Eucatastrophe ~ h.s.

This isn't how I planned any aspect of my life to occur.

The plan was simple: Finish university with a 4.0 GPA, Get a well-paying corporate job that's more intense than the assistant job I've now, Find a man that loves me for me, Get married at a gorgeous ceremony, Have beautiful children, Grow old with the man of my dreams and watch our kids mature right before our eyes, and Then fall deeper and deeper in love with our time together.

That Night wasn't supposed to happen. My life wasn't supposed to turn out like this.

*Contains: Language, mild sexual content, and a bit of violence. Content could be triggering for some.*


18. ✗ seventeen ✗


16 May

The Honeymoon Stage.

I'm pretty sure that's what you call it when you both confess your feelings for each other and things run smoother than ever. When the two of you feel like nothing can separate you and that this happiness looming over you will never dissipate. The Honeymoon Stage is my favorite stage in the entire world of relationships, not that I would have too much past with them, and it lasts as long as you want it to, I hope.

We're currently in day three of the Honeymoon Stage and I've never felt better.

After that night of confessions in bed, everything seemed to get even better. Harry and I are getting along like two friends with feelings for each other would. It's not awkward. We haven't exactly done anything about our feelings like go on a date, but I know that will come in time. We both agreed the next morning that we'd take this slow, one step at a time. So in the meantime, Harry and I just joke along with each other about anything and everything. The best thing about it is that he hasn't brought up the pregnancy once. He's giving me time to think, and think I do.

I had an eye opening dream just a few days ago, telling me exactly what I should do about the baby, simple as that. I've never had one of those eye-opening epiphanies before. I haven't told Harry the news yet, mostly because I'm waiting for the right time to tell him. Part of me wants to tell him as soon as he grows the bullocks to ask me out on a date, but the other part of me has been waiting three days and can't resist any longer.

"Shay, are you ready?" Harry calls from outside the bathroom.

With the permanent smile on my lips I swing the door open and lean against its wood frame. It seems as if all I've done lately is smile, and I can't say I hate it.

"I'm more than ready, how about you?" Harry smiles and eyes my outfit choice of the day: a red suit with a light crème blouse with red and mint detailing on it, paired with a lovely pair of mint heels. To say this outfit is more lively than most my outfits would be an understatement. I never wear something this bold to date.

"Wow, that's bright."

"Do you like it?" He nods quickly with the corners of his mouth quirked upward.

"I love it."

I send him a smile back and walk past him, grabbing my Michael Kors handbag in hand and leading the way out the door. I feel as if I move any slower and just stay in one place with Harry I'll spill the beans. The doctor had given me around five weeks to make a decision and I have made it a couple weeks early. Right after I tell Harry, I'll tell the doctor.

"Come on, let's go to work!" I announce, skipping down the steps and rushing towards the front entrance. Harry laughs after me and grabs his keys before following me to his Range Rover.

"What has gotten into you today? You're like three times more happy than you have been."

"Honestly, I have no idea." I lie, climbing into the passenger seat and buckling up. Harry runs around the other side of the car after shutting my door and gets into his seat. "Oh, Mr. Horan scheduled a meeting with you today around two. I was able to schedule him in between lunch and your board meeting at three." I pipe in, staring down at my phone in my hands.

Work has been running smoothly too, aside from the hiccups of my intern, everything is perfect. Meetings are being concluded on time, business is running smoothly, and I'm sure that Harry has never been happier. He's getting closer and closer to finishing the final details of his branch in Sydney that his stress is just oozing away. They're in the midst of making final touches to the new building, there is still hiring to do and decorating, but he'll get it done before the New Year.

"Great, so we're still on for lunch?"

Harry and I have been eating lunch together, everyday since I've returned to work. I've gathered my freedoms back, like running to the restroom and making copies, but I still have yet to gain my lunch back. But if I'm being truthful: I'd rather eat with him than in a stuffy break room or my desk any day.

"Of course, when are we not?" I say with a smile as I peer over at Harry. "Can we stop by my place today to grab the last of my things? I only have a couple of books and stuff still over there and they need to go before I can officially move out."

"And move in with me!" Harry adds, his words coming out in a singsong.

"Yes, thank you for reminding me yet again." He has been reminding me everyday since I agreed to move in and it only got worse since our feelings are out in the open.

The rest of the car ride goes smoothly, aside from the fact that I'm buzzing in my seat.

