Eucatastrophe ~ h.s.

This isn't how I planned any aspect of my life to occur.

The plan was simple: Finish university with a 4.0 GPA, Get a well-paying corporate job that's more intense than the assistant job I've now, Find a man that loves me for me, Get married at a gorgeous ceremony, Have beautiful children, Grow old with the man of my dreams and watch our kids mature right before our eyes, and Then fall deeper and deeper in love with our time together.

That Night wasn't supposed to happen. My life wasn't supposed to turn out like this.

*Contains: Language, mild sexual content, and a bit of violence. Content could be triggering for some.*


1. ✗ prologue ✗


Where is that incompetent big-boobed, unintelligent, tease of an intern? She should be here with me, dealing with a thousand issues, yet she is nowhere to be found. For the guests, this is a party, but for us, this is our job.

She's making me run around in circles, searching through every room of this mansion, my boss' mansion to be exact. From the guests' perspective I'm sure they think I'm some lunatic, which is if they don't know this is how I am every day. She and I were in charge of making sure this whole party goes smoothly, without any hiccups. Yet here I am: missing my intern, trying to find the lead-caterer to ask when desert is going to be served, and on top of that it's time for me to return home after a long day's work.

"Have you seen Melissa?" I ask a coworker of mine, who is sat drinking champagne and checking emails on his phone near the edge of the front room. He looks up with his hazel eyes, greets me with a grin, and a roll of his eyes at my demeanor. He knows how I get when things aren't going exactly to plan. He's seen me act this way for about two years now.

"This is a party, Nichols, shouldn't you be enjoying it instead of stressing over it?" He asks smirking down at me like this could possibly be funny to him. If it weren't for the fact that this is a party being hosted by our boss and if he weren't my coworker I would have slapped that irritating smirk off his lips. "Try the kitchen," He finally says, seeing as I am in no mood for games, "that's where she said she was going a few minutes ago."

"You saw her a few moments ago?" I question, beginning to back away from the man to sprint off towards the kitchen in a matter of seconds. He nods, bringing the flute of alcohol up to his lips and taking a small sip with a raise of the eyebrows. "Oh gross, Cameron! You couldn't have fornicated outside of the boss' home?" He shrugs his shoulders with a sly smirk on his lips before sending a wink my way as well.

I honestly am not shocked that he slept with, or at least snogged, my intern but I am shocked that he's comfortable enough finding a room in our boss' home to do the dirty. Needless to say my intern, who I am forced to keep on because it's part of her degree at uni, is a bit of a slut. And when I say a bit, I really mean a total slut. And that's the nicest way I could possibly say that.

"He's not going to know."

"He better not find out, Cameron, or he'll make me fire you myself."

I'm the big man's right hand (wo)man. I do the firing because he hates having to do it himself. I honestly don't think it's because he's lazy and doesn't want to fire them, I really think he doesn't have the heart to do it himself. Cameron holds his hands up in defense as I turn from him to scurry off to the kitchen, the basement kitchen. I really need to get out of here before I lose my mind, and a few more hours of my precious sleep.

I take the steps two at a time, praying that she'll still be there when I arrive and hoping that I won't twist an ankle on the way down.

"Shay! There you are!" I hold in the roll of my eyes that I so badly want to produce and step into the steamy kitchen moments later and slightly out of breath. The multiple caterers are shouting and arguing lightly over food items that are requiring going out to the guests at any moment. Somehow everything always works out even if they do argue heavily in French the majority of the time.

There's Melissa, standing with her low cut dress that's far from appropriate for a global corporate party hosted by our company... at our boss' home. "The cooks said you were looking for me as I was you." Oh, so you speak French now, do you? We'll have to add that to your lacking resume then. "Where have you been?"

Looking for your fake ass, placing a fake smile on my lips I approach her. If I'm nice to her then I can leave without a fight.

"Just attending to some issues that came to my attention. I need to get going for the night so," Lord help us all, "you're in charge for the rest of the evening."

I hand her over my headset and the attached walkie-talkie, which she cautiously takes in her slender hands. I can tell just by the look she tries to conceal that she doesn't want it, mostly because it probably doesn't match her outfit. I'm also leaving her in charge because there's only a few more hours left of this thing I don't see how she could muck it up in that amount of time. Plus, she's needs the experience. "Make sure nothing gets broken and that desert gets out when Marlene says so."

"Will do. Shay?" I stop myself when I reach my clutch near the edge of the door. Hopefully, everything is still in it as I haven't been keeping a close eye on it since the party started hours ago. "How long do you usually stay after these things?"

"Mr. Styles never makes us stay until after two. But I would say this party will near a close around midnight, maybe half twelve so you should be golden." Melissa purses her lips together and nods her head, clearly hoping she can leave sooner I'm sure.

"Have a lovely night, Shay." I nod my head in response before rushing out to find my boss to tell him I'm off and so I don't have to spend another moment in the presence of Melissa.

