Eucatastrophe ~ h.s.

This isn't how I planned any aspect of my life to occur.

The plan was simple: Finish university with a 4.0 GPA, Get a well-paying corporate job that's more intense than the assistant job I've now, Find a man that loves me for me, Get married at a gorgeous ceremony, Have beautiful children, Grow old with the man of my dreams and watch our kids mature right before our eyes, and Then fall deeper and deeper in love with our time together.

That Night wasn't supposed to happen. My life wasn't supposed to turn out like this.

*Contains: Language, mild sexual content, and a bit of violence. Content could be triggering for some.*


48. ✗ forty-six ✗


26 August

“I’m taking you out to dinner.” The first thing that Harry says to me after my late-afternoon shower.

We’ve had a hard day of moving our things over to the new house (a house in which I’m still not allowed to set foot in), preparing to sign the final papers tomorrow morning, and officially moving over tomorrow evening. The only items left in Harry’s current home is a couple of our suitcases, our bed, and our toiletries.

“I thought we were going to turn in early tonight.” I pout, drying my hair off with a towel.

Harry stands in the doorway of the bathroom with a shaking head and a grin the size of Russia on his lips. I do feel bad that I told him not to spoil me for my birthday today, but I’m just so tired and am in dire need of a good cuddle.

“We’ll go to sleep early, promise. I’m going to treat my girl on her birthday, the first birthday I’m spending with you.” I sigh and smile lightly at the adorable look that shows itself on Harry’s face. 

How could I ever say no to that face?

“Okay, but only because it’s you.”

Harry cheers and holds a finger up to motion for me to wait a moment before disappearing from the bathroom. I chuckle at him as I turn to the mirror and begin to style my slightly damp hair since apparently we’re going out.

“And, my love,” Harry shouts from the bedroom before entering with something behind his back. I turn towards him and lean against the counter with a suspicious look on my face.

He’s also been bugging me for the past week about what I want for my birthday. I said I didn’t want anything, simple as that. Yet, today I’ve been giving so many beautiful flowers, especially my favorites, pink tulips; a sleek new Michael Kors handbag; a new daily organizer because my current one looks crazy; and now whatever resides behind his back.

“You will be wearing this.”

Harry pulls a dress out from behind his back, making me gasp at the sight. It’s a satin Alexis Eleanor dress with fringe all throughout the fabric. I’m a fashion whiz, one of my many gifts being able to tell the designer right off the bat, most of the time.

The dress is gorgeous, duh it’s an Alexis Eleanor. It contains pink with bits of reds, black, and a shade of purple throughout the fabric. It’s absolutely beautiful and honestly something I would wear everyday if I could.

“Harry, it’s gorgeous! Thank you!” I say, reaching for the hanger and holding it up.

“I thought you’d like it, and as an added bonus I figured the fringe would hide your bump if we happen to get spotted by the paps.”

“It’s perfect. I love it so much.”

“And…” Harry mumbles, grabbing something from around the corner in the bedroom.

“Oh God, what else did you buy me?” I exclaim, hanging the dress up on the wall as Harry enters the bathroom with a pair of matching pink leather sandals.

I gasp at the sight, having seen them before when I went shopping last weekend with Moxy. She took me in a shit ton of expensive shoppes and I saw these. I loved them, but they were way out of my price range.

“Harry! Those cost nearly five hundred pounds!”

Harry simply chuckles as if spending five hundred pounds on a pair of shoe is nothing and shrugs as he sets them down underneath the dress.

“Money isn’t a big deal, Shay.” I nod and bite down on my lip.

I wish he hadn’t spent that much money on me. He could have used that money for expenses, not items to shower his girl with.

“How did you know I wanted these?” I question as I kneel to the floor to get a better look at the absolutely darling sandals. After seeing them for a bit longer, I chuckle to myself. “Moxy, right?”

I look to Harry, who has his hands stuffed in his skinny jeans’ pockets with a sly smirk on his lips.

“Just say thank you.” He whispers as I stand to my feet, his lips now mere centimeters from my lips with my height.

“Thank you.” I whisper back before attaching our lips softly.

The kiss is quick and soft, full of passion and love just how I like it; our lips simply molding together like nothing. When I pull away I can’t help but smile widely up at him. Harry’s always just been perfect, and today he just seems to be more wonderful. He’s staring down at me through his thick lashes with a smirk on his lips.

“Get ready to go, baby.”