Originally I was going to tell him as soon as I woke yesterday, but he was up and exercising so I didn't get the chance. Then we were off to work, much like now, and we didn't see much of each other because of meetings, including a meeting than was held over lunch.

"Would you look at that," Harry mutters, stepping into my office before me. I'm too busy digging through my bag for my day planner to look up, "we've beat your intern to work again. And its," He looks at his watch and sighs, "almost nine-thirty."

"Relax." I say, passing him and dropping my stuff down at my desk. I don't know why I'm being so chill; usually I'd be fuming.

"You should just fire her."

"You've told me that before and I told you to do the same thing, and I can't just fire her."

"Why not?" He asks lowly, leaning against Melissa's scattered desk.

"I just can't." I say with a huge smile on my lips, I'm milliseconds from spilling the news that I want to wait off on. I can do this; I can keep it to myself until he asks me out.

"And why's that."

"I just can't."

"Come on, you can. Tell me!"

"Who is going to watch my magnificent desk when I'm maternity leave?" I blurt. My eyes grow slightly wide as I stare at the desk's surface. "Now that I think about it, she'll be done with her internship by then, actually she'll be done in a few months time, right?" I mutter, slowly looking up from the surface to meet eyes with Harry. Nice going Shay.

His eyes are wide as his jaw is dropped and he jumps up from the desk like it's on fire. I can't be for sure, but I think his eyes are almost glossed over with tears, but I can't be certain. Without a word, he takes two steps towards me and wraps his arms around me. Forgetting all about the fact that we are located in an office with clear, glass doors, I wrap my arms around him as well.

"You're going to keep the baby?" I nod my head against his chest and try to fight off the urge to cry, which is a common occurrence lately. I'm either crying my eyes out, vomiting my guts out, or eating my weight in Chinese take-away. There really is no in-between.

"I made my decision yesterday and just didn't know how to tell you."

"You have no idea how happy this makes me." He mutters against my hair. "I know that I'm not really a part of all this, though I really want to be, but-" I chuckle lightly and bury my face against his shoulder, inhaling his beautiful scent.

"You're as much a part of this as I am, at least in my mind Harry."

Suddenly he pulls away, but his hands remain on my arms.

"We have so much planning to do!" He exclaims, almost too loudly. "Have you told the doctors your decision? Have you made an appointment yet? When you do can you make sure that I'm free so I can be there? Screw it, I'll just blow off whatever I'm doing if I'm busy."

"Whoa, slow down." He apologizes and lets his eyes fall downward.

My stomach is still very flat and the poof my blouse is creating does wonders in hiding the pre-pregnancy-bump bump. I'm gaining a few kilograms, but not too many.

"I need you to know that I'm not going anywhere." I nod my head, believing every word. "I promise you that Shay, I'm in this with you."

"Can we go into your office and talk?" I ask, looking around. I'm getting nervous someone will walk past and see. Harry nods and drops his hands from me, leading me towards his office. As soon as the doors are closed behind us though I'm gathered in another hug.

"What do you want to talk about?"

"Okay, well to answer your many questions: I'm going to call the doctors today and set up a follow-up appointment and I will be sure to fit it around our schedules so that we can both attend. Dr. Surrey will probably be expecting my fiancé to be there." I say, raising a brow at Harry. He blushes momentarily before shrugging his shoulders.

"What was I supposed to say?" I shrug my shoulders and hug Harry back. "You have no idea how happy you've just made me." Harry admits against my hair. I smile lightly and hug him back tightly, squeezing the life out of him. "I was so scared you weren't going to keep the baby."

"At first I wasn't going to," I watch his smile fall, "but then I couldn't help but feel guilty and then I had this dream the other night." I mention, pulling from Harry slightly. He leads us over to the couch and we both take a seat close to each other. "I just saw her and I knew she was mine because of her eyes and little nose. I was holding her in my arms and telling her that everything was going to be okay that mummy was there." I couldn't help but tear up at the thought. "When I woke up I just knew that I wanted to keep the baby." I look to Harry, who has a larger than life smile upon his lips. "What?" I question, feeling the need to ask about his demeanor.

"You think it's a girl?" His eyes wonder to my stomach as I press a hand to the fabric of my blouse covering my abdomen. I shrug lightly and smile to myself.

"I would be happy with either, but between you and me I hope it's a girl. I know more about girls than I do boys." Harry wraps his arm around my shoulders and pulls me close.

