Eucatastrophe ~ h.s.

This isn't how I planned any aspect of my life to occur.

The plan was simple: Finish university with a 4.0 GPA, Get a well-paying corporate job that's more intense than the assistant job I've now, Find a man that loves me for me, Get married at a gorgeous ceremony, Have beautiful children, Grow old with the man of my dreams and watch our kids mature right before our eyes, and Then fall deeper and deeper in love with our time together.

That Night wasn't supposed to happen. My life wasn't supposed to turn out like this.

*Contains: Language, mild sexual content, and a bit of violence. Content could be triggering for some.*


42. ✗ forty ✗


22 July

"Have you got the popcorn yet? I'm starving!"

I hear Harry shuffling about, but the popping of the corn has seized as of three minutes ago and I know that if I don't get a treat in about ten seconds the babe and I will no longer be smiling.

"How can you be starving?" His husky voice resonates from just behind me as a large bowl of popcorn is lifted over my body and set into my lap. "Have you forgotten about that amazing dinner I cooked for you tonight? Took me so long to prepare and you didn't even help."

"I was working." I reply, plopping a handful of popcorn into my mouth before patting the sofa beside me.

Harry and I have been work, work, work since Monday with little breaks and today's Friday. We're both exhausted and in need of a relaxing night in without distractions. After the paparazzi run in on Monday morning, things have been chaotic. Everyone at work wants to meddle in my business as if my invisibility cloak that I wore prior had been removed.

Anyhow, we just need a break. I suggested turning in early, cuddling, and sleeping in late tomorrow, but Harry thought a movie night was in need.

"You don't see me complaining about work." He says, plopping down beside me and reaching into the bowl before pressing play on the movie we've chosen, some excellent romantic comedy with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds.

"That's because you have me."

Harry laughs as he wraps his arm around my shoulders and rests his feet up on the coffee table. I roll my eyes at his actions and lean into him, enjoying the feeling of his warmth radiating against my, as Harry puts it, "glowing" skin. He must be mistaken because all I see is a bloated, tired, and pale woman with blemishes covering my once clear skin.

Harry reaches over and places a large hand on my bloated tummy, giving it a soft rub. I look to his hand and watch as his thumb caresses the covered skin.

Ever since announcing to my parents that I was pregnant, I can't get what Harry said out of my head. He called the baby his and I can't help but feel a bit saddened and guilty that it isn't.

"I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"For this baby not being yours." I whisper, running my fingers along Harry's long, tanned fingers that rest against me.

I wish more than anything in the world that that night would have never happened. I wish that Harry and I had started dating sooner; maybe then this could be his child.

"Hey," Harry murmurs, turning on his bum so that he's facing me. He removes his hand from my stomach and places them on my cheeks, running his thumbs against my cheeks "don't." He says pulling my body onto his lap. "Don't apologize, Shay. You could not have done anything differently."

"But how can I not feel bad when you want nothing more than for this baby to be yours?" I ask, pouting lightly.

"Honestly, if I were to admit that, it would be beyond selfish. I will love this baby as much as I love you," He says, resting his chin against my shoulder. I peer over at him to see his eyes trained down at my stomach with a grin on his lips, "maybe more."

"Shut up." I giggle, playfully hitting him.

I let out a large sigh and focus my eyes back on the screen, relaxing into Harry's touch. Harry's hands snake back around my waist, his hands resting on my bloated stomach carefully.

"There's a little something there, isn't there?" He questions, raising his brow.

"Yes, it's called fat." I say without taking my eyes off the screen.

"Not fat." Harry butts in standing to his feet and sliding me back on the couch. He stands in front of the telly and I send him a glare. Now I can't physically see Ryan's beauty across the screen whilst he deals with his mess of a boss. Harry grabs onto my hands and tugs me from my seat. "Stand straight." He orders with a smile.

I do as I'm told and wait for Harry to do whatever it is he's doing. He reaches forward for my baggy t-shirt and lifts the fabric up.

"Harry!" I scold, trying to pull the pink fabric back down. "Don't be a perv!" I smack his hands away, giggling lightly at him.

"Not being pervy, just wanna see something!"

"What you're going to see is my pudge, not anything special. I'm still around thirteen weeks."

"Women have shown way before that." I narrow my eyes at him and sigh heavily.

The man needs to lay off the pregnancy books; he's even more obsessed than I if humanly possible.

I turn sideways and pull the fabric of my shirt tight instead of pulling it off. I exhale softly and stand naturally.

"See, noth-"

"Baby bump." Harry interrupts, pointing to my abdomen.

I laugh at him and shake my head, glancing down. Clearly, he's mistaken. I'm not showing yet, it's just fat. I'd be stupid not to notice that I've started to show. I mean, it is my body and I am growing the child in me. I would know.