“I don’t think I told you how beautiful you look tonight.” Harry says as he reaches across the console and takes my hand in his, resting our hands on his lap. I smile over at him, a cool blush coming across my already rouge cheeks whilst I set my new handbag down on the floor of the vehicle.

“That’s because you were on the phone when I did the big reveal.” I kid, snickering lightly.

When I had finished with my makeup, braided hairband, and dressing to perfection I had found Harry in the lounge with his phone pressed to his ear. I wasn’t really bothered; he’s a busy man.

Harry pouts lightly and brings our hands up to his lips, pressing a quick kiss to the skin.

“Yeah, m’sorry.”

“Don’t be, I understand. You’ve been out of work more often with me than you ever have been. I’ve ruined your perfect attendance.”

“You couldn’t ruin anything even if you tried.”

Harry and I fall into another comfortable silence as we drive in the direction of central London. I still have no idea where he’s taking me this evening. There wasn’t much time for begging between getting ready and beginning our drive. I’m really just hoping he didn’t go too full out. A simple, romantic dinner sounds perfect to me, even if I wanted to stay at home and cuddle. There’s time for that later.

“We’re here.”

I gaze out Harry’s window of his Range Rover to the entrance of the restaurant called Clos Maggiore. It seems to be French, obviously. I absolutely adore French food, but I can’t say I’ve ever been here before. Harry hops out the vehicle and motions for me to wait for him. He throws his keys to the valet before running around the front of the car and opening my door for me.

“M’lady.” I giggle and take his hand as he helps me from the front seat.

Harry hands me my new handbag and I hold it in my arm whilst I hold Harry’s hand. His hand immediately tightens around mine when I suddenly hear his name being shouted at him before bright flashes appear around us.

“Ignore them.” He whispers in my ear as he leads me through the paps.

They’ve swarmed from the sidewalk to our position in the street, rounding Harry’s car. There seems to be around twenty of the infuriating buggers just shouting out questions and pointing their cameras in our direction.

“Shay! Shay, you look very beautiful tonight! Who are you wearing?” One lady calls to me.

I can’t help but smile a bit at her question, liking it much more than the intrusive questions some paps yell at me. If I were a bit more comfortable with them I might have answered: Alexis Eleanor and Laurence Dacade!

Although, when my name passed through her lips I was a bit put off. I didn’t think they knew my name; at least they didn’t a couple weeks ago. Apparently, they’ve done their research on my personal life. Hopefully not digging too personally on my behalf.

“Have you two been dating long? Has it affected the work of you, Mr. Styles, in anyway? Sources say you haven’t been present as often as usual in your past years of running Styles Incorporated.”

“Harry, Shay, are the engagement rumors true?”

Well that’s a new one.

“How is the relationship treating both of you? Harry is known for his position as CEO of his late father’s company, meaning he’s entitled to a hefty bit of money! Does he spoil you with expensive gifts? Is that why you’re with him?”

When that question makes way into my ears just before we make it to the doors, I freeze up. Harry looks slightly startled by me stopping in the midst of the crowd surrounding us, but I can’t help but grow a bit angry and want to call this person out. I spin around against Harry’s better judgment and face the blinding lights and microphones being shoved in my face.

“Excuse you, I love Harry, because he is an amazing man who loves me for me and is there by my side whenever I need him. I don’t love him for his money. I would love Harry even if he were poor. It’s so insensitive that you would think that I-“

“Okay!” Harry interrupts, spinning me around and leading me with a hand on the small of my back. We enter the restaurant and the thick glass of the doors muffles the noises from outside as they shut. “You didn’t have to do that Shay. I’ve learned to ignore them and their intrusive questions.”

“I know, it just pissed me off.” Harry grins down at me before wrapping his arm around my waist and pressing a kiss to my temple. “I couldn’t let them treat you that way.”

“Thank you, love.”

I pull from Harry so that we’re holding hands again as he leads me further into the restaurant, completely by-passing the hostess station at the front.

I gasp when we enter the elegant dining area, my eyes shooting to the ceiling. Beautiful white flowers flow over the tops of the tables from small trees at the edges of the room. A glass ceiling stands above the flowers, the moonlight pouring in lightly. I can’t help but wonder how beautiful it would look with natural light pouring in. Tables with clean white, tablecloths sit before us, carrying empty wine glasses and shining silver cutlery. A gorgeous fireplace lit in the center of the room, heating up the space, though from the weather outside it’s not really necessary.