"Then it's a good thing I'm a guy then, huh?" I giggle and shrug my shoulders, leaning into his touch. "This is cause for a celebration, don't you think?" I pull from Harry and eye him carefully.

"What do you mean?"

"I hope you're free tonight Ms. Nichols." I roll my eyes and watch as Harry stands to his feet. He knows I'm because he's the only one I hang out with. "Because tonight we're going out."

"You mean like on a date?" I say hopefully. Harry holds his hand out for me to take, which I do, and helps me stand to my feet.

"Exactly like a date." I blush heavily and try to contain the smile that wants to attack my face. "Dinner, just you and I."

"That sounds lovely." I say, releasing my hand from Harry's. He places his hand on the small of my back and leads me towards the door of his office. "Are you kicking me out already?" Harry laughs and shakes his head, his hair cascading down upon his shoulders.

"I've got to make a few phone calls and you have to get out there before Melissa shows and questions why you're leaving my office with a huge smile on your lips."

"I can't help it." I counter as Harry opens the door. His smile is probably equally as large as mine, maybe even bigger. I step out of his office, watching Harry lean against the frosted glass. I walk backwards to my desk and plop down in the comfortable chair, my eyes still on Harry. "I mean it, I can't help the smile you bring to my lips." I admit, my cheeks flushing slightly in embarrassment. I'm not used to sharing my feelings.

"Neither can I."


"I will be sure to let Mr. Styles know about the issue." I grumble to myself as I jot down a few notes from the Australian male on the other line. It would seem as if there's a hump in the road with the new building. From what I'm gathering from the man it doesn't look good with our dinner plans tonight.

Harry will probably end up staying late tonight and cancelling our dinner, but I can't blame him. This project is like his baby and he does need to see it through to the finish, even if he does fight me on it.

"Tell him that we need him down here ASAP." I try and contain my groan as I shift my gaze from my notepad to the desktop before me. I pull open our schedule for the next week. It seems as if there are meetings here and there, but not nearly as many as usual. If worse comes to worse Harry can fly out to Sydney and not miss a load here. "If he doesn't then our deadline will be forced back another month."

Another month? How big is this issue?

"I understand." I breathe out slowly, hitting my forehead with my pen. "I will speak to Mr. Styles as soon as he's free." I assure the man. The man lets out a large sigh before clearing his throat.

"Okay, just have him give me a call after the two of you have discussed it." I nod my head, though the man can't see me and make a note to do just that. "Goodbye."

"Good-" before I can even finish the word, the line goes dead and I'm met with the annoying dial tone.

I frustratedly slam the phone back into its holder and rest my head against the surface of my desk. On top of that phone call I had just received, Melissa still hasn't bothered to show it's like two in the afternoon. My day had gone from wonderfully perfect, to shit in a matter of hours.

"Whoa there, Nichols!" I internally groan at the voice and pout like a child before composing myself and sitting tall.

Cameron lets the door fall shut with ease as he struts towards my desk, with folders in hand. I know what's in them, financial reports just like all the other times he comes up here. He doesn't come up here unless completely necessary.

"Thanks Cameron." I say, taking the folders from him once he's close enough.

I watch as Cameron stuffs his hands into his pockets before letting his eyes glide around the room. I toss the folders into the prospective bin and spin back around to face him, not bothering to stand. I find his eyes on Melissa's empty desk with a smirk.

"Where's ginger?" I scoff and turn my attention to my computer.

"You mean the same ginger you're shagging?" I question with a raised eyebrow. Cameron licks his dry lips and shrugs.

"What can I say? She's a very naughty girl and I'm drawn to that."

"Go back to work, Cam." I say as a text message pops up on my Apple desktop.

Harry: Can't wait for this day to be over.

"What are you smiling at?" I lose the grin on my lips from Harry's text and shift my eyes to the brunette before me. "Just curious, don't have to send me that look." He says, raising his hands.

"Get out, Cameron."

"So I take it you're not up for drinks this week either then?"

Every bloody week, he's back standing in my office with the same question. And every time the answer is still the same, NO!

"For the last time, Cameron, I'm not interested. Do me a favor and call Melissa? She'll most likely want to go and you can also tell her to get her bum here."

Cameron huffs and turns on his toes towards the door. With one final glance over the shoulder he's exiting the office and scurrying down the hall towards the elevators. I groan loudly this time, now that I'm alone, and drop my head to my desk once again.