"It's not a baby bump."

Harry grabs my hand and drags me out of the room and to the front entrance where a body length mirror hangs against the wall. He stands me in front of it and turns me to the side. I open my mouth to argue but Harry simply pulls the fabric of my shirt tight and motions to my stomach. I sigh heavily and shake my head, looking down to give Harry the satisfaction.

"I told yo- wait."

"Baby bump."

My jaw literally drops as I stare the small round formation that's residing on my lower abdomen. I look very bloated now, more than I did earlier this week. I haven't been religiously staring my body down, so I guess I could have missed it, but still. The area is swollen, more than it was a few days ago. There's a perfectly round area that I'm shocked to realize that I've missed.

"Oh my God, I'm showing." I gasp, placing my hands on my stomach as I rub the area. "I'm pregnant." Harry laughs and runs a hand through his long curls.

"We already established that, love."

I playfully hit him upside the head and laugh along with him as I admire the newly formed bump. I can't say many women loving putting on weight, but I can't say that I hate it. I love this already.

"Oh God..."

"Something is bothering you, isn't there? I can sense it."

"What am I going to tell people at work?" I mutter, wiggling out of Harry's grasp so that my shirt falls loose again.

I run my hand through my wavy hair and walk back to the sofa, dropping down on and leaning back. Harry follows me close and sits down on the coffee table before me. "I can't exactly tell them the truth and they'll know it's not like me to have a one night stand. They also know the only person that I've been seeing is you, so I am truly screwed." I admit, looking across at Harry. "What do you think I should tell them? Should I go with the truth or some lie? I guess I could pretend to have been very drunk."

Harry lets out a large sigh, letting his eyes wonder the room around us before his gaze falls to a photograph hanging on the wall behind him.

Things are silent between us for a few moments whilst plans of lies pile in my brain.

"Tell them its mine."

"What?" I ask, sitting up straight and scooting forward. "I can't do that to you."

"Yes, you can." Harry reaches forward and takes my hands in his. "I mean, I have thought about it a lot and I am really open to this option. We've announced that we've been seeing each other in a non-work setting. We can say that we've been serious for a while but didn't want to tell anyone because it would get in the way of work. We can say we've been together for around six months, instead of two. No one can say anything because I'm the boss and I'll just fire them." I laugh lightly and shake my head.

I hate lying, but I see no way around this.

"You mean I'll fire them."

"Stop being so technical." Harry begins, ignoring the blow that I've just pushed his way. "After this whole excitement of us dating has died down we can announce that you're expecting." Harry says, glancing to my stomach. "I mean mistakes like this happen all the time-"


"That's not what I meant." Harry immediately says, biting his lip nervously.

I hadn't said what I said to throw a punch in his direction; I was just simply repeating what he said.

"I didn't mean that the baby is a mistake, I just meant that unplanned pregnancies happen. So, hypothetically we could have been dating, I could have been an idiot to forget the condom, and boom... pregnant." I sigh heavily and look ahead at the man I call my love. "I know it's not ideal but I'm sure everyone will buy it, especially considering they probably all know I've been flirting with you for some time now."

"Are you crazy?"

"No, why?" He asks, completely dumbfounded.

"Why? You're the CEO of your own company Harry."

I don't know why this is winding me up, maybe it's the hormones. I've been reading up on pregnancy recently, as well all know, and I remember the experts saying a lot about mood swings.

"I love you and I love that you want this, that you're willing to lie for the sake of my sanity and image. But I don't love that you're willing to throw your image out in the process. You can't just throw everything you've worked so hard for away because of this. You'll be all over the media for 'impregnating' your assistant when you should be in the tabloids for this new branch expansion. You've worked too hard to ruin this, babe."

"What about you Shay, huh? What about all you've worked for in life? You worked your way up from intern, to desk jockey, to my most prized employee. You work harder than anyone else in the establishment, possibly even me. Why does your life have to change and mine stays exactly the same?"

I breathe heavily and look up to him.

"You want this kind of shit on you?" I ask slowly. This shouldn't be something that people want. Harry nods. "Again, you will be all over the news for impregnating your assistant." I say, trying to allow the idea to sink into his mind. I just want to make sure he's completely sure.

"Impregnating my girlfriend sounds way better."

"So, you're sure you want this?" Harry nods wildly and wraps his arms around me.

"I love you so much, you know that?"

"I do."

We pull from each other and Harry leans in, pressing his lips to mine. We kiss for a few minutes before the sound of the doorbell sounds from the front entry. I look to the door at the end of the hall and then back to Harry.

"Are you expecting someone?"