If Harry’s going for romantic, he’s definitely succeeded, and then some.

“Wow, this is absolutely beautiful!” I gush, not being able to take my eyes from the ceiling.

“It is, but I’m sure you’re going to love what’s behind the fireplace even more.”

I narrow my eyes at him as he leads me towards the fireplace with a large grin. We quickly round the center fireplace to see a quieter section of the restaurant, which is until it erupts with cheers from a group of bubbly people all dressed nicely for the occasion and location.

“Happy Birthday Shay!”

Around a large, circular table sits four of our friends. Moxy and Niall sit closely together, and though I don’t know Niall all too well I consider him a friend of mine. Louis sits on the other side of Moxy with his arm slung around the back of Moxy’s chair and a glass of wine lifted to the sky. And Gemma sits beside Louis clapping her hands together. Both her and Moxy look absolutely gorgeous tonight and the men, handsome as always.

“You did this?” I question, turning to face Harry.

“Actually it was Moxy’s idea.”

I look to Moxy, who shrugs her shoulders and leans into Niall as he plants a kiss to the side of her head.

“I had to do something for your birthday, Shay! I wasn’t just going to do nothing and get you some simple gift. You should have seen this coming, babe.” I smile towards her and sigh deeply.

Although I didn’t want a party or anything too crazy, this does seem quite fun. A nice dinner with close friends, what more could I ask for.

“Well, thank you, all of you.” I say as Harry pulls my chair out for me. I take a seat beside Gemma and give her a quick hug as Harry pushes my chair in. “You look so pretty tonight.” I say, looking at Gemma’s black long-sleeve playsuit with a deep cross front, showing off her cleavage perfectly. It’s a really cute piece to wear to dinner.

“Thank you! You look beautiful as always.”

We spent the remainder of the evening eating delicious French food and talking about anything from embarrassing childhood stories, told from our friends’ point of views, to hilarious business stories that Harry, Louis, and Niall have experienced in their times in charge of companies. The four had given me gifts, and as much as I turned them down, I still took them graciously.

Gemma had gotten me a new pair of floral heels that I had been eyeing for quite sometime. Thankfully she bought them now so I could wear them a bit before the baby is weighing me completely down and I won’t want to wear anything aside from Uggs.

Moxy and Niall got me a gift card, which I was overjoyed for since Moxy and I hadn’t spent too much time together, the gift card gave us the excuse of a girls’ day out. She also brought me something in a medium size box that she told me I couldn’t open until tonight, or when I am feeling “in the mood”. I can only imagine what kind of expensive lingerie is inside.

And Louis, well Louis got me some beautiful white tulips, my absolute favorite flower and a lovely gold watch that I had been eyeing on the Internet for quite some time. I suspect Harry went through my online shopping history whilst I wasn’t paying attention one day and handed a list out to our friends.

All the gifts were too much, really.

The night had flown by quickly and by now we’ve all finished our food and desert, just finishing up our beverages. Halfway through dinner I leaned over to Harry and told him that we should tell his sister and Niall that we’re expecting. He thought it’d be amazing. I couldn’t think of a better time to make the announcement than now.

“I would like to say something.” I say, standing from my seat and holding up my water glass in my hand.

I glance down to Harry, who swivels slightly in his chair to look up at me; the rest of my birthday dinner guest break off from their small chats and look to me.

“First off, I want to say that I’ve very grateful to have all of you in my life. Moxy, I’ve known you since we were in primary school, and you’re one of my best and only friends in the entire world. Thank you for always standing by me and supporting me. We’ve not seen each other in ages, but I’m glad to spend this time with you.” Moxy raises her glass to me and blows me a cheeky kiss as I turn to the man at her side.

“Niall, I may not have known you for very long but you’re very funny and extremely perfect for Moxy.” Niall grins and leans into his lady as Moxy blushes. “Thank you for taking care of her and making my friend happy, which in turn makes me happy. That being said if you ever break her heart I won’t hesitate to break something of yours.” I threaten with a straight look on my face. For a moment Niall looks scared, but it’s quickly flushed away by Moxy’s giggle and a peck to his cheek.

I turn towards Louis next, who seems to sit up straight in his chair and fixes his suit jacket. I giggle and roll my eyes at him, expecting nothing less. “Louis, you are an amazing friend to both Harry and I. I’m so glad to have met you. I know I haven’t known you long either but I consider you one of my closest friends. Thank you for being here tonight and for being such a good mate to Harry.”