I wish he'd just get the bloody picture. I'm not interested. Never have been; never will be.

Someone poking me on the top of my head causes me to stiffen, before my hand grabs there's roughly.

"Cameron, I said get out."

"Sorry princess, not Cameron." I open my eyes to see the surface of the desk underneath my head and don't bother moving. The voice is right above my head, probably from a person who is standing just before my desk. I'm embarrassed and quite frankly too annoyed to even care. God, what is this pregnancy doing to my brain? I should be freaking out that I'm "laying down" on the job. "Ma'am?" I drop the person's hand quickly and take a deep breath. The voice is from a man and the accent is thick of Irish decent.

Shit, Mr. Horan.

With a deep breath, I slowly rise up and look to the man before my desk. He smiles down at me with a friendly smile before chuckling to himself.

"Ms. Nichols, is it?" I smile up at the man and rise to my feet, outstretching my hand for the man to take. I remember him from the party at Harry's house, which seems like an eternity ago. He seemed pretty fun back them and I couldn't imagine him as a businessman until now. "Nice to see you again."

"You too, my apologies for the forceful grip." He simply laughs.

"Stressful day?" He asks, his eyes falling to my desk. I quickly grab my notepad, filled with the disappointing news I had just received from Australia. I chuckle lightly and motion towards Harry's office doors.

"You have no idea."

With a swift knock to Harry's office door, I open them both knowing he's not in the middle of something. He looks up from his desk, smiling largely at me, before seeing the man who follows me in.

"Niall!" He exclaims happily, jumping up from his desk and running over in our direction.

He completely bypasses me and gathers his friend in a hug. Niall laughs loudly and hugs Harry back, leaving me standing silent in the doorway. Ever since I told Harry the news this morning, he's been incredibly happy. Throughout lunch he couldn't stop smiling at me or "accidently" getting caught with his eyes on my flat stomach.

"Shay, you remember Niall, don't you?" I blink out of my trance on the once hugging men and nod my head yes. I try to fake a smile but it doesn't come across genuine. Immediately Harry knows something's wrong. "What's wrong?"

"I just got off the phone with Australia."

"No." He groans loudly. I let the doors close behind me once I entered the room entirely and hand over the notepad to Harry. "Are you serious?" He exclaims after reading my notes. I shrug my shoulders and watch as Harry sulks past his mate to his desk chair.

"Bad news with the expansion?" Niall asks as he takes a seat before Harry's desk. I stand awkwardly behind Niall, not wanting to intrude but also not wanting to go very far in case Harry has instructions for me.

"Yeah, some idiot screwed up the lease on the building, and the financial reports?" He looks to me for confirmation, which I give him in the form of a nod. "Are you kidding me?" I slowly shake my head and watch as Harry's body tenses. He's stressed, I can tell. "I have to go there, don't I?" I slowly nod my head.

"They need you there ASAP." I say, fiddling with my hands in front of my body, a nervous tick. "And Cameron brought said financial reports up a few minutes ago."

I'm already beginning to worry about him leaving me. It's not that I'm completely dependent on Harry but the thought of being left alone in London does freak me out, especially since I'm with child. Without Harry it's like I'm completely lost. The fear alone that rakes through my body is enough to want to be in Harry's arms right now, no matter how awkward or unprofessional it would be. I haven't been without him by my side for a month and I don't if I want to experience that just yet.

Harry's eyes widen slightly when he picks up my damn signals of being uncomfortable. He's gotten good at reading me and it's quite annoying, but at the same time it's sweet. My eyes shift to Harry as he bites his lip, eyeing me up and down cautiously. Niall sits staring at Harry so he can't see my demeanor and I.

"Would you like me to go book a flight?" I ask, hoping I don't sound as if I'm on the verge of tears. Damn my emotions! Harry shakes his head and stands from his chair, walking over to me.

With a light hand on my back he ushers me swiftly towards the doors of his office.

"I'll handle this, okay?" I nod slowly, wanting to argue but keeping my words silent. "You just think about dinner tonight and maybe online shop a bit." I eye Harry, trying to fight off the smile that wants to break free. "I can see a smile tugging at your lips." He points out in a whisper.

"So dinner isn't cancelled then?"

"The whole company could go down the drain and I'd still blow it off to have a date with you."

"How sweet."

"Only for you." 



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