Harry shakes his head and stands from his place on the coffee table.

"Maybe it's a drunken Louis Tomlinson, looking for a place to sober up." I giggle and stand with Harry, following him to the door.

The doorbell rings again once we're closer and Harry yells that he's coming. He unlocks the door and rips it open. A girly squeal sounding as soon as he's seen.


The small blonde girl that launches herself into Harry's body takes me aback. Her tiny arms snake around his legs and her face buries against his thighs. He jumps lightly with a look of pure surprise across his features before kneeling down and happily greeting her.

I've never seen the girl before, at least not in person. She looks oddly familiar, maybe Harry's got photographs of her in his office, among his other friends and family. The little girl, who can't be older than five, is one of the cutest kids I've ever seen.

Her thin blonde hair is pulled into pigtails with her fringe neatly done. She wears a pair of cheetah print, grey leggings and a pink top with some graphic of an animal on it. She's quite fashionable for a child.

"Hello there! I haven't seen you in so long!" Harry exclaims, wrapping his arms around the small girl and standing to his feet.

Her little legs snake around his waist as he holds her tight, pressing kisses to the top of her head. He holds her tightly, swaying back and forth as he continues his assault on the top of her head and all around her face. I smile at his demeanor, never having seen him this way with a child.

"Hey Harry."

I look past the girl and Harry to a beautiful woman standing on the front stoop. Her silver hair is pulled into a high-pony tail with straight fringe right across her forehead. She's wearing ripped jeans, a white blouse, and a black blazer with the sleeves rolled up. A small smile creeps across her red lips lightly, but there's a hint of uneasiness across her features.

"Lou, hey, what are you doing here? Haven't seen you in ages it seems like."

I vaguely remember Harry telling me about Lou once or twice. They went to uni together or something and she used to cut his hair, I believe.

"Clark's really ill and I need to take him to the A&E." She says, looking to the little girl in Harry's arms.

"Is he alright?"

"It's nothing too serious, probably just the bugging flu. He's actually in the car." She motions to the vehicle sitting on the street with a man in the passenger seat. I peer past her to watch as the man leans forward and begins coughing into his arm. I feel for him, sickness sucks ass.

Suddenly her eyes flash to me as I look from the man in her car. "Oh, I'm sorry I didn't know you had company. I'll just-"

"No, Lou. It's all right." Harry says, shifting the girl in his arms so that she's resting on his hip. "This is Shay, my girlfriend." Harry says, stepping out of the way so that I'm standing at his side. "Shay, this is Lou, my friend from university, and her daughter, Lux." I smile at the woman before looking to the little girl in Harry's arms. She's peering down at me from Harry's grasp with a large smile on her adorable face. "You need us to watch Lux?"

"If you wouldn't mind. I feel terrible for just showing up out of the blue, but I don't know where else to take her."

I look to Lux and find myself smiling largely. This could be a good thing, a trial run, as you must. I can get more experience with children. Of course growing up I was never around children and I don't have many friends, none of them with children.

This will be good for Harry and I. I can see with my own two eyes how he is with children and he can see how am I. A nervous feeling rushes through my body at the thought of tonight going too well.

What if Lux hates me? What if I'm awful with children?

"It's no problem."

"Are you sure?" Lou asks, peering to me. "I hate to interrupt."

"Not at all." I say with a smile. "We were just watching movies and eating popcorn."

Lux squeals at the mention of popcorn and wiggles around in Harry's grasp. Lou smiles back at me and nods her head as Harry shushes the child with a light chuckle. Lou slides a backpack off her shoulder and hands the pink material to me. I gladly take it and sling it over my own shoulder.

"I don't know how long it will take." Lou says, running her hands across her ripped jeans as she looks to her daughter.

I can sense that she's a nervous mother, probably because of "Clark's" state. I'd be worried too if Harry were ill. In all my years of working with him, he's never been ill. Never taken a day off until recently, with me.

"Lou, don't worry about it." Harry says, reaching out and patting her shoulder. "How about you just take Clark and we'll drop Lux off in the morning."

Lou sighs heavily and nods her head, looking to me again as she bites down on her painted lip.

"It's no problem, really Lou." I assure her with a smile.

She breathes out heavily and nods one last time.

"Okay, Lux, sweets I love you." She says leaning forward and pressing a kiss to her daughter's lips, some of the red stain rubbing off on Lux's lips. "I'll see you in the morning."

"I love you too, mummy."

Lou smiles lightly and nods before giving Harry a kiss on the cheek and thanking him profusely before rushing off the walkway towards her vehicle. We watch as she hops into the car and speeds off in a little under a minute. I look up to Harry to find Lux grinning at me as her head rests on Harry's shoulder.

This should be fun. 

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