“My pleasure, Shay.”

“Gemma, before I met you I had Moxy as my friend, and a few other girls, and that’s about it. She was traveling the world and we hadn’t seen each other since our end of sixth form. When Harry introduced me to you, I immediately felt like I had a new friend. You are so beautiful, so welcoming, and so kind to me. I not only see you as one of my closest friends but also as a sister.” Gemma smiles widely and I swear I see tears in her eyes. Just the little glimpse of her tears brings a few of my own to the surface. “So, thank you.” Gemma nods and reaches up, taking my hand and giving it a squeeze.

“What about me, baby?” Harry pipes up, annoyingly tugging at my dress like a small child. I roll my eyes playfully and everyone around us laughs. I turn towards him, switching my glass into my other hand as I place my hand on the back of his head. I massage my hands into his curls and smile down at him as he gazes up at me.

I honestly couldn’t describe him and how much he means to me in the amount of time I have on this earth. He’s done more for me than anyone in the entire world, including my parents. He saved me, he loves me, and he’s true to me. I don’t think there is enough words in the English language to expression my appreciation for the man that stands by me everyday.

“Harry’s alright, I guess.” I mutter, causing our group of friends to laugh. “No, what do I have to say about Harry?” I hum lightly as a natural smile comes to my lips at the mere thought of him. “Well, he’s the love of my life.” I say in short, my smile fading from my lips as I stare into his beautiful green eyes. “I’ve never had another real boyfriend before Harry, the only other guy an absolute dick and a half.” This brings a light chuckle around our friend group. “So, it’s as simple as that, you’re the love of my life. Meaning that it brings me so much joy when I say what I’m going to say next.” I tease, turning to face the entire table, meeting four pairs of expecting eyes.

Louis and Moxy seem to know exactly what I’m going to say next because they both smile largely. Louis bites his lip cautiously though, seemingly knowing the underlying cause, but holds the emotion back whilst Moxy just winks up at the two of us. Gemma and Niall, on the other hand, are completely oblivious, which makes me feel really excited to tell them.

“I’m pregnant.”

A loud gasp sounds from Gemma as she shoots out of her chair, nearly toppling it over in the process.

“Are you serious?” She squeals, hands over her mouth as she jumps up and down in her sandals.

I nod my head and she practically screams. A few people around us send us small glances but I don’t think anyone heard the announcement. They all seem to return to their dinners once Gemma has seized the loud squeals.

“Oh my God, I’m so happy for you!” She grabs me in a hug and holds me tight, rocking me back and forth in her arms and pressing kisses to my cheeks. “You are going to be an absolutely wondrous mother, Shay.” Gemma turns to her brother and quirks a smile up at him as well. “My baby brother is growing up!” She exclaims when she pulls from me and tackles her taller brother into a hug.

I stand out the way and watch them hug as Gemma gushes to him. I can simply tell just body their body language that they’re both enjoying this brother/sister moment. Gemma excitedly talking with him about finally having a niece or nephew and is asking him all these questions from when I’m due to what he wants. I know we’ll have to tell her the truth about the pregnancy later, but why ruin the moment now?

“Congratulations Shay.” I spin around at the Irish accent speaking to me from behind. Niall smiles warmly down at me and I think this is the first we’ve ever spoken, just the two of us. Aside from that one conversation at work a couple months ago.

“Thank you.”

“You and Harry gonna have a footie player I pray, or a golfer.” I laugh and shrug my shoulders.

“Could be a girl.” Niall grins down at me and shrugs his shoulders as well.

“Not being sexist, the world needs more female footballers and golfers.” He pulls me into a comforting hug and I find myself smiling at the embrace.

I’ve never had many guy friends before, most of them I had pleasured time and time again, which was not something I’m proud of. Plus, where are those so-called friends now? Probably out spending daddy’s money.

We hug briefly before Moxy joins in on the conversation. He pulls from me and wraps an arm around Moxy’s waist, tugging her into his side. I see the way they look at each other, it’s the way I’m sure Harry and I look at each other. They’re in love, whether they want to admit it or not.

“I know I should be talking about me here and the whole pregnancy announcement, but when have I ever been one to spend hours talking about myself? So how did you two meet?” Moxy and Niall look to each other and smile happily. Niall’s eyes scan her face before he leans in and pecks her cheek.

“Seven months ago yesterday, we ran into each other at the Dublin Airport and the rest they say is history…”

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