Eucatastrophe ~ h.s.

This isn't how I planned any aspect of my life to occur.

The plan was simple: Finish university with a 4.0 GPA, Get a well-paying corporate job that's more intense than the assistant job I've now, Find a man that loves me for me, Get married at a gorgeous ceremony, Have beautiful children, Grow old with the man of my dreams and watch our kids mature right before our eyes, and Then fall deeper and deeper in love with our time together.

That Night wasn't supposed to happen. My life wasn't supposed to turn out like this.

*Contains: Language, mild sexual content, and a bit of violence. Content could be triggering for some.*


38. ✗ thirty-six ✗



“Thank you all for joining us this fine evening. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Harry Styles. I am co-founder of the Happy Children Foundation and CEO of Styles Incorporated. Mr. Tomlinson and myself initiated this foundation three years ago and we are unbelievably pleased to see that it is still going strong. Speaking on behalf of the founders of the Happy Children Foundation, myself included, we appreciate each and every one of you who have attending this evening’s banquet. With your help in the past three years we have been able to raise over fifty million pounds for those children and families suffering.”


Harry has only just taken the podium after Louis gave an incredible speech about all the work that the foundation has done since the last banquet. He spoke with such passion that brought tears to my eyes, that and the fact that he included photographs from when Harry and Louis were last at the hospitals visiting the sick kids.


“Each year there are over fifteen hundred new cases of children’s’ cancers in the UK alone, that’s around five new cases each and everyday.” As Harry speaks the truth, a slide show plays in the background of the sick children around UK hospitals. It’s truly heart breaking. “In the last twenty-four hours five children’s families have been given heart breaking news about their child. These kids and families spend massive amounts of time in local hospitals, undergoing countless surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. Each and everyone more expensive than the last.”


Harry is keeping his composure well, for I don’t think I’d make it a minute up there with out falling victim to tears.


“Medical treatment is not cheap, not in the least. Parents end up taking more jobs than they can carry on, when they should be spending time with their child. This foundation was created to aide those who need funds for their child’s medical expenses and other household expenses that get lost in the commotion. We work with hospitals and clinics in the area, donating funds to families who struggle. Our main goal is to provide each family and child with a bit of happiness, whether it comes in the form of financial help or something more important in their eyes.”


Harry stands tall at the podium, not a hint of nervousness anywhere on his features. He looks completely calm as his eyes scan the tables of people before him. They all listen intently, not a sound resonating in the room aside from Harry’s voice.


Anne sits closely next to me, holding my hand in her’s as she silently lets a few tears cascade down her cheeks. I’m also in a fit of silent tears from Harry’s words to the heart breaking photographs on the screen behind him. Louis sits on the other side of Harry’s empty chair next to a woman around Harry’s mum’s age. They both watch silently with awe in their eyes at Harry’s every word. The rest of the table seated for eight is filled with older women, around Anne’s age. They have all turned in their chairs to give their undivided attention to my boyfriend.


“Last year, we delivered twenty-three million pounds to local hospitals around the UK.” With this the entire room roars in applause and I find myself smiling widely. I knew that this foundation has been a success in the past few years, but I had no idea how much of a dent they’ve made in peoples’ lives.


“This year we aim higher than ever before, fundraising around our offices in the form of collection boxes,” Harry’s eyes find mine; a rouge blush takes over my cheeks. He took my idea and ran with it, getting Louis’ company involved as well. Louis reaches over and gives my shoulder a small squeeze for the three of us know that that alone raised about 100,000 pounds, “and planning a summer 5K to raise money.”


At this everyone applauds again. It was actually Harry’s idea to do the 5K and he was already busy working on starting it up. I’m sure as hell not going to be running it five to six months pregnant, but Harry said he will.


“I urge you all to visit our website after tonight and sign up for the 5K. I know not all of you are runners, I’m most definitely looking at you Louis.” The room erupts in laughter as Harry points down at his best mate, who is rolling his eyes. “You can walk, run, jog, ride a bike, anything as long as you sign up and show your support. You can view our webpage for more information.”


He pauses for a moment switching notecards yet again before resting his hands on the sides of the podium and sighing. 


“Tonight you can make a donation, by heading over to the donation table near the back of the room where one of our many gracious volunteers will help you out. By donating tonight you can join the thousands of others that have helped our cause. On that note I’ll wrap this up. I would like to give out special thanks from Mr. Tomlinson and I to Mary Williams, Annabelle Lily, Johannah Deakin (A/N: R.I.P.), and my lovely mum, Anne Cox, for all their amazing work and effort put in tonight and these past few weeks.” He motions towards our table and I take notice that the women at the table are those that help the foundation much like Anne.


