to a world filled with magic. The world that her favorite author made and the world that everybody comes to know and love.
Travel with Eliza on this incredible adventure as she is part of the forgotten story of Harry Potter.


4. Hogwarts

I hear a big gruffly voice ring out repeatedly . " Firs years follow me!"

I look up seeing a giant man, a black furry beard waving his hands, calling out to us. I look over my shoulder as Harry and Ron are making their way towards the man. "Eliza are you coming?" I hear Harry ask.

"Yeah" I mumble and rush up to my new friends.

As I finally got over there, I notice glimmering blue water, and lots of small boats fit for four. The voice calls out again saying four to a lifeboat. He repeats this over and over again until its stuck in our brains like glue. 

Harry looks at me while Ron just stands there. "Want to go on the lifeboat with us?" He asks. I nod my head saying yes politely.
As we got on the boat, neither of us said a word. We just sat there as the boats started to move. I look over seeing no one pulling the boats. I awe in amusement wondering if it was ghosts, but then I realized that it was obviously magic.

I watch as a gigantic building crept closer and closer. I look down at the sparkly dark blue water. You could see the reflection of the moon and faintly the million of colorful stars. A tall stone arch made its way into view as we passed under it. "Whoa.." I say as the building is right in front of our eyes.

As the boats made a slow stop, we step out cheerfully chattering. The man with the black hairy beard walks in the building. My feet starts to move following after him.
A gigantic staircase comes into view and an older women with green robes stands at the top. She has on a black hat and wrinkles by the corner of her eyes. "Follow me." She says sternly.

We began to follow her throughout the building. I see lots of stairs moving and pictures waving hello as we were told to wait here. "This is wonderful." I thought to myself. The stone wall defiantly made me enjoy its historical beauty. As she stops by an empty chamber just slightly off the hall by the grand stair case, we stop as well waiting for her to start speaking.

Suddenly I see a blonde head make its way towards me. "Draco." I said. He snickered. "You must really enjoy saying my name." I rolled my eyes. "You wish." He snorts out laughing and I sigh in defeat. "Why can't you be nice?" I ask. He just smiles and walks away leaving me with my own question to answer.

Ron and Harry made their way towards me as we got lost in the crowd. "What was that about?" They asked. I shake my head. "I'm not quiet sure myself." I say in a daze. I was still wondering about the question I had asked Draco. Ron nods and Harry slightly smiles while I stay quiet. We hear a loud clicking noise and the older women's voice, we brought our attention back to her.

"Welcome to Hogwats." She says while smiling brightly at all of us. She introduces to herself as Professor McGonagall.
"The feast will start shortly but before you take your seats in the grand hall, you will be sorted into your houses." She then starts to talk about that our house that we will be sorted in, will end up being like a family to us.

"The four houses are called Gryffindor." Her brightly eyes glances throughout the room. "Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin." Her final glance was towards Dracco as her stern voice stops talking for a second. As if she was trying to let it sink in. "Now I will be calling your names. If I were you, I would smarten yourselves up. I shall return when we are ready for you."

I turn to Harry and Ron as Harry asks how we get sorted into the houses. I'm glad he asked because I am wondering the same thing. Ron answers and says "Some sort of test, I think. Fred said it hurts a lot, but I think he was just joking." Wondering about who Fred is I ask Ron. He laughs and says that Fred is his brother and that George is Fred's twin.

I see Harry jump and hear several people scream. As I look around I notice many ghosts that are streaming through the back wall. A ghost came towards us asking if we are the first years. I nod mutely with a bunch of others. Introducing as the Fat Friar, she calls to everyone saying " Hope to see you in Hufflepuff. That's my old house." And as it was on cue, a sharp voice echoed inside the room. I look over seeing Professor McGonagall telling the ghosts to move away as it was time for the Sorting Ceremony's to take place. The ghosts floated away into the walls doing as the Professor said to. "Follow me." She says once more. "And form a line." 
We all quickly form a line; I was behind Ron. While Ron was behind Harry.

We follow her through two big doors. "This is the Great Hall were the sorting will be." She opens the pair of doors and leads us to the Great Hall where everyone is at. Walking as slow as we could I can see the whole hall. There are candlelights floating in mid air and four long tables that fill up most of the Great Hall. I can feel the many stares of my peers around me as we continue to follow McGonagall.

Harry looks back at me and Ron pointing to the ceiling above us. I can not believe my eyes as I see many dots glittering through the blackness. "It's bewitched to look like the sky outside. I read all about it." Says a girl ways behind us.

As we made a stop McGonagall gets out a stool and an old raggy witch hat that is placed on top of the stool. I am plenty sure by the looks of the hat, that it has not been dusty for years. I make a face of disgust. The hat begins to move and blasts off singing. When its done everyone starts cheering and applauding the hat, and then it gets quiet again. I over hear Ron whisper to Harry something about killing Fred. I begin to giggle which I end up getting some stares by the older students.

Professor McGonagall steps forward holding a long list of names. "When I call your name you will sit on the stool and grab the hat. Then you will know which house you are sorted to. When you are sorted you will seat at your house table."

She calls a name. "Andle, Ryan" A boy with shaggy brown hair and bangs that just barley cover his eyes comes up. He puts the hat on; it takes only seconds until the hat shouted Hufflepuff. A table full of students cheers as he makes his way towards towards them. Professor McGonagall continues down the list calling names until she shouted another name. "Granger, Hermione!" The girl behind me ran up towards the stool with her frizzy brown hair. She sat down eagerly putting the hat on her head. In moments notice, the hat yelled out Gryffindor. I heard Ron groan as it did so.