This job is the perfect match for me, even though it requires a lot of scheduling and planning, but that's what I do best. The hours were surprisingly flexible around my uni schedule; it paid very well for this type of position; and I even have added bonuses like health care and a snazzy office that I could do whatever I please to it. Plus I get to spend most days with our hunk of a boss; which you will never hear me admit aside from inside my head.

His name: Harry Styles. His game: CEO of his own moneymaking corporation that was passed down to him from his late father. He is one of the most attractive men I have ever seen in my entire life, maybe the most attractive human being on the planet. He has long, brown curly locks that look surprisingly good on him, even when he ties it up on top of his head on occasion. His irises are this magical green color that's too pretty to be real. But on top of his looks he's also unbelievably smart, kind, and mysterious.

"Oh, there you are Shay!" I jump at his deep, husky voice which I thought at first was coming from somewhere in my head. When I look to my side I see him standing with a group of young men, like himself, who are laughing to something one of them said. "Come over for a second, would you?" There's no way I can ever say no to him, plus it's kind of my job not to.

"Hello." I greet, placing a smile onto my lips and approaching the circle of men. I feel completely comfortable around him and his associates, aside from a pretty handsy older gentleman in marketing.

Mr. Styles, whom encourages me to call him Harry, grabs my hand lightly and pulls me over to his side, dropping it as soon as I'm near him. He likes to keep me close and I have no idea why. I like to think it's because of my gorgeous looks, curves, and genuine smile. But I really think it has to do with him not knowing how to function without an assistant.

"Shay this is Louis, Ashton, Niall, Luke, and Liam." He says, motioning around the circle to each man. They all smile over at me, raising their glasses slightly at my presences. They all wear neatly tailored suits and have perfect features that normal human beings can only wish they have. "They work for various companies that we partner with around the world. Niall is located in Ireland, Liam is centered in France as well as the States, Ashton and Luke have their companies in Australia and New Zealand, and Louis' company is basically neighbors with ours, stationed right here in London. You've met him countless times already."

Niall has bleached blonde hair, that's clearly originally brown from the slight outgrow of his hair. He also has this adorably hilarious laugh that I could almost hear from the across the room earlier this evening. He seems pretty easy going, like Harry, but somehow even more fun to be around. I'm sure he'd be a good pub buddy on a Friday night if you were into that sort of thing.

Liam looks pretty serious about business, but also like he has a fun side to him as well. I'm sure he keeps his personal and work life very separate, for good reasons. From what I can see he has a tattoo on the hand that's holding his flute of champagne. Showing that he's not just all work and no play. Then again, Harry supposedly has more than a hundred tattoos, though as of now that's just an office rumor.

Luke is by far the tallest of all the men, towering over Harry by about five inches, which to me is incredible because I thought Harry's pretty tall. He has these piercing icy blue eyes that draw you in; and if I didn't know any better I would have said that he's a foreign model. Or he can definitely pass as a toned and tanned surfer.

Ashton has curly hair, like Harry, but it's much shorter and lighter in color. He wears these black-rimmed glasses and is laughing alongside Niall, his laugh even funnier than Niall's, if that were possible. I can tell he works out from the way his muscles flex from underneath his suit. I will not be opposed to hitting that if the opportunity arises.

And Louis looks far more familiar than the rest, mostly because I have seen him before, many times. His facial features are very unique, as is his voice. If I hadn't met him countless times in passing I recognize him from one of the many photographs that Harry keeps in his office, because let's face it... the man has a soft spot for his friends and family.

"Most importantly, they're my best mates." That of course brings out a chorus of awes from his friends, followed by loud laughter, echoing around me. "Boys, this is my assistant Shay Nichols." 

"Lovely to meet you all." I say, shaking each of their hands, as quickly as possibly so I'm not to intrude.

"I truly wouldn't get anything done at work if it weren't for Shay. Her guidance and intelligence is truly something." Harry chuckles, glancing down towards me as he raises his glass. The boys do a small toast to my honor, which is way too sweet, before sipping down the alcohol.

"At least somebody around here can control him." Niall speaks, his accent clear as day. I smile, really just wanting to get out of here before I pass out of exhaustion on the floor.

"Well, it was lovely to meet all of you. I really hate to be brief, but I must be going." I say, my eyes scanning each of the men before stopping at Harry. "I've placed Melissa in charge." At that footnote, Harry cringes visibly and I try not to laugh.

"You're leaving?" I nod my head at his pouty face and giggle lightly.

"Yes and don't worry, she's got very specific instructions to follow from me and you shouldn't have a problem with her. If you do, call me. Do you need anything else before I leave for the night?"

"Why don't you stay and have a drink with us?" Harry's kind like this, never working me too hard and offering me perks that usually wouldn't come from your boss. For example, you normally would not get asked to drink with your boss, the CEO of his own company.

"I would love to, but I will need to decline. I have class in the morning and I need to get the least bit of rest I can before then. Plus, the tube I need to catch won't wait for me, so..." Harry reaches around me and places his hand on my lower back, excusing us from the other men with an excuse of walking me out.