“Your dedication to this foundation is truly amazing, thank you for all that you do. Thank you for being with us tonight to raise money for all the sick children in our area. Have fun, keep a thought in mind of the children tonight, and please donate.”


With that Harry takes a step back from the podium, collecting his notecards as the entire room stands for a round of applause. Anne and I stand and clap loudly, cheering Harry on as he skips down the steps and over in our direction. Louis immediately gives him a pat on the back as the orchestra begins to play again and by the looks of it dessert is beginning to be served.


“How’d I do?” Harry asks, turning towards his mother and I as he stuffs his notecards into his suit jacket.


“Amazing.” I compliment, wrapping my arms around his neck and giving him a big hug. Harry circles his arms around my waist and pulls me close to him, giving me a quick kiss on the cheek. He pulls back and pouts his bottom lip at me before wiping the tears away with his thumbs.


“Don’t cry.”


“I couldn’t help it.”


He smiles knowingly before pecking my lips once again and circling me into another bone crushing hug.


“Honey, that was so incredible.”


“Thanks mum.” I take a step back and Harry and his mum embrace and let my eyes wonder to the donation table set up at the edge of the room. Two men are seated behind it with proud smiles on their faces as people are already lined up before them with their checkbooks in hand.


I say tonight is going to be a success by the look of it.




“Do you want to dance?” Harry mutters to me in the midst of a conversation going on between Harry’s mum and what I have learned to be Louis’ mum.


They chat loudly, everyone at our table’s attention on them. Surely they won’t notice Harry and I slipping away to the small dance floor where couples are already dancing to the slow music.


“Sure.” I say, biting my lip nervously. I’ve never slow danced with a guy before. I’m a pretty clumsy person so I can only imagine myself having two left feet and this turning into a disaster.


Harry takes a sip from his champagne flute before standing tall and outstretching his hand for me to take. I take my napkin off my lap and place it beside my clutch as I join hands with Harry and allow him to help me from my seat.


Nobody says anything to us as we walk hand-in-hand towards the square space off to the right of our table. My heels clap against the dance floor as Harry holds my hand out and twirls me lightly before catching my body up against his. I giggle a little too loudly, gaining glares from some of the older couples on the floor, but end up ignoring them.


“Okay, I have a confession.” I say as Harry’s hand snakes around my waist to rest on my lower back near my bum. I place my hand on his muscular shoulder as our other hands join together at our side. “I’ve never actually slow danced with a guy so I may be complete shite at this.”


Harry’s lips form into a grin as he leans his forehead down to meet mine. We sway softly to the beat of the music and I find this much easier than I thought it would be.


“Not even in your days as a debutante?” I pull my forehead from his and narrow my eyes up at him.


“Who told you that?”


“Gem’s got a big mouth.” I giggle lightly and shake my head.


“There was dancing at the coming out ball but I refused to even touch my date, aside from the moment he escorted me across the stage. He was a bit too handsy and clearly had never danced a day in his life.” I say, pressing my body against Harry’s so we didn’t have to talk that loud. “So feel special,” I grin, “first dance, first boyfriend, first love.”


Our motions still as Harry stops swaying, staring back at me with slightly wide eyes.


“I’m your first boyfriend?”


I bite my lip, feeling the blood rush to my cheeks as they heat up. I hadn’t thought to ever tell Harry that before, I always just assumed he knew.


“Unless you count Tom, which I do not.”


“Neither do I.” Harry quickly cuts in. I smile up at him and lean in, resting my head against his shoulder. “I can’t believe you’ve never had a boyfriend before me. When you first started working I thought someone had swooped you up and I’d never have the chance with you.”


“My parents wouldn’t let me date and to be honest I really didn’t want to because I knew whomever I dated would have to be vetted by my parents. I couldn’t put anyone through that.” I add, pressing my lips softly against Harry’s shoulder before resting my chin back against his shoulder. With my eyes close, we continue to sway to the music as I hum with it lightly.


“I wouldn’t mind being put through that.” I shake my head and pull my face from his shoulder.


There’s nothing but honesty written across Harry’s features.


“Nobody should be put through that. My parents are awful and they don’t deserve to know you. You’re too good for them.”


“Thanks, love.”


“You’re welcome.”


“God I love you.” He breathes out, his breath tickling the bare skin between my shoulder and neck as he leans in closer to me. His lips brush against my skin causing me to shiver. My eyes flutter at the sensation before I realize we’re in public with others bond to be looking in our direction.


“Harry, we’re in public.” His chest vibrates with a chuckle against mine as his lips toy with my skin again, nipping lightly at my neck.


“Don’t care.” He whispers, causing a shiver to snake down my spine.