"Griswold, Elizabeth!" McGonagall called out my name. My heart pounding against my chest as I slowly make my way towards the hat. My cheeks begin to feel warm as Harry whispers good luck. I mentally thank him. As I reach the stool, I grab the hat placing it on my head and then sitting on the wooden stool. Instantly it began to talk. "Another Griswold I see? A long line of Slytherin... but I see plenty from you. You're different." I laugh and think how different. It responds back.''You have plenty of loyalty and I see a lot of courage. You would make a great Gryffindor. Where to put you... where to put you." It begins to repeat it self; it feels like forever until it says something else. "AH.. I got it. You shall be in HUFFLEPUFF!" It yelled and I could feel the excitement over rolling through my table.

I make my way towards the yellow and black as I smile back at Harry and Ron. I notice Draco making a face, but trying to not to care I look away. I sit right next to Ryan who greets me with hello. "Hi." I say back not sure on what to say next.

Professor McGonagall listed all the names before rolling up the scroll that was in her hands. Harry, Ron and the boy at the bookstore, Neville, we're all placed in Gryffindor. I cheered them on as my new friends made their way to their table. Draco was placed in Slytherin, the house that I was suppose to be in. I could tell that he was pleased with himself being that he was with his little buddies.

A man with a long white beard stands up. I turn to Ryan "Who's that man right there?" I ask curious. Ryan starts laughing holding his stomach when he suddenly looks back up at me and stops. "You're telling me that you have no idea who Albus Dumbledore is?" He says in a serious tone. I nod and smile. "Well thanks to you, I do now." Ryan snorts and mumbles something about purebreds.

The man, Dumbledore, rises his arms open looking in every direction before speaking. "Welcome" he says letting the effect of his words sink in. "Welcome to a new year at Hogwarts." A few students cheered and he let them finished before talking again. "Before we begin our banquet, I would like to say a few words." He mumbles a few words and says thank you before he sits back down. We all are clapping and cheering as he does so.

As I look back at the table, I notice many dishes floating in midair along with the candle sticks. I lick my lips as gruel is practically dripping from my mouth in awe. There is so many food that it could feed a whole country- and when the dish is empty it magically fills back up again. I grab a plate; digging into the food. My plate is filed up with steak, buttered mashed potatoes and gravy,a mash of veggies containing green beans, corn, broccoli, and carrots. Along with roast beef, French fries, and pork chops. And as if it was nothing I ate it all leaving a clean sparkling plate.

After everyone was finished with their main dishes, it is time for the dessert trays. Which I grabbed a tiny slice of apple pie and vanilla ice cream along some raspberry jello-o.

Dumbledore stands back up while the plates and dishes of food disappear out of thin air. He clears this throat; "Just a few words now that we're all fed." A few teaches laughed as he continued on. "I have some start of the term notices to give you. First years students should note that the forest grounds is forbidden to everybody. And a few of our older students would do well to remember that as well." His eyes darted across the room as he looked at some of the students before rambling on again. "I've also been asked by Mr. Filch, the caretaker, to remind you all that no magic should be used between classes in the corridors."

Ryan pokes me and points to Draco who is mouthing something to me. Me, being a horrible lip reader ignore him and continue on listening to Professor Dumbledore.

I barley hear what he said, but I did catch some words containing of Quidditch and Madam Hooch. "And finally, I must tell you that this year, the third-floor corridor will be out of bonds to everyone who does not wish to die a painful death." His words seeped into my scalp as I gulped in fear- his words making my whole body shake. Ryan looked at me making the same face as everybody else except a few who laughed it off. 
For example a girl across from me laugh as she quickly learned that he was being serious.

"Before we go to bed, let us sing the school song!" Dumbledore's voice beamed. Lots of smiles came through as he got out his wand. A golden ribbon rose high above us all as we began singing.

"So teach us things worth knowing" I began singing. "Bring back what we've forgot." I continue until the very end smiling very happily. And Ron's twin brothers, were singing too; it very slow finishing the song last.

Now it was time to leave and go to bed. The perfects are going to get up and show us to our common room. I wave towards Harry and Ron and they waved back at me. It's going to suck not having the two friends I had made, but at least I have Ryan - a sort of friend.

I sigh as we made it into our common room. I am pretty tired and I can't wait to hop into bed. I look around the room while one of the perfects rambled on about house rules. 
It is filled with yellow walls and black furniture. A big fireplace stood in the living area with a black couch and a dark oak wooden table. A couple of small bookshelves are on each side of the opposite wall and paintings are hanging on the walls making the room feel alive.

I follow one of the girl perfects to our room while the boy perfect shows the boys to their rooms. It made sense why they did it because this is a school of learning- not horsing around.

I make it to my bed putting my school supplies and personal stuff away in a wooden trunk that's at the edge of my bed. My bed furniture was black and the blanket and sheets are yellow just like our common room and just like out house colors. 
I get ready for bed; I make sure to leave out my pjs and quickly change into them while I also comb my hair and brush my teeth. After that was all settled, I climb into bed and closed my eyes drifting to a sleep. 

"Please Eliza wake up. I cannot afford to lose you. I need you here with me." I hear a women sobbing and sniffing her nose. My vision begins to clear as I see a blurry figure sitting down with a box of tissues in her hands. I quickly realize that it is my mother crying, but why? I know she cries a lot because of my condition, but never like this. Whoa.. Is that me? Wait what's happening what's going on? I see my self in a bed with tubes connecting me all over the faces including my mouth. Where's Hogwarts? Is this even real or am I dreaming?

My chest begins to hurt as if someone is shoving my shoulders really hard. My vision begins to blur again and it slowly fades to darkness. The only words I'm thinking "oh not again".

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