"My driver can give you a ride home, if you want. It's far too late to be walking out by yourself." I chuckle at his worriedness and shake my head. This definitely isn't the first time I've walked round the city of London at night without anyone with me. This also isn't the first time Harry is offering his car and driver to someone.

"Thank you Mr. Styles, but I think I can handle it."

"It's Harry." He corrects with a grin on his perfectly pink lips and a gleam in his emerald eyes. He's always correcting me with his name. "Are you sure?" He asks as we walk towards the front door of his beautiful home. I check my clutch to make sure I have everything one last time before I am to leave.

"Of course. You should go back to your friends, it is you're party after all." I remind him with a small grin. "I will see you tomorrow afternoon before the financial meeting at half two?" I ask, mostly reminding him of his meeting so he won't get too drunk and have to show up hungover.

"Right." He says, opening the front door for me. "I will see you then Shay."

I bid him ado with a head nod before skipping down the steps of his front porch. Within seconds the door is closed and I'm alone with my thoughts and the oddly warm April breeze.

Harry lives on the edge of central London near Holland Park, and the closest tube station is a ten-minute walk, which isn't too terribly bad. I've walked the distance before from Harry's house to the station and it's a peaceful one at that. As I walk I can't help but get my mind off what I'm going to do with Melissa.

I'm either going to have to fire her or simply leave her be until she does something unforgivable. Or I'm going to have to wait until Harry wants to fire her; I can tell he's getting fed up with her ways just by the way she acts around him. It's like she's trying to sleep her way to the top. I can't tell you for sure if she tried flirting with me to get to Harry or if that's just how she was around women.

On the top of my list of problems, unfortunately, Melissa isn't crowned the queen of them. I have far more things to worry about aside from her lack of work ethic and coverage of her large breasts. It could be that she reminds me too much of my old prep school "friends", who I haven't spoken to in years, or maybe she's just something that my mind thought would be a good outlet for all of my built up anger towards people in my life.

"Excuse me Miss." I freeze up at the voice and peer over my shoulder, for a brief moment thinking I had just walked straight past an old friend or something.

As soon as I see his face, which is unshaven and looks broken from years of alcohol and drug abuse, and see the clothes that strewn his body I turn back around. Immediately, I regret my decision to walk instead of take Harry up on that offer.

As I have said before, I had walked this road many times. But the difference between those times and now is that the sun is no longer shining and I'm not completely alone. I know this neighborhood is safe, but once you get closer to the city and further from Harry's home, there's more crime. Up until now I have never witnessed anything illegal.

So in light of my frozen state I don't stop moving my feet, picking up my pace at the horrid thoughts that run through my head. I can see streetlights ahead, awaiting my arrival underneath them, and I'm so close to being surrounded by others, even if it is eleven o'clock at night. "Excuse me are you deaf or something?" The man counters again, his tone incredibly heavy now instead of light like it had been before.

"I don't have any money." I spit over my shoulder, my pace picking up yet again. It's not a complete lie, me not having money. I don't have any cash on me, or anything worthy of him taking, aside from my credit card and maybe the bracelet my late grandmother had "given" me years ago.

"Who said anything about money." This time his voice is much closer to me than before. "Maybe I just wanted to talk." I open my mouth to respond to him, but this time he grabs me like a sack of flour. He lifts me off the ground as his hand comes around my mouth to silence the screams that tear through my system. "Or maybe I didn't." He spits, hoisting me from the ground so I can no longer feel the pavement beneath my pumps. I scream as loud as my lungs will allow me and kick as hard as I can at his legs, but there's no use in trying. For the man that I had underestimated as weak and homeless is the exact opposite.

He carries me off of the vacant sidewalk and towards the nearest brick building, only to take me further into darkness when we enter an alleyway. The darkened alley is enough to send chills down my spine without a man leading me into it. So I scream louder against his filthy palm.

"Stop screaming." He orders, pulling me back against his firm chest and gripping my mouth a little too harshly with his palm. His one hand that holds me around the waist loosens lightly only for him to grasp the bottom of my dress with his nasty fingers and pull up on the fabric.

"No!" I scream louder at the thought of him doing what he's about to do, but my words are only muffled. All the years of defense classes that I was made to take seem to have no effect in aiding my escape tonight. It's like I'm a porcelain doll with no way of protecting myself.

"I said shut up!"

And like a miracle had occurred, I'm let go. I fall forward onto my hands and knees, as I wasn't prepared for his weight not to be on me anymore. They scrap, already beginning to sting, but it's the farthest from what I'm worried about at the moment.

I turn over onto my back to see if some stranger had saved me from my grasp, but I'm only met with the man himself, smirking evilly down at me. I feel like I can't move, can't scream, can't even cry out for help as he slowly kneels down before me, undoing his belt and sliding it out from his tattered belt loops.

"I don't think you have it in you to stay silent, so say goodnight." I open my mouth to interject but before I can he raises the belt up and everything goes black. 

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