I giggle lightly at the feeling before wiggling my hand out of his and grabbing his face between my two hands, pulling his lips from my neck.


“Well I do. There are a lot of important people here.” Including my ex-fiancé and his awful parents. I look around the room nervously, before Harry’s beautiful emerald eyes catch mine in a trance. “Plus, your mum’s sitting right over there.” I motion with my head towards the table we once were sitting, only for Harry to roll his eyes playfully. “You really don’t care, do you?” I wonder, already knowing the answer.


“Nope. I want everyone to know that you’re all mine.” He rasps out, wrapping both of his arms around my waist and pressing my front to his front. I blush as Harry leans in, connecting our lips together. We kiss for a bit before my lips tire and I find myself resting my head against his shoulder again. “Tired?”


“All the time.” I mutter, yawning loudly.


The three hour nap that I had just woke up from a few hours ago seems not to have kept me going for as long as I would have liked.


“Then let’s go home.” I pull my face from the crook of Harry’s neck and shake my head.


“We have to stay, this is your banquet.” He simply shrugs, pulling away from me to grab my hand and drag me towards our table.


“Louis and my mum can handle it.”


“Harry, your mum spent all day and all this last week on tonight. We can’t just dump all of your responsibilities onto her.” Harry pouts his lip out at me and pulls me close, his hand resting on hip. His lips find my cheekbone, then my jaw, then the corner of my mouth, before finally finding my lips whilst I giggle lightly at his need to kiss me. “You’re just trying to get me to change my mind.”


“How’d you know?”


“It’s obvious.” I whisper as we pull away from each other, only to be startled by Tom standing at our side. I jump back against Harry, having not heard Tom sneak up to us before. “Can I help you Tom?” I question, the attitude immediately lacing my once playful tone.


“Yes, I’d actually fancy a bit of a word with you.” I roll my eyes and groan, looking to Harry.


“We were actually just about to be heading home.” Harry says for the both of us. Harry’s arm around my waist has pulled me into his side in a protective manner.


“It won’t take more than a minute, promise.” I groan again and stomp my foot against the ground.


“Fuck, fine, whatever.” I mutter, catching Harry off guard. I turn to Harry in our embrace, confusion written across his features. “Just go say goodnight to your mum and Louis. I’ll be there in a moment.”


Harry glares over at Tom briefly before catching me off guard by forcefully kissing my mouth. His hand captures my cheek, his thumb caressing the skin as his lips mold perfectly with mine. I momentarily forget Tom is in our presence until Harry pulls away.


“I love you.” He says to be before glaring one last time at Tom and disappearing towards the table.


I wait until he’s talking with his mum before I turn towards the smug looking Tom, who is too staring at Harry.


“What could you possibly want from me?” I question aloud, keeping my voice low to ensure that others wouldn’t listen in. The last thing I needed was to make a scene in front of everyone here. Tom smirks over at me, digging his hands deep into his pockets as he shifts from foot to foot.


“You look very beautiful tonight.”


“Cut the crap.”


“What crap?” Tom asks, laughing as if this is some kind of joke. I find myself rolling my eyes as I glance over my shoulder to where Harry and his mum are standing. He’s looking back at us with a watchful eye and a slight grimace on his lips before his mother reaches over and wipes it off his face with a pat to the cheek. “The funny thing is you think I’m completely messing with you.” My attention’s back on Tom as he speaks.


“Aren’t you?”


Tom is still smiling whilst he shakes his head. I can’t help but to burst into laughter at his presence.


He cannot have feelings for someone he never had feelings with in the first place! We hated each other from the second we were in each other’s presence, and I still hate him and I hope he still despises me.


Thinking back, he didn’t exactly hate me when we first met. He called me fit and then tried to get in my pants, then told all his friends that he did sleep with me.


“What are you on about, Tom?” I ask, once my laughter has died down. He takes a step closer to me, causing the smile to fall completely from my lips as I take a step back to keep our distance. He shrugs his shoulders and glances to our side where Harry is located. “Tom?” I ask, his new, quiet demeanor slightly startling.


“I like you, Shay, can’t you see that.”


I step back to create more distance, his words knocking the air out of my lungs.


“Are you crazy?” I hiss, pointing a manicured finger in his direction. He shakes his head, the smug look on his face no longer there. “You are married and I am with Harry, and even if you weren’t married and I were single too what makes you think that I would ever want to be with you?” I question. Tom opens his mouth to speak but I cut him off, “Stop trying to create issues, go back to your wife, and leave me alone.” I say, spinning on my heels before stomping in the direction of Harry.


“Are you okay?” Harry immediately asks, pushing past his mother to capture me in his arms.


“Yes, I’m fine. Let’s just go, now, please.